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  • The Theme Of Perfection In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Birthmark

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    The Webster Dictionary defines “perfection” as “the quality or state of being saintly”. However, humans have always had difficulty defining perfection and have constantly tried to achieve perfection in order to obtain its true meaning. In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story, “The Birthmark,” Hawthorne dives into the real meaning of perfection and how to achieve such divinity through the characters of Aylmer and Georgiana. In a creative response to the story, I have found a “Moral Machine” activity

  • Drph Program Reflection

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    gain acceptance into a DrPH program. Specifically, one focused on community and behavioral health. I hope to solve problems that are related to addiction. I want to educate communities about the realities of substance abuse and treatment. Using my interviewing skills, I would like to identify common themes and goals within specific drug cultures and communities. I plan to use the scientific method, to create and implement community programs based on the acquired qualitative data. Board behavioral

  • How To Tame A Wild Tongue Essay

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    A tongue is one of the most important body parts, if that’s what we shall call it, that a human being has. If it was not for the tongue, it would be a very quiet world. Gloria Anzaldúa, born in 1942, near the large Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, was bound to make a difference in lives before she ever knew it. When Gloria turned eleven she started to work in the fields as a migrant worker and then started on her family’s land after the passing of her father. In Gloria Anzaldúa’s the short story

  • Essay On Language And Identity

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    does not necessarily define one's identity and identity does not define language, however it does affect it. Depending on how many languages people know, they are able to decide on what language they want to use in order to communicate with other communities according to their identities.One's identity defines and regulates the use of language and not the contrary.

  • Benefits Of Volunteering

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    in giving back to a community or person. Volunteering can range from helping someone with groceries to building a house for a family in need. Although most volunteer work benefits the person receiving help, there are many unexpected benefits that the volunteer experiences as well. Even though most do not expect these benefits, volunteering allows others to make new friends, explore career paths and provide mental and physical health. Like most interactions with one’s community, volunteering allows

  • Reflective Essay: My Work As A Resident Advisor

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    From my work as a Resident Advisor this year, I have improved my time management and organizational skills. Taking fifteen credit hours, serving as a work-study student, coordinating internships through APPLES Service-Learning, and working as a Resident Advisor are a few of the things that I had on my plate throughout this semester. Keeping up with these responsibilities seems like a somewhat daunting task – what’s the perfect balance between these commitments? Throughout this last year, I found

  • Dunlap Codding Analysis

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    me as sterile and isolated from the world. Luckily, in downtown Oklahoma City, there is an exception to this stereotype in the form of Dunlap Codding. At Dunlap Codding, they have careful created a kind of community atmosphere that would generally be missing from law offices—and the community that they are promoting is not just between the lawyers and other workers themselves, but also between the law office and the rest of the art district. Through the design of this office—including the orientation

  • Discourse Community Essay

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    Discourse Community and 12 Episode of the Serial According to the lecture in the UWP 101 class, I have learned that discourse community is a group of people who communicate with one another to achieve a common. In addition, Porter who wrote the article “Intertextuality and the Discourse Community”, states that discourse communities creates its own collective meaning, and shares assumption about what objects are appropriate for examination and discussion. In the other words, discourse community is a

  • Senior Avoid Isolation Case Study

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    hadn’t eaten in days. He finally called 911 to reach out for help. The responding officers bought him $160 worth of groceries. While the compassionate response was amazing, the thought of this poor man being that disconnected from his surrounding community, that he could go this long uncared for, is devastating. No one should live in that much isolation. As more of the Baby Boomer generation ages, the problem of helping seniors stay connected is a growing one. There are a host of potential dangers

  • Peter Singer's Argument In Famine, Affluence And Morality

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    Philip Manning 12504697 Q) Evaluate Peter Singer’s argument in ‘Famine, Affluence and Morality’. There can be no doubt that Peter Singer’s argument in ‘Famine, Affluence and Morality’ is unrealistic, unfair and not sustainable. Singer’s arguments are valid arguments but not sound. In order to get a clear and balanced view of my arguments which disprove the Singer article, it is first necessary to examine and lay out the main aspects of Singer’s argument in ‘Famine, Affluence and Morality’. My arguments

  • The Power Of Language In Amyy Tan's Mother Tongue By Amy Tan

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    In her writing, Tan often describes her experiences as the child of Chinese immigrants, growing up in northern California and living in American culture. Tan explains how she has learned to embrace the many Englishes her mother speaks and how her background has also caused her to have different Englishes. While others classify her mother's English as "broken" she finds no fault in it. In Tan's view, just because something is broken does not necessarily mean that it is in need of fixing. In her essay

  • Essay On Civilization In Huck Finn

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    Huckleberry Finn and Civilization Merriam Webster defines the act of being civilized as being brought “out of a savage, uneducated, or unrefined state,” (Webster) yet within The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Huck’s interactions with supposedly civilized society depicts civilization as both savage and hypocritical. Although the members of educated society perceive themselves to be sophisticated and refined, whereas the lowest class members are viewed as barbaric, Huck’s encounters with Miss Watson

  • Self Assessment Evaluation

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    Self-Assessment Evaluation The self-assessment evaluation signifies some essential traits and strengths whereby, critical understanding of this analysis can adequately improve my capabilities and personality in management skills. However, my present results in self-awareness are unsatisfactory to me, particularly in emotional intelligence. Personally, I am sensitive to issues, but I have learned to maintain my calm (sentiments), more so, when disappointed by an individual or a situation, which may

  • Essay Pros And Cons Of Gentrification

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    Gentrification can bring many things to a city, such as renovation and shifts in an urban community lifestyle and an increasing share of wealthier residents and/or businesses and increasing property values. The bad things it brings would be leaving longtime home owners out of a home because taxes on their property have sky rocketed and can no longer afford to pay. Not only this but in the process of gentrifying a community it kicks out the poorer residents and sends them to other neighborhoods which are

  • Technological Developments During The Industrial Revolution

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    To what extent did the technological developments of the Industrial revolution contribute to economic change in the period The Industrial Revolution sparked a new era of economic growth. It created many doors of opportunities for everyone. The Industrial Revolution introduced to us many important technological developments which forever changed the way goods and products were manufactured. The technological developments contributed to economic changes significantly, many of the developments assisted

  • The Importance Of Rumble Strips

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    Rumble strips has played a big role in our lives, society, and community. It has saved many lives from just a basic thing that was on the road. Rumble strips is basically a sound investment that is to introduce you to a cost-effective treatment that has been proven to provide results by saving lives. On a normal day in the united states, one roadway injury occurs every 43 seconds and one roadway departure fatality every 23 minutes. Run-off-the-road crashes are truly national problem. About one third

  • Lifeguard Research Paper

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    lifeguard you are all on your own, but in this case we had to knit together to save a live just like John Winthrop quoted. Teens from all over the county like Fort Chiswell, Rural Retreat, and Wytheville come to lifeguard at the local Wytheville Community Center. We are from different schools, different atmospheres, and have totally different personalizes, but when the time comes we all unite as one unique team. Coming together is the first thing to do when becoming a team. Diversity can bring a whole

  • Ginwright's Hope And Healing In Urban Education

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    hope and attention in order to succeed. Shawn Ginwright explains that while it may be difficult to reach these communities, it’s a worthwhile investment of time and resources to improve them. Ginwright uses personal examples of people who have been affected by the struggle of living in a crime-ridden and low-income neighborhood in San Francisco. The eldest sibling examined, Tanya, a community organizer suffered the loss of her younger brother, who was murdered while he was visiting her on holiday from

  • Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival Event Analysis

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    assignment, I volunteered at the Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival in support of the Montgomery County Food Bank receiving donations at the festival entrance. In volunteering at the event, I learned the differences in service learning, volunteerism and community service and will provide details in what I learned a about each. I will also provide details and examples of teamwork, communication and networking experiences gained while at the event. A brief overview of the Montgomery County Food bank will

  • Community Observation Paper

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    A community, a complex term that often times elicits various feelings and definitions, generally implies that there are relationships between a group of people that share some common goals, values, the same geographical location, or, perhaps a way of life that reinforces one another. In a community, members choose to associate with, or connect to each other. However, it is only when we take a step back from the activities in our life’s, do we recognize reality and witness the social interactions