Revolutionary United Front Essays

  • Sierra Leone Civil War Analysis

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    The goal of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) was to overthrow the government. They gained so much control by financing in the diamond industry within Sierra Leone and developing a constant fear of them taking over within every citizen. The movie Blood Diamond tells the story

  • Book Analysis: A Long Way Gone

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    A tree falls, separating an event in half, a person is on one side and one is on the other side of the tree. One person thought they saw the tree fall naturally and the other thought the tree was cut down. Both people witnessed the same tree fall, but from different perspectives. The people that saw the tree fall down continue tell their side of the story differently according to the way they saw it. Generations get used to hearing only the single story and only believe one side. A single story is

  • Analysis Of Keratoconus A Long Way Gone

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    responsible for the death of his family. He had only heard this story, he had only known this to be the truth, so he believed every word. The other single story regarding the civil war in Sierra Leone is the cause of the war. The RUF, or the Revolutionary United Front, fought for “justice”. They killed millions of innocent civilians, and then the government army began to do the same. However, the soldiers did need money for the ammunition and firearms. The funding was coming from diamonds, blood diamonds

  • Human Rights In The Kite Runner

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    the Taliban has taken over the country and the people and has destroyed much of what Afghanistan once was. The Taliban is so powerful that they could kill a man or a women just because they wanted to. They hang poeple in parks, beat them to death in front of large crowds, hold gatherings to be-head sinners, and most of all, they strip innocent women, men, and children of their rights as humans. They are treated as raw meat, and are eaten alive when the Taliban is hungry. In the novel, Hassan, a young

  • Young Ishmael Beah: A Long Way Gone

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    Murderer. When you think about this word, the first thing that pops into your mind wouldn’t be a child, but for many around the world, this is the case. Over 300,000 children fight in wars around the world, slaughtering person after person without mercy. Ishmael Beah’s a long way gone is about the author’s first-hand experience of the 10 – year civil war in Sierra Leone, in which he was turned into one of these brutal, savage killers and then later rehabilitated. In the beginning of the book, young

  • Brainwashing Child Soldiers

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    Child soldiers have been taken from around the world to kill unwillingly, are they at fault? Let’s take a look into a part of the life of a child soldier. Over the years, child soldiers (kids under the age of 18 who are forced into the military) have been forced into battle and brainwashed to obey orders. They are usually brainwashed with drugs or alcohol in order to do something they wouldn’t normally do. There is an advantage to brainwashing child soldiers for the commanders, the commanders can

  • Fight Club Film Analysis

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    Although Fight Club is about American society, this interesting and at the same time complicated movie makes all of us to think again what controls us and why. In general, the movie attacks modern America by showing that American society lives under the standard moral and religious principles. In fact, many issues including fighting, loneliness, and freedom from society were discussed in the movie. The main themes and some technical aspects of the movie will be analyzed in this essay. Starting

  • Reflection On Blood Diamond

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    The movie Blood Diamond tells the story about a man named Solomon Vandy who lives in Sierra Leone. His country is in a civil war funded by the sale of diamonds. Danny Archer is the man who buys these diamonds and supplies both the rebels and government with weapons. Archer’s actions causes Solomons family to get torn apart, and Solomon to be forced to mine for the precious metal. This is where he finds the diamond that changes his whole life. He teams up with Danny Archer to reunite his family,

  • Dog Eat Dog World Ishmael Beah Analysis

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    Zebedee Smith Chandler B Adv. Language Arts January 23rd 2017 The inability for recovery from being a child soldier How do you think a child would react if you have them a gun, and thrust them into an active war zone? The answer, not well, simply because they are still children and children are not properly equipped to deal with the harsh realities of war. Simply put there are child soldiers in Sierra Leone that are being kidnapped and thrust out into a war zone, not equipped for the atrocities they

  • Child Soldiering Effects

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    It is debatable that child soldiering is the worst form of child labor. The United Nations Children 's Fund (UNICEF) defines child soldiers as "any child—boy or girl—under eighteen years of age, who is part of any kind of regular or irregular armed force or armed group in any capacity." (UNICEF, Children and Armed Conflict, 2003). It is estimated that 250,000 children are fighting in wars all over the world. From ages as young as 8 years old, these children have to fight in wars that they most likely

  • Symbolism In A Long Way Gone

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    A Long Way Gone. This heartbreaking true story of young Ishmael Beah’s life during the Sierra Leone civil war. When he was twelve years old, Beah's village is attacked while he is away performing in a rap group with friends. Among the confusion, violence, and uncertainty of the war, Ishmael, his brother, and four friends rush from village to village in search of food and shelter, trying their hardest to avoid the rebel soldiers. Their day-to-day life is fall of struggle and grief, wondering if

  • Nechayev's Demons

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    to Nechayev. Nechayev felt that Ivanov no longer benefitted his cause, and was a threat to his authority. Referring back to Nechayev’s “Catechism of the Revolutionist,” it was justifiable to discard Ivanov from the Russian Revolutionary Committee. Nechayev stated, “the organization had the moral right to take the life of any of its members” (Nechayev 72). Nechayev conspired with three other members to murder Ivanov by beating him, then throwing Ivanov carcass in a pond (Yarmolinsky 159). This act

  • General Patton: A True Hero

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    going to war it is in everyone’s mind to get scared. It doesn’t matter, either men or women, everyone has a right to get scared whenever they hear that they are going to war. However, General Patton gave his soldiers confidence by giving a speech in front of all the soldiers about what will happen at war. Hope to go forward and reach personal conquests exists in every man, and this often navigates the hero into a state of tragedy involving suffering. World war two was the most vicious war in history

  • Why Is Patriotism Important

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    their emotions. The impendingness of death is something that they are surrounded by and constantly reminded of. By joking, they distract themselves from their cruel reality. During the bombardment, the food and supplies cannot reach the troops on the front; because of this, Pauls says they “pull in our belts tighter and chew every mouthful three times as long” (108). The men are fighting for their lives and for their country, and are unable to receive even the most basic necessity of ample food to sustain

  • Compare And Contrast Bukum Singh And Sikh's

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    Among the key contributions from different ethnic Canadians was Bukum Singh and the Sikh’s. In the early 1900’s there were very few Sikh’s living in Ontario, but still 9 Sikh’s actively served with the Canadian troops in WWI. Among those 9 was Bukum Singh, one of the earliest known Sikh’s living in Ontario. Singh came to Canada in 1907 from Punjab. He first arrived in B.C  at the age of 14, he was mining until he moved to Toronto in 1912/1913. Here he was very much into being  a farm hand for W.H

  • The Role Of Bravery In Gallipoli

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    battle that was fought in Western Europe from 1914 to 1918. The two main battlefields where the first World War went down, were the Western Front and the battle trenches. Australian soldiers were brave, fighting in different and difficult conditions. This essay will consider, the bravery of the soldiers who fought in Gallipoli those who had to fight on the Western Front and also the brave soldier who received the first Victoria Cross from the first World War. The Victoria Cross for Australia is an award

  • How Does General Zaroff Value Human Life

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    They cried for freedom, they screamed for the chance to go their own way. Over the years, they have suffered and suffered because of the ignorance of their monarch, because of his disregard for their welfare. The civilians of this fair nation wanted someone who would bring change, they wanted someone who listens to the people. Overall, they wanted someone who would treat them as how they should be, not a ruler who let them wallow in their own filth and die of easily treatable illnesses. That was

  • Soviet Women In Combat Anna Krylova Summary

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    a “discouraged without prohibition” attitude to the enlistment of female volunteers, which was derived from the intense conflicts among the Soviet leaders and the male military officers who were unable to accept women as combatants other than home front fighters or medics

  • All Quiet On The Western Front: An Analysis

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    sometimes no one could even imagine possible. War’s brutality overall can be extremely damaging to those who have served, with the loss of comrades and scaring deaths, potentially causing psychological damage. In the novel, All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, the group of men fighting and struggling for their country together overtime develop a special, strong bond with each other. When going through similar types of experiences, they are easily able to understand one another and

  • Total War Canada Analysis

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    From 1914-1918, Canada was in a state of Total War. Women and minorities contributed to the war effort on the homefront by making clubs for themselves, custom making quilts, bandages, and clothes for overseas, worked traditional male jobs, donated land, working in the red cross, and organizing festivals. Every citizen of Canada was committed to giving back to the war effort. Even at home and overseas, the military added to the country being in Total War in the air and the sea; they gave it their