Rimi Baltic Essays

  • Peter The Great Influence On Russia

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    Peter the Great of Russia was a strong and absolute ruler. Czar Peter I used a form of absolute rule called autocratic rule. This means that he ruled with unlimited authority over his subjects and land (Mendrala, 41). Many people identify Peter the Great as a tremendous modernizer of Russia. Peter the Great is responsible for Russia’s westernization; he enforced Western ideas, technology, and culture. By attempting to cultivate the western European way of life, Peter made Russia diplomatic, military

  • Nazi Base In Antarctica Research Paper

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    It also gave them a way to be able to do stuff with out the rest of the enemy 's knowing. Just before the end of the war the Germans sent two submarines with disk recorders into the Baltic Sea. The two submarines finally reached the mainland and emptied all the supplies on it. It also provided hardware for the war. What was taking place in Antarctica after the war ended? The Americans or allies were getting curious. The allies were

  • Caribbean Field Trip

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    I am pretty sure are whole class is so excited to go on this field trip today. We are going on a cruise to the Caribbean. Are class did an amazing thing to go on this trip. St. Judes Children Hospital asked are school to raise money in order to help their research and save many kids lives. The class that raised the most money got to have the chance to go on a cruise. We raised over $5,000 dollars that was the most the school raised this year. We are leaving on a Charter bus and going to Florida