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  • Importance Of Research In Research

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    from the phrase literature survey is like surveying certain subject historically and summarize it in way that can support your subject. Any research in any subject area always need to be supported by existing knowledge. Literature survey is the agent that responsible to organize and identify all the relevant literature. It’s one of the early stages of any research that the researches should conduct it to understand more about the subject. By doing it will avoid excessive information that are away from

  • Quantitative Research

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    This chapter covers the research methodology and design, including sampling, population, establishing the accuracy during and after data collection, data analysis and ethical considerations. The literature review has indicated that communication skill is a critical component in preparing for great leaders in a digital society. According to Hall (2001), available technologies our perceptions of these technologies and how they are used will determine the shape of our world. Citizens of the future will

  • Research Ethics In Research

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    “Ethics of Research” Research ethics is the utilization of good standards and expert rules for gathering, investigation, reporting, and production of data about examination subjects, specifically right to privacy, secrecy, and educated consent. Morals ought to be connected on all phases of examination, for example, arranging, directing and assessing a research. Here are some of the ethics that are necessary in any research: • Trustworthiness: Make progress toward genuineness in every research. Genuinely

  • Plagiarism In Research

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    consent. It is usually as a result of recklessness or by intention . Research is the ability to embark on a series of activities with the ultimate aim to find out more about a particular case study,

  • Research Methodology In Research

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    CHAPTER 3 RESEARCH METHOD 3.1 Introduction In this chapter it will illustrates the methodology that the researcher will use in conducting research. Under methodology, its covers a lot of things such as research method, research design, sample size, sampling plan, unit of analysis, measurement/operationalization, data collection and data analysis. In conducting a research, it should follow scientific method so researcher can integrate use of inductive and deductive reasoning. Research method is characterized

  • Scientific Research Hallmarks

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    Hallmarks of Scientific Research Hallmark - An official mark or stamp indicating a standard of purity (, (2015). The research paper must contain these 8 distinguishing characteristic feature of scientific research to be scientifically approved. Below are the hallmarks that make a research paper scientific. • Purposiveness – The Research purpose should be clearly requisite in a more appropriate and reasonable manner. Moreover, The decision problem statement should indulge

  • Qualitative Research Question

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    and Technology OESH 6600 – Independent Study and Research Methods in OESH Semester I - 2015/2016 Group Assignment #1 Lecturer: Dr. Godfrey C. St. Bernard Group Name: Fantastic Four Group members & Identification Number: Farisa Ali - Krysta-Rae Ali - Rajiv Narinesingh - Angelene Roopchan - 8009000760 Question 4: Discuss the notions of reliability and validity in the context of qualitative research designs. Discuss the various standards that are used

  • Operation Research Methodology

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    Based on the study of Patrick L. Brockett and Xiaohua Xia entitled “Operations Research in Insurance: A Review” (1995), forming and the computations of problems that involve numbers in insurance and science operations research methods can relate. Researchers’ use they’re study to show the uses of operation research methods in the industry. They use the different categories of operation research. The Mathematical Programming Models, under Mathematical Programming there are sub-categories. The sub-categories

  • Qualitative Research Approach

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    3.2. Research approach Welman, Kruger and Mitchell (2005) define, define qualitative research as a study that is conducted with the aim of understanding human behavior. The study used this approach because it was suitable for gathering an in-depth understanding of the effects caused by lecturers’ negative attitude on students’ academic achievement. 3.3. Research design According to Mouton (1996, p. 175), the aim of research design is to assist with planning, organizing and completing the research

  • Quantitative Research In Nursing

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    Assignment 2 Quantitative Research Paper: Introduction: Haws, J., Ramjeet, J., & Gray, R. (2011). A national survey of GP and nurse attitudes and beliefs towards depression after myocardial infarction. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 20, 3215-3223. The researchers performed a quantitative cross-sectional survey; the purpose of this study was to investigate the different attitudes from healthcare professionals to depression following a myocardial infarction. This article was published on The Journal

  • Sampling In Research Population

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    Population Parahoo (1997:218) defines population as “the total number of units from which data can be collected”, such as individuals, artefacts, events or organisations. Therefore a research population is generally a large collection or complete set of elements of individuals or objects that are the main focus of a query. (Winer: Brown, & Michels :1991). For the purpose of this study, the researcher will select employees and senior managers working at the Auditor General’s Office .

  • Features Of Action Research

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    Action research III.3.i. Definition and distinctive features Action research is a form of research which is concerned with the management change, and involves close collaboration between practitioners and researchers (Saunders et al. 2009). A distinctive feature of action research is public participation in the study. Its benefit is that change is usually easier to achieve when those affected by the change are involved. The researcher may encourage the users to identify their own research questions

  • Importance Of Research Methodology

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    In the research methodology “literature” refers to the knowledge of a particular area of investigation of any discipline which includes theoretical, practical and its research studies. “Review” means to organize the knowledge of the specific area of research to involve an edifice of knowledge to show that present study would be an addition to this field. Man being at the peak of the creation is the only animal that does not have to begin from a new step in every generation but can take advantage

  • Quantitative Research Method

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    CHAPTER 3: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 3.1 Introduction In this chapter the research methodology used in the study is described. The main purpose of this research is to study the effectiveness of bus priority lanes in the city of Kuala Lumpur. This research will be conducted at Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur area. The researcher wanted to know whether the bus priority lanes are fully utilized by public bus or wasting the precious road space due to under-utilized as the purposes of the research is done.

  • Primary Research Methodology In Research

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    Primary research methodology Research methodology It is a science of studying how research is to be carried out. Essentially, the procedures by which researchers go about their work of describing, explaining and predicting phenomena are called research methodology. It is defined as the study of methods by which knowledge is gained. Its aim is to give the work plan of research.( Rajasekar, Philominathan & Chinnathambi,2013). The method used should be chosen according to the problem and purposes of

  • Quantitative Research: Research Approach

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    3.1 Research Approach: The research approach utilized for this study is quantitative approach. The quantitative research is essentially done to create theories and scientific models identified with a specific phenomenon. The researcher looks for an unbiased result that he can apply to a population and the analysis of the data is done through the help of statistics. Quantitative approach is fundamentally utilized for explanatory research. This approach has numerous applications in financial matters

  • Examples Of Action Research In Research

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    methods of conducting the research: action research and case study. Action research is an iterative approach which combines theory and practice and consists of a “collaborative analyses of the research participants which will help formulate the theory and the collaborative change when studying the results” (Baskerville & Wood-Harper, 1996). A case study is a term which “describes a way to systemise observation” (Welck, 1984). Yin (1984, p.23) defined the case study research method as “an empirical

  • Research Internship Program

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    is with great interest that I am submitting this letter for a position in the Summer Internship Program at the University of Tokyo, Kashiwa. I had been searching extensively to find a research internship program since last month, and I was delighted when I found that such a prestigious university is offering a research internship program. After thoroughly exploring my options, I have decided that, I am very interested in being a part of the Signal transduction laboratory of Department of Integrated

  • Research Methodology: Research Methodology

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    Chapter 3 Research Methodology This chapter shall specify the method of research used. It is composed of research design, research locale, selection of the study, research instrument, data gathering procedure and the analysis of the data. Research design The purpose of the research design is to guarantee that the research problems will be answered clearly. (Monette et al. 2000, p.428) stated that the Qualitative research methods are interpretative and plan to make a depth of understanding

  • The Importance Of Plagiarism In Research

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    Research activity is intended to contribute to the expansion of knowledge and to the innovation of science. It is based on universal principles of honesty, integrity, honor and responsibility on which the academic community constructs its foundation. The ethical principle of research involves the regulations, professional norms and obligations specific to each discipline. The undertakings of scholarly research are defined in the framework of the ethical Research Code. However, with the use of the