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  • Dave Brubeck's Compositions Analysis

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    Polymodality in Dave Brubeck’s Compositions After returning from the army service in 1946, David Warren Brubeck (1920-2012) enrolled to study with Darius Milhaud (who he met before enlistment) at Mills College in Oakland, California. Through Milhaud, Brubeck became involved with polyrhythms and polymodality, and they developed a relation of friendship until Milhaud’s death in 1974. Brubeck emerged as one of the most significant figures in West Coast jazz of the 1950s and beyond. Deborah Mawer states

  • My Song Yours Or Mine Analysis

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    My song, Yours or Mine, is a relatively simple song, with a common 4/4 time signature and a tempo around 100 bpm. It starts with an eight-bar instrumental introduction before moving into the actual song, which consists of three verses. Given this layout, the song most nearly fits into the simple verse form. The basic rhythm, 1, &, &, 3, 4, which permeates the song, is played over the first three bars in the phrase, as well as the first note in the fourth bar. Following this first note, there is silence

  • Hope Told A Flattering's Tale Analysis

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    section. The piece was tonal it was in a major key throughout the piece. However, there was a change in key in certain aspects of the piece the introduction was in a minor key, as well; when there was a change in tempo for relatively slow, the change in key would happen to. The same occur when the piece had a change of tempo for relatively fast that the key would be changed to major. In the key of major had ascending scales, this was true for minor key sections had a descending

  • Fourth Movement Mahler Analysis

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    The fourth movement of Mahler’s ninth symphony has the key signature of D-flat, establishing a dark tone and ominous mood. It is structured in a five-part rondo, ABACA, with a coda. At the first A section, the violins play a descending melody, which is considered the molto adagio melody. Accompanying the molto adagio melody is a ground bass played by the celli and double basses. This ground bass is repeated a number of times and is very important to the structural development of this movement: described

  • Mozart's Influence On Johannes Brahms

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    Section B is faster than Section A. It has faster rhythmic and harmonic motion. The clarinet plays a slurred descending line similar to the beginning accompanied by sixteenth notes in the piano. The sixteenth notes switch to the clarinet before the key changes to E Major. Section A melody line returns in the piano in E Major, which changes to C Major, and then back to A-Flat Major. Section A is completely restated. Sixteenth notes lead to a restatement of the B section. The melody line is repeated

  • Gretchen Am Spinnrade: The Correlation With The Music Of Schubert

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    was composed in 1814, during the classical period of music. Written in 6/8 this melody finds a dancing pattern similar to a waltz. Perhaps this alludes to the maidens this to dance with her love. Beginning in the key of D minor, this composition reveals its drama with its drastic key changes, dynamic tempo variants and

  • Circle Of Fifths Research Paper

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    As you can see, most of the notes of the scale are harmonized as the root of a triad, the exceptions being that the scale degrees that are members of the tonic triad (1, 3, and 5) or the dominant triad (5, 7, and 2) tend to be harmonized as either a tonic or dominant chord, even when the result is an inverted chord. We can also create a chromatic “rule of the octave progression, in which each of the twelve chromatic pitches is harmonized in a way that makes the most functional sense in terms of

  • Semitonal Appoggiaturas In Mozart's Variation II

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    In Variation I, Mozart embellishes the theme with mostly semitonal appoggiaturas. The harmony in the bass line remains the same as in theme, it changes only rhythmically. The character abruptly changes in bar 5 with a switch to forte. The right hand echoes the rising thirds from the original, but with appoggiaturas on the fourth quaver of bars 5 and 6. A trill is added in bar 7. The same technique used in bars 1-4 is used again until bar 17, where the texture goes back to that found in bars 5-8.

  • Analysis Of Igor Stravinsky's Rite Of Spring

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    The word “ballet” brings to mind words such as “grace” or “beauty” when heard by many people. The definition itself states that it is a form of dance that uses precise steps and light, graceful motions. This definition was in the minds of those who attended the Théâtre des Champs-Élysèes in May 1913, but rather they were greeted with the complete opposite. When Igor Stravinsky’s ballet Rite of Spring opened, the audience was greeted with swift, chaotic music that quickly became a whirlwind of sound

  • The Art Of Steganography

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    Public key cryptography is an asymmetric method that use a pair of keys for encryption: a public key which is used to encrypt data, and private, or secret key is used to decryption. It requires that a person must have a pair of public key and private key. The public key is distributed in the open so that anyone wishing to communicate with that in a secure way than he can use the receiver’s public key to convert the plaintext into cipher text. This cipher

  • Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of Unicode SMS

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    What is Unicode SMS? The term “Unicode SMS” refers to text messages sent and received containing characters not included in the default GSM character set. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications (originally “Groupe Spécial Mobile”), and the GSM character set is a collection of the 128 letters (A-Z), numbers (0-9) and symbols (i.e. @, ?, !, &, etc.) most commonly used in mobile communications. Because GSM was developed in Europe and uses 7-bit binary code, it has its limitations. For

  • Discuss Tuckman's Stages Of Team Development

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    You can't expect a new team to perform well when it first comes together. Through time many team development theories have been set with the aim of better understanding team work and accomplishing the given task as efficient as possible. Such as Tuckman’s group development stages; in his theory he recognizes that teams develop through different stages, from forming to performing. These are the stages we will be explained in the following paragraphs. The team Tuckman studied was small groups’ behavior

  • Analysis Of Anne Goodwin's Four Hail Marys

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    “Four Hail Marys” is a short story by Anne Goodwin, in the beginning of the story the reader meets Mary the protagonist, as that major have an importance to her. The title of the story “Four Hail Marys” alerts the reader know that the setting of the story takes place in a Roman Catholic Church. The reader also meets Graham the antagonist, as he is the person who causes Mary to change her direction, thus contributing to the development of the story. He unintentionally made Mary to go church running

  • Operation Anaconda Joint Functions Essay

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    Operation Anaconda Joint Function Sergeant First Class Joel S. Johnson MLS 004-18 Joint Functions According to JP 3-0, Joint functions are related capabilities and activities placed into six basic groups of command and control, intelligence, fires, movement and maneuver, protection, and sustainment to help the Joint Forces Commander (JFC) synchronize, integrate, and direct joint operations (p.xiii). ADRP 3-0 states that the general term, joint operations, is military actions conducted

  • Essay On College Experience

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    While spending a lazy afternoon at home, reading a fiction thriller novel in my bedroom, and listening to Mozart, I can’t help but notice how everything feels different. It must be the oddity of having the luxury of time without worrying about any academic matter, but I know there’s something deeper than that. I was away for only a year and a half except for holiday breaks and the short weekend trips I make when I have time. College is tough to deal with especially when away from home. UP makes

  • Homomorphic Encryption Case Study

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    version of Smart’s approach [4] and hope to still report initial results and improvements in the near future. Smart currently tries to find the right parameters of his approach, to find out what really works best. For example, the generation of the key is very slow, which can be optimized, it is a bit like tuning a race car, you work on the engine and then suddenly discovered that the wheels are the

  • Nt1310 Unit 1 Exercise 1

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    3. Generate Bits: Generates the sequence of data bits to be modulated. This polymorphic VI can generate Fibonacci or Galois pseudonoise (PN) bit sequences. It can also generate bit sequences based on a user-defined pattern. The selected pattern is repeated until the user-specified number of total bits is generated. This polymorphic instance generates Fibonacci pseudonoise (PN) bit sequences. The selected pattern is repeated until the user-specified number of total bits is generated. Use this instance

  • Athlete's Warehouse Case Study Essay

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    priced, quality goods. Their key advantage of selling quality goods by a knowledgeable staff ("Athlete 's Warehouse", 2012) would serve them well, and perhaps Colin Power could have merged his business of supplying local schools with athletic equipment ("Athlete 's Warehouse", 2012) into the Athlete 's Warehouse organization, and as such his time servicing these contracts would be an asset to the organization rather than taking his time away from it. Having both of the key stakeholders at the same enthusiasm

  • Factors That Influence Leadership Styles

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    Understanding leadership Describe the factors that will influence the choice of leadership styles or behaviours in workplace situations Leaders are performing different styles of leadership, as each leader maintain to develop her/his own personal style. Many factors may influence the style a leader uses. Some of the factors may create naturally, while others are a product of the leader's environment. Some leaders may need to improve their leadership style to follow to a changing culture. a. Personality

  • Katniss Hidden Traits

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    Hidden Traits Throughout the novel, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, there are is a wide variety of different themes presented, but some are more prominent than others. One of the controlling ideas in the book was: when people are faced with the threat of death and tragedy it causes their strongest to traits to surface, and their true character immerges. Mrs. Collins does a great job of projecting these morals through the protagonist of the story, Katniss Everdeen. Katniss gradually reveals