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  • Pros And Cons Of The Four Days Of Long School Days In School

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    Since an entire day is cut off the week, that extra time needs to be made up during the remaining four days. At my school, the class went from 8:15 a.m. until 4:15 p.m. — about an hour or two longer than a typical five-day-week school’s day. An eight-hour day is undesirable for elementary-aged kids. It can rapidly tucker them out. For high school kids, longer school days mean longer school nights. If a student is involved in sports, the school gets out at 4:15 p.m., then practice goes until 6:30

  • Persuasive Essay On Four Day School Day

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    taking a day off of school sounds great, so why not do it? In some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars can be saved in a four-day school day rather than a five-day. It can be very efficient if students and teachers are on task use every minute given to understand what is going on in the classroom and allowing the students to work on it on their off day. Not only does it help with money, but Test scores and absences with sports. When is comes to saving money from a four-day school week it

  • Essay On Longer School Day

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    home from school after two one hour-long clubs and after sports. You rush home, devour dinner, and it’s about 6:30. You still have two or three hours of homework to do. You finish your homework at around 8:30, and then play on their phone until midnight and fall asleep. Then you wake up the next morning, still very tired, and do it all over again. Sounds familiar, right? But, what would happen if the school day was longer, and there was less homework? Students need a longer school day with less homework

  • Ten-Hour School Day

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    A four day school week with ten-hour days does not guarantee that your children will get smarter, but may in fact hurt them in the long run. Commonwealth of Virginia research has shown little connection to the hours spent in school and the grades the student receives. Extending the school hours can lead to exhaustion, financial burdens for the family and, the school, and less time for outside activities. You don 't just need more time you need more quality education. Exhaustion is a major problem

  • Four Day School Week

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    whispers of a schedule change to a four-day school week reach the attentive ears of the students, a humming buzz of interest fills the school. Students daydream about the potential benefits that would accompany the alteration, gossiping with their peers at every possible chance in an attempt to discern all of the information. The more they consider the new four-day week, the more they wish for a change. The students would be able to sleep late for an extra day every week and spend more time with their

  • 4 Day School Week

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    Adopt The Four-Day School Week? Imagine only having to go to school four days a week, for some kids that 's a reality. Some topics I will be discussing in this paper are, where do students go on the Monday/Friday they have off, will the district save money with the extra day off, and how do kids perform in class with the extra day off? The four day school week is a relatively new idea that some schools are beginning to implement in rural areas. The shorter week can help the schools save money without

  • Four Day School Week

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    Four days of school are better. The school districts have been arguing about the school schedule for provide the most effective curricular benefits for students. The current economic downfall has impacted many of the schools in not teaching the next, students in the most effective environment and decreasing their graduation rate. Next, Many school district have adopted a new four-day school schedule that significantly changes the customary five-day school week to recover its quality of educations

  • The Importance Of School Day At Mentor High School

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    issue that I have noticed in Mentor High School. Thirty Three percent of teenagers report falling asleep in school and this is something that I have noticed daily at Mentor High. The school day at Mentor High School starts way too early and I think that many students and staff members would agree because it is affecting students learning and health. Schools across the world start at as early as 7 A.M. or as late at 9 A.M. Many early starting high schools have changed their starting times because

  • Persuasive Essay On School Day

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    High school start a time that us unwise for teens to be awake. Most high doh schools start at an average of 7:59 in the morning. Students under these circumstances have to be at their bus stop by 6:30-7:00. The students school day technically starts at 6:30. The previous time that students have to get up to get ready for school. “If you think it 's too hard to return schools to healthier house, here’s a sampling of schools in 45 stated that have done it already or are doing it in the next school

  • The Controversy Of Four School Days

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    Going to school four days a week should not happen. It will ruin school forever. There should definitely not be four school days in a week because summer break will not be as long, School days would be longer, and we wouldn 't get many holiday breaks. First of all, Summer break would not be nowhere as long. A regular summer break is around two and a half months long. Due to a four day school week it would reduce it down to only a few weeks of summer break. During summer breaks, family 's love going

  • Narrative Essay On School Day

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    Going to high school as a freshmen was just the beginning for me Sara thought. Eight classes in one day, early release, and boys but not just any kind of boys older boys. Sara has always been excited for high school and boys. As the day goes on Sara start to make new friends in her last hour. The school day is over. Sara and her friends go back to her house to do their homework. As they finish up their homework the girls began to talk about the boys at their school. Sara yelled Chris, he has a nice

  • Pros And Cons Of A Four Day School Week In Schools

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    think of schools around the world that are changing from a traditional five day school week to a four-day school we think “okay why not” but there are actually both pros and cons about having a four day school week. Faced with unstable fuel and energy prices and rising education costs, school districts across the nation are considering ways in which to reduce their money and increase use of limited resources. Leadership is one of the main things students need work on when having a four day school week

  • Argumentative Essay: Four Day School

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    An Argumentative/Persuasive Essay Method of Topic Development FOUR DAY SCHOOL WEEK SCHEME: WHY OR WHY NOT? Jezielme P. Agustino, Georgia R. Bondesto BC12-P 09363534885/09161679179 March 11, 2015 Most students say it’s worth considering a four day school week scheme. However, there are those that would make the issue become more complicated. Just last school year, Silliman University implemented a four day school week scheme. As what we have observed, not all courses and year levels are

  • Essay On Five Day School Week

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    The Culpeper school board is considering removing the five day school week, replacing it with a four day school week and adding 10 hours to the school day instead of the current amount of 8 hours in the belief it might be more beneficial than the system we have currently. I believe a four day school week would be less beneficial than a five day school week because students will have less time at home and this will affect all Culpeper County School employees. There will be overall less time at home

  • 4 Day School Week Advantages

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    only have a 4 day school week for a year or a 5 day school week for a year? I’m pretty sure you would want a 4 day school week even without asking you. Well, i’m here to tell you about the advantages of having a 4 day school week and how it can help you better in so many ways better than a 5 day school week. I feel that a 4 day school week would help students and teachers better than a 5 day week. A 4 day week would help financially, academically, and so much more. Having a 4 day school week could

  • Benefits Of Five Day School Week

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    Are students in the United States being overworked by the school system? Traditionally, American schools use a five day school week. The five day week is prolonged and overworks children and teens. Extra days decrease motivation of not only students but staff or teachers as well. Lowered motivation creates low performance, which discourages the students even more. When there is no encouragement, the teenagers often don’t show up to school. The lack of effort correlates to teachers because it could

  • Longer School Days Research Paper

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    Many students each day go home and have a great deal of homework to complete. Many children and teenagers say that this is the root of a stressful problem. With longer school days, students will improve their performance on class work and then there will be no homework to cope with their stressful problem. Not only will the children be less stressful, but spending more time at school will be better for the child’s academic performance. Longer days will provide child supervision, a better education

  • Four Day School Week Essay

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    Four-day school weeks have the capability to change student lives. Every school should invest in the four-day school week plan. Implementing this routine would allow teachers more time to teach and give students the option to do their homework during class, in turn creating student success. All of these factors would help to enhance student and faculty life, while promoting success in the classroom. Having a school system run on a four-day rotation would increase their success by offering more opportunities

  • Personal Narrative: My Day Of School

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    windows as me and my classmates approached our school. We were about to leave the sunlight and enter the building we spend 40 hours in every week, one with few windows and almost no real food. As the bus pulled to a stop, we started exiting the bus, barely chatting on how it was impossible for it to be this cold while the sun was still shining. Welcome to Texas. As we walked into the building, we split up and went our separate ways. Time for another day of school. I entered my class and was greeted by the

  • Nemerov's September, The First Day Of School

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    provide the child with the knowledge that the school can, which is why the child disappears behind the door. The second allusion used a Biblical one, this being Joseph’s dream. According to the website Bible Getaway, Joseph had a dream that he would be given power, and when he told his brothers of this dream he was hated. When applying this to Nemerov’s poem, when the