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  • Essay On Sciatica

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    How to get rid of sciatica & low back pain with home treatment - What are the sciatica home treatment, causing more pain and sciatica treatment Sciatica (sciatica) and back pain tends to disrupt the activities of the day. What is sciatica? (Sciatica kya hai?) To know the details of the person suffering it properly you will know the effects and problems. The ponderous sciatica pain in the lower back, hips and waist that goes up from the bottom foot. People who suffer from sciatica pain out of bed in

  • Essay On Physical Issues In Sport

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    Physical Issues The number one tool athletes use to reach maximum performance is often overlooked. It’s not supplements, magic, or supernatural powers that these athletes experience. The secret for athletes to reach their highest performing potential is the assistance of physical therapists, helping them recovery from injury or even get them ready for season. “Physical therapy helps professional athletes stay fit, recover from injuries, and improve their play”(Tepper). Physical therapists give the

  • Group A Case Study Essay

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    ABSTRACT AIM To evaluate the effectiveness of the McKenzie method used for management of low back pain with sciatica. METHODS For this study, 6 subjects diagnosed with low back pain with sciatica were randomly allocated into two groups. Group A consisted of 3 subjects who were treated with McKenzie method (n=3) and group B consisted of 3 subjects who were treated with conventional physiotherapy approaches (n=3). The duration of treatment for both the groups was 2 weeks at a physiotherapy department

  • Sciatic Nerve Essay

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    mentioned a case of bilaterally divided piriformis.In our study, we have got as single case of divided piriformis. These anatomical variations of sciatic nerve can contribute to Piriformis Syndrome and sciatica . In addition to the position of the piriformis muscle there are other causes for sciatica such as a posterior dislocation of the hip joint, herniated disc or pressure from the uterus during pregnancy may damage the nerve roots.[13] Piriformis syndrome is an uncommon and often undiagnosed

  • Dorsal Disc Essay

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    The structure of intertebral disc is complex. Nucleus pulposus has a well organized matrix which is laid down by relatively few cells. Nucleus pulposus is a gelatinous structure present in the centre and is contained in the periphery by annulus which is collagenous and cartilaginous, and two cartilaginous endplates cephalad and caudad. Collagen fibers from annulus continue and attach to the surrounding tissues, tying into the vertebral body along its rim, cartilaginous endplates superiorly and

  • Slipped Disc In Gerontology

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    breaks down. This allows the soft, gel-like part of the disc to swell and protrude out. A slipped disc is a cartilaginous disc between vertebrae in the spine that is displaced or partly protruding, pressing on nearby nerves and causing back pain or sciatica. A slipped disc – known as a prolapsed or herniated disc – occurs when one of the discs that sit between the bones of the spine (the vertebrae) is damaged and presses on the nerves. The spinal column is made of up 26 bones (vertebrae) that are cushioned

  • Essay On Sciatic Pain

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    nerve results in sciatica, pain that may extend from the buttock down the posterior and lateral aspect of the leg and the lateral aspect of the foot” (1). Sciatic pain has a range, “from a mild ache to a sharp, burning sensation or excruciating pain. Sometimes it can feel like a jolt or electric shock. It can be worse when you cough or sneeze, and prolonged sitting can aggravate symptoms. Usually only one side of your body is affected” (2). There are several possible causes of sciatica, “the sciatic

  • Case Study: Toradol Abuse

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    surgery in April 2013. Based on the progress report dated 03/21/16, the patient reports that his low back pain tweaked again, after making the bed. He went to the emergency room last week and was provided with Toradol injection. He was told it was sciatica on the right leg. Now, it is in the center of the back and sacroiliac area. Current pain level is 8/10 with pain medications. He also reports that the left side of the back and leg is aggravated by sitting between 1 to 1.5 hours. On examination

  • Sciatic Nerve Lab Report

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    branches at the apex of popliteal fossa1. Variations in different level of terminal division of sciatic nerve and its relations with piriformis muscle have been reported. The variations in the course of sciatic nerve may lead to clinical condition like sciatica, piriformis syndrome and coccygodynia. Hence the

  • Case Study: Maggie Coffey Memorial Tennis Tournament

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    to success. During my time volunteering at the Maggie Coffey Memorial Tennis Tournament, I encountered many tennis players with a variety of complaints, such as: Achilles’ tendon pain, ulnar collateral ligament dysfunction, pinched nerve syndrome “Sciatica, etc. One of the challenges that I faced while observing the tennis players was discerning the appropriate clinical questions to ask in order to get to the possible root of the problem While interviewing the patient, I found myself stuttering and

  • Spinal Manipulation Research Paper

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    1.0:TABLE OF CONTENT 2.0:INTRODUCTION 2.1:HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE What Is Spinal Manipulation? 1)Spinal manipulation,is also called as a spinal manipulative therapy or manual therapy, they are both combining through moving and jolting joints, massage, exercise, and physical therapy. It's purposedly design designed to reduced pressure on joints, lowered inflammation, and also improve nerve function. It is often used to treat back, neck, shoulder, and headache pain. Chiropractors use it to treat

  • Decompression At Home Essay

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    Inversion Table – Very good device for decompression of spine. It uses your force of gravity coupled with the body weight to release the pressure on the spine. Foam Roller – Not a very scientific device but reasonably useful, especially in case of sciatica problem. Decompression While Asleep The way or posture of your body, especially the neck, while sleeping, is very important; rather critical in your endeavor to decompress your spine. So, select the correct pillow and mattress for your sleep time

  • Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc Research Paper

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    sensation. While lumbar disc herniation affects the lower back along with dull or shooting pain in the buttocks, thigh and groin by dint of the perennial nerve. This will further radiate to the foot. If the sciatic nerve gets affected, it leads to sciatica. When the femoral nerve gets affected, it causes a numb and tingling sensation in both lower limbs. Diagnosis and

  • Essay On Castor Oil

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    Natural Benefits of Castor Oil: Its amazing beneficial effects have been used for thousands of years. It has potent antibacterial, antiviral, analgesic, and laxative properties, and is thus amazingly helpful in the case of sciatica, arthritis, and back pain. Castor oil is incredibly beneficial oil which possesses countless healthy compounds, it can be used in numerous treatments of different health issues, and it effectively soothes inflammation and fights viruses and bacteria. Due to its magical

  • Argumentative Essay On Starting Yoga

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    The practice of yoga can be dated all the way back to when the Bhagavad Gita, an ancient Hindu text, was completed in 200 CE. As of lately, it seems as though yoga studios have been popping up on every corner of communities and that we all know someone who considers himself/herself a “yogi.” The practice and exercise of yoga includes the combination of physical postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and a unique mindset and attitude. The yoga that we all usually hear about in the United States

  • Potato Juice Research Paper

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    Potato Juice Excellent Tonic: Skin Disorder: Precise cheilitis – One of the most critical reasons for potato juice is for treating rakish cheilitis, a typical skin issue portrayed by redness and swelling of the mouth corners. Potato juice is known to be a powerful calming so applying this on the edges of your mouth can tone down the sores in a matter of moments. On the off chance that you make it a propensity to drink potato squeeze each day, you'll get enough vitamin B complex, which you have

  • Disc Herniation Research Paper

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    What is a disc herniation? The spinal column is made up of 33 vertebrae (bones) that are joined together to allow forward, backward, side bending, and rotation of the spine. There are five regions that comprise the spinal column; the cervical (neck), thoracic (chest), lumbar (low back), sacral and coccygeal (tail-bone) regions. The cervical region consists of 7 vertebrae, the thoracic 12 vertebrae and the lumbar region contains five vertebrae. The sacrum is made of 5 fused vertebrae; which are connected

  • Mainstream Yoga

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    foundation of the practice (Feuerstein, 1989). Within the many different forms of western yoga, several approaches can be identified, the most dominant categories being a therapeutic approach in which postures are used for various conditions such as sciatica, asthma, heart disease, and stress-reduction or in contrast, a fitness approach in which the asanas are used for exercise. These practices have many parallels with hatha yoga; however, not all approaches to yoga include an interior connection with

  • Asparagus Advantages And Disadvantages

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    Asparagus has been used for centuries due to its medicinal properties and ritualistic purposes. Its usage can be traced back to Egypt, Syria and Spain. It was used in ancient Greece and Rome for its diuretic properties. Owing to its phosphorus content, asparagus was also considered an aphrodisiac in the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. In fact, in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, asparagus was grown only for the nobility. It was in the eighteenth century, that the asparagus entered

  • Essay On Spinal Cord Injury

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    Is a Car Accident Dangerous for Your Spine? You use your spine multiple times each day, but you seldom think about it. From walking in the store to climbing the stairs at work and bending to pick up a toy your child left on the floor, your spine plays a key role in almost every movement you make. A car accident can impact your ability to go about your normal activities and result in serious consequences that may be permanent. A spine injury is one of the most common injuries sustained in a car accident