Rifling Essays

  • Rifle Barreleling Research Paper

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    Rifle Barreling (Rifling groove): There are several techniques to boring of rifle barrels wherein the rifle barrel must have groove, and it is summarized as follows below. 1. Single Point Cut: This process cuts one groove at a time, for as many time as required. This process is not popular and is not common anymore. 2. Broached Rifling: In this process, a broaching bit with cutters in a single tool is inserted into the barrel and pulled through. In this process, all the grooves are cut in a single

  • Should Guns Be Banned Essay

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    The most recent school shooting has everyone questioning whether guns should be banned or whether we should keep guns in the United States. Most gun owners have guns for protection and to protect their family and themselves. It's weird that only this shooting that happened in florida is being taken seriously but no one took the other school shootings as serious as this one. No one took into consideration that there has been many other shootings and just because only a few kids died so therefor it

  • Jasper Jones Act 5 Analysis

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    The scene opens with a gun barrel pointing to the middle of the screen, this likely foreshadows that what is going to be on the screen will die. A bird then flies away but is shot down. Perhaps as well as death this signifies that there is no escape from the gun or no escape from Frank. It then cuts to the gun being put away perhaps a false sign that danger is over and then a close up of the firer of the gun who looks satisfied with his killing. Perhaps he is not completely a good person. The death

  • 2nd Amendment Research Paper

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    Updating the Amendment 2.0 The right to bear arms has been a favoured constitutional law since its establishment in 1791, but as more gun related violence and accidents occur, there has been increasing debate on whether or not guns should be banned in the US altogether, and if not, what regulations should be required for the purchase and handling of them. While guns should not be completely banned from the country, the rules and regulations of gun laws should be tightened. In the 2nd amendment,

  • Innovative Weapon In The Revolutionary War

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    weapons had to be improved to insure victory. There was a variety of weapons used by the British and the Americans in the Revolutionary War. The innovation of weapons in the Revolutionary War was important, including the Brown Bess, the invention or rifling, and the Kentucky Rifle. The first rifle that was used in the early war was the matchlock musket.The matchlock musket was used until 1775, but still used by some families as a useful household weapon (history-of-american-wars). The matchlock musket

  • Summary: Gun Powder

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    (Krebs 272-74). The next main problem that needed to be resolved was facilitating the hard iron or steel shot to take the rifling. The method adopted to overcome this was to surround the projectile with a band of softer metal, like an alloy of copper that could adapt to the shape of the grooves of the rifling and in this process also allowed effective sealing of the bore. Thus, rifling overcame the issue of “windage” that was leak of gases in case of the smooth bore cannons, since the shot was muzzle

  • Lee Boyd Malvo Case

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    them up by the markings or rifling impressions pattern on the fired ammunition by the barrel of the rifle. The rifling pattern in the barrel that fired a particular bullet can be determined by counting the number of groove or land impressions around the circumference of the bullet. Then, by holding the nose of the bullet pointing away from you, the direction the impressions run away from you (either to your left or right) determines the direction of twist. If the rifling impression pattern on the

  • Forensic Sciences: Firearms Unit

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    that have measurable features (Firearms & Tool Mark, n.d.). There are a few characteristics that are identified when trying to distinguish the class of the firearm, the general rifling which is the caliber of the barrel, the dimensions of the impressions inside a gun barrel and the directions of the twist of the rifling grooves (Firearmsid). Once the firearm investigators complete this task they will be able tell what type of weapon was used at the crime scene. The next and final step is the individual

  • Essay On Hunting Rifle

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    Hunting Rifles and their Maintenance Hunting is an art, and art requires great care to its details. The more meticulous you are, the more likely for you to gain success and joy from such activity. Just like brushes in painting, or instruments in music, the hunting rifles are tools that must be focused on the most, as it is definitely one of the most important. The following are some of the ways you can use to maintain your hunting rifles, for the purpose of keeping them topped off. 1. Home cleaning

  • 7m Case Study

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    Based on the .300 Remington Ultra Magnum (R.U.M). The 7MM (R.U.M) was created to meet the need for ultra-high velocity long-range shooting. Although the 7MM (R.U.M) has enthusiast, those shooters normally choose a different caliber based on the short barrel life. It doesn’t matter what rifle a person utilizes, at some point it will encounter problems with; too much energy, wear and tear, stress and the barrels capacity of handling the caliber. The 7MM (R.U.M), is no different and shooters eventually

  • I Am Malala Yousafzai's The Girl Who Fought For Education

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    thought of as ‘The Girl Who Was Shot by The Taliban’ but ‘The Girl Who Fought For Education.’” (Yousafzai, 309). Subsequently, Yousafzai avails her exquisite words to enlighten the public of her aspiration to provide legitimate education for all, rifling through the events from her past, disclosing the sovereignty in a lone voice amidst a mute world. For instance, on Page 186, Chapter 11, Yousafzai ascertained “When the whole world is silent,

  • Analysis Of In The Heat Of The Sun

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    In the Heat of the Sun is about the life of a boy growing up in Beijing during the 1970s at the time of the Cultural Revolution. The title is a direct reference to the narrator 's memory of his childhood setting and environment, it 's a dream like place constantly under the summer sun. The story is built around childhood adolescence, emotions, and development. With key characteristics like showing out, finding yourself, discovering a sense of freedom, and falling in love. This is a film about the

  • Glock 19 Case Study

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    On Monday, September 26th, around 17:00, Torrance Sweeney, the district 12 congressman of New York, held a political rally in Washington Square Park. A crowd of about 500 people extended 25m from the podium whilst he stood atop a slightly raised podium. At 17:56, participants of the rally and occupants of the park reported to hearing a low gunshot, but the shooter was not identified. 17:00 is a bustling time for New York, making the park busier than usual, and harder to spot an oddity. Medical reports

  • Alice Walker Heritage

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    Walker builds up to the climax with a series of “arguments” made by Mama and Dee. “After dinner Dee(Wangero) went to the trunk at the foot of the bed and started rifling through it” (Walker 431). Dee comes out with the quilts that were made by her grandmother, and aunt. Dee thinks that her mother is going to let her take the quilts because she’s never been told no. She quickly realizes she will not always get what

  • Changes In American Life In The 1800's

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    Throughout history, people have been inventing things to make their lives easier. That drive has produced huge changes in the American life several times over. In the 1700’s, life in America was very difficult. Transportation infrastructure was lacking, which pushed the delivery of goods to be almost exclusively down rivers. Military technology was roughly unchanged since America began, leaving the country open to attack from other nations. And industry was totally undeveloped, forcing households

  • Civil War Accuracy

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    when applied to the accuracy of smoothbore muskets. At 300 yards, only 1 shot in 20 would hit a target of 18 square feet. The guns didn 't even have an aiming device ” (West). The modern version was called the rifled musket due to its grooves or “rifling” in the barrel, which propelled the bullet much farther and more accurately because it spun the bullet. The issue with the smoothbore was that it was a muzzleloader, which meant you needed to push the bullet down the barrel in the front, which was

  • Theme Of The Afterlife And The History Teacher By Billy Collins

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    In most poems, the tone often represents the underlying meaning of the selection. Billy Collins goes against those standards and uses comedy while also having serious undertones. Hailing from New York City, Billy Collins grew up in a middle-class family. His background is often evident in his writing, making him one of the most popular poets in America. He served as United States Poet Laureate (2001-2003) and New York State Poet Laureate (2004-2006), one of the most prestigious positions as a poet

  • Reflective Essay: Social And Leadership Skills

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    Social and leadership skills I must knowledge that one of the most stirred up character within my personality is social interaction. Becoming a part of a community of students, lectures and authority etc. has taught me beneficial skills related to interaction. I have tried to create time for social and professional network, make friends and learn leadership skills, which am certain they are useful qualities that could take me far in my career. Though leadership positions might look good not having

  • Essay On Ballistics

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    INTRODUCTION This project deals with the procedure followed in ballistics section of forensic science lab where cases duly reported in which firearms are involved. Some of these cases will be studied in detail also their lab examination. Before entering into the topic it is important to picture a brief idea about what is ballistics and what is a firearm. Ballistics is a science specifically mechanics that deals with the launching, motion and behavior of a projectile both in air and on the target

  • Civil War Weapons

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    The American Civil War produced a unique period of opportunity for Northern businessmen during the war. The length of the struggle and the 2 million men that the North put into the field created a huge demand for small arms during the war. During this time businessmen scrambled to obtain arms from Europe, acquire domestic supplies of weapons, create factories to produce weapons and develop new small arms. The ability of the federal government to provide these weapons is one of the most important