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  • Science And Literature: The Influence Of Science Fiction

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    It is evident that Science Fiction has been one of the most important genres in our time. Its widespread influence across several medias such as; novel, films, computer games, comic books or ‘graphic novel’ and radio, created a huge impact to the society. In science fiction, the potential consquences of science and other innovations are being explored, thus being called the ‘Literature of ideas’ (Gilks, Fleming, & Allen, 2003). Writers dabbling in the art of science fiction before we had this

  • Fiction And Fiction: The Subgenre Of Science Fiction

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    Science Fiction is a broad literary genre. Many have tried to contain it’s definition into a much simpler terms. Science fiction has influenced several media across the world and continue its way to influence more. Science fiction, unlike any other genre, is not only changing the literary world but also changing the world we live in. Science fiction is the proof that there’s nothing impossible that science can’t achieve. The rampant advancement of the technologies indicates that there are no boundaries

  • A Comparison Of Science Fiction As A Dystopian Fiction?

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    Science fiction is a genre of writing involving plots and themes related to future scientific advances and major social changes, often coming from the author’s imagination rather than from factual knowledge. With the advancement of Man’s knowledge resulting from the scientific revolution, fictional predictions about the future resulted in believable new works of science fiction. Some authors pictured future technologies that would benefit mankind in some way or would let mankind explore new boundaries

  • Science Fiction Disadvantages

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    Science fiction is a tool that can be used to deconstruct, understand and critique contemporary society. What’s really out there is true unless we live an abstract life. We are always asking questions like is this possible? Can that really happen or just an imagination. The only answer can be found within two words and that’s science fiction. You would be surprised to see how we perceive things and finally come to make them real or maybe us just blinding ourselves. What science fiction hold for us;

  • Characteristics Of Science Fiction Movies

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    Science fiction films are among the most watched film genres in the world. For that reason, I think that people are now away from normal life, There may be desires to drag right. The characters in science fiction films are always extraordinary and have many different characteristics. So how do you get science fiction movies? Many people think that motion pictures are so easy to draw and that a large part of the images are made up of computer effects. However, taking a film is the most difficult and

  • Pessimism In Modern Science Fiction

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    within science fiction. Moreover, the genre feels as if it has transcended itself into a cookie-cutter style format, with these large, overbearing industrial skyscrapers, and, cold, desolate wastelands, mixed with the cynical ideas of how the world as we know will be eclipsed by lawlessness and greed. Not only, would many critics consider these attributes as the minimum criteria for a blockbuster movie, but also, themes within that regard seem to be a prominent staple of modern science fiction. Inasmuch

  • The Importance Of Science Fiction

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    Science fiction is a type of fiction which is totally tells about science and technology in the future. It is important to noting that science fiction has strong link with the ideas of science. The story which is tells about science fiction some of them are true but some other are not true or may be the theories of science. It should not be totally unbelievable, because it then project in to the genre fantasy. The plot creates different situations from those of both the present day and the known

  • Science Fiction Film Analysis

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    one of the daily routine for the movie lovers. They can spend lots of times on it. The movie genre that i had selected is science-fiction films. Science fiction films are the films that are usually drawn imaginatively on scientific knowledge and speculation in the whole of the films. Divergent, Maze Runner, Hunger Games and Captain America are some of the example of science fiction films. The movies that I had chosen are Divergent and Maze Runner. Divergent is the story about Tris discovers a plot to

  • Argumentative Essay On Science Fiction

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    believe that science fiction is helping progress technology in real life. The reason this is true, I think, is because what sci-fi means to people has changed from being solely entertainment and into something more. It’s not just because the worlds that sci-fi depict deals with technology itself that’s aiding in this progression, but rather it’s because of how we now discuss and think about sci-fi that has resulted in this change. Discussion and how we often speak about science fiction is what’s causing

  • The Importance Of Science Fiction Vs. Contemporary Fiction

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    Science fiction setting can be described as a “tool” a writer can use to great effect. Science fiction is a genre base on ideas about what might happen or be true rather than on facts dealing with imaginative concepts. These concepts may be views as futuristic science and technology, space travel, time travel, and extraterrestrial life. The reason why readers prefer science fiction over contemporary fiction is because they can certainly find compelling plots and characters in mainstream fiction.

  • The Importance Of Technology In Science Fiction

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    and many more have come up which are inspiring the future generations to develop technologies not even imagined to be possible. Pure science fiction is being turned into reality. For filmmakers and story tellers alike, the future has always been a fountain of creative possibilities and endings, a way to grapple with our fears of the unknown by portraying them as fictions. Perhaps, one could go as far to say that futuristic stories are test-run simulators of what our world could be. And with the rapid

  • The Pros And Cons Of Science Fiction

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    “Science fiction is a genre of fiction in which the stories often tell about science and technology of the future” ( This type of genre has a relation with real science. This means that in spite of having a few items that are not real, it can also show us events that happened in real life. The majority of the times, movies, series, or books do not show that explicitly. On the contrary, the author, or director yearn for the viewer to discover and discern what is true, and what

  • Science Fiction Influence On Society

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    little investigation of the influence society has on science fiction as a genre. However, previous research, using various methodologies, has indicated a significant relationship between science fiction and society, but much of the research focuses on the inverse of my research question: how science fiction has influenced society, instead of how society influences science fiction. Within that relationship, several different aspects of science fiction have been studied, so they are included here for context

  • Western Vs Science Fiction Movies

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    the science fiction movies. The past and the future depict the look of present. Chronologically speaking, western movies are historical significant that fundamentally influence our way of thinking, and science fiction movies are the ideas that extending from the influences. However, I have noticed that these two genres can’t get away from present, because they are the consequences of the present. In other words, western movies bring the present problem back to the history, and sciences fiction movies

  • Sense Of Wonder In Science Fiction

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    works of science fiction. A sense of wonder is specifically associated with the works of science fiction, as opposed to any other modes of work. A sense of wonder is an important element in the works of science fiction as it allows the works of science fiction to grow as a genre and expand in what it encompasses as a category. The feeling of wonder that is created within the reader/viewer allows the reader to have some form of control/power over the writers of science fiction themselves. Science fiction

  • Isaac Asimov: The Role Of Robots In Science Fiction

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    The Role of Robots in Science Fiction Before Isaac Asimov : According to Oxford dictionary, Science Fiction is “A type of book, film/movie, etc. that is based on imagined scientific discoveries of the future, and often deals with space travel and life on other planets.” Science fiction is said to have a long prehistory. The evidence can be brought to focus from the history of Greek Civilisation wherein the residents of Mount Olympus were on voyage to different worlds

  • Assignment On Mathematics In Science Fiction

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    Assignment on Mathematics in Science Fiction Submitted to: Jai Singh Submitted by: Nizar Ahammed C M Roll No: H/ 1675 Mathematics in Science Fiction Science fiction can be defined as a fantasy fiction designed to appeal those with a knowledge and interest in science. The typical reader of science fiction may consider traditional realistic fictions as a bit of boredom. These same readers hold good knowledge about the science which makes them to contemplate about the scientific possibilities prescribed

  • Feminist Science Fiction Analysis

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    Science fiction is “a fiction of the imagination rather than observed reality” (Roberts, 2006, p. 1). It is a genre which enables readers to envisage and express new ideas of the workings of our society. According to Lefanu (1988), science fiction can be used “metaphorically and metonymically as powerful ways of exploring the construction of woman” (p. 180). Hence, I believe that portraying and imagining a new society through a feminist lens can be especially formidable. Feminist science fiction

  • Matrix: An American Science Fiction Movie: The Matrix

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    The Matrix is an American science fiction film from 1999. It portrays a dystopian future in which people’s reality is actually a computer programme created and run by machines in order to conquer the human race. Their (humans’) bodies’ are used as energy sources. “Neo” – a picked out computer programmer – is able to discover the truth and joins in with people who try to revolt against the machines. The film was based on Plato’s allegory of the cave where prisoners’ in a cave are let to believe

  • Post Humanism In Science Fiction

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    Science fiction is set to be the most modern genre which helps us in analyzing our artistic project and how the scientific project improves our human conditions. It has been one of the most influential types of writing to date in our society. Over the years observations have been made on how it focuses on time travelling thus predicting what is ought to happen or that has already happened in our modern society. This essay will clearly look at themes such as post humanism, what is real? Thus focusing