Reinhold Heil Essays

  • 2001 A Space Odyssey Film Analysis

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    The famous science-fiction film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, directed by the stalwart filmmaker, Stanley Kubrick, can be described as one of the seminal works ever in the history of world cinema. The film succeeds in leaving a very lasting effect on the minds of the audience with its sheer quintessence of content and aesthetic portrayal on the screen. An introspective analysis of the contextual work can make one understand how the filmmaker exudes his cinematic prowess via the use of impressive cinematic

  • Sartre Western Modernity Analysis

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    In this essay I will discuss Sartre’s critical engagement with Western Modernity and its problematic practices of colonialism. In short one of Sartre’s critique on Western Modernity is saying that the Europeans are making themselves into monsters, humanism asserts that they are one whole with all of humanity, but their racist methods set them apart. He also states that they are wasting their time with un-personal litanies, this Europe where all they talk about is Man but then kill men left right

  • Adolf Hitler Drop Out Analysis

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    The author began with a look at Adolf Hitler's family. Hitler's father, in 1876, thirteen years before Hitler's birth, changed his name from Alois Schicklgruber to Alois Hitler. The author noted that "Heil Schicklgruber" doesn't have the same ring as "Heil Hitler." Hitler's father, Alois, was unloving and strict but his mother, having lost several children in infancy, was overly protective and might have been the only person Hitler really loved. In part two, Hitler's was a good student, making good