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  • Greek Sculpture During The Archaic Period

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    the sculptures were designed as decorations of cult statues, religious buildings, or as honor reminder of the deceased/god. All statues of archaic period were in fact painted with very bright colors in the lips, hair, and other body parts. On page 117 “During the Archaic phase of Greek sculpture, freestanding representations of the male youth (kouros) retain the rigid verticality of tree trunks from which earlier Greek sculptures were carved“(Fiero). Most of the free-standing Greek sculptures from

  • Blue Woman In Black Chair Sculptures

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    Sculptures are a form of artwork that portray a certain message towards an audience at hand. The University of Texas at Austin holds the following two sculptures which remind us of the power of artistry: Martin Luther King, Jr (1999) and Blue Woman in Black Chair (1981). The former monument, by Ana Koh-Varilla and Jeffrey Varilla, stands in the East Mall and the latter, by George Segal, sits on the 2nd floor of the Blanton Museum. Both sculptures represent a distinct human figure yet, differ in their

  • Sculpture Of Ray Lewis At M & T Bank Stadium

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    The one piece of art work that I choose was a sculpture of Ray Lewis at M&T Bank Stadium which is home of the Baltimore Ravens. This piece of art is free to the public to see and touch whenever they are around it. This piece of art was chosen by me because I am a diehard ravens fan and Ray Lewis was a huge leader on the team that I looked up to. Therefore, I will be looking at this piece of art work with the four step process. This sculpture is one of my favorite all time that I was able to

  • How Did Romans Create Extremely Realistic Sculpture

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    were creating extremely realistic sculptures. The Romans were influenced by Ancient Greek art and continued their tradition of life-like sculptures, which still influences art today. Roman sculptures were sometimes made of bronze, but they frequently created their sculptures out of marble. Other materials used were oil paints and metal. A typical sculpture would be a representation of the person 's upper body, specifically the head and neck, this type of sculpture is called a bust. The Romans typically

  • Lutgart Sculpture Analysis

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    2. PERSONAL RESPONSE The Lutgart sculpture is very meaningful to me as of right now my major is undeclared but, I am planning to be a business major so I am taking a couple classes in Lutgart hall. I see this sculpture every single day of week going to class and multiple times driving by it every day. I think it is one of the most iconic sculptures that Florida Gulf Coast University has. It is a pretty simple sculpture to look at there is not much going on, just two stainless steel blocks coming

  • Charles Umlauf The Family Group Analysis

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    Group by Charles Umlauf Charles Umlauf created The Family Group sculpture in 1960. The location of the sculpture is outside of the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. Its green color distinguishes the sculpture from the many other sculptures around the university and from the background of the business school. Much of the evidence in the paper will come from the structure and form of the sculpture. The sculpture depicts the wife leaning on the husband showing a traditional

  • Michelangelo's The Battle Of The Centaurs

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    Michelangelo crafted his first sculpture when he was a teenager. One of these sculptures is the Battle of the Centaurs. The Battle of the Centaurs is a sculpted piece with the pool of male soldiers, three dimensionally carved into a stone. The images are layered randomly in a very precise way. This sculpture was a stepping stone for Michelangelo’s career as an artist. It really displayed young Michelangelo's talent and it showed his weird interest in the nude of the human body. He also sculpted other

  • Similarities Between Isis And The Athlete Kreugas

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    diverse methods to create their art. The Egyptian sculpture, Isis and the Infant Horus, and Anthony Conova’s sculpture, The Athlete Kreugas, were made nearly two thousand years apart. Although both sculptures are beautifully crafted, there are contrasting characteristics of each that allow the pieces to show their uniqueness. The Egyptian sculpture, Isis and the Infant Horus, is a bronze sculpture portraying a woman holding a child. This sculpture depicts an image of perfection by using an idealistic

  • Garland Sarcophagus Analysis

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    The stone sculpture, titled Garland Sarcophagus made by a Roman artist, this piece is created in the year AD 200-225. The Garland Sarcophagus stone sculpture is a coffin for inhumation burials of upper class, the physical condition of the sculpture is cleaned and restored. This sculpture is made in Rome, and belonged to the Roman Empire movement. The Garland Sarcophagus is not typical work, due to inhumation burials being an uncommon Roman practice during the second century A.D., until around the

  • Similarities Between Farnese Hercules And Discobolus

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    own way and purpose. Artist would give their best work to sculptures representing athleticism because this was a main motivation to the Greeks. Pentathletes were sometimes considered inferior to other athletes, but their figures were not overlooked. Since a particular set of muscles were not over-developed, they were considered harmonious and balanced. This is displayed throughout the Discobolus sculpture. On the Farnese Hercules sculpture, a viewer can clearly see the two golden apples that are held

  • Comparing Kroisos And Kritios Boy

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    that are shared and differences that make them unique. With this thinking, let us examine the statues of Kroisos and Kritios Boy. Kouros sculptures were mainly created during the Archaic era, which was during the years of 700-480 BCE. Unlike other sculptures of this time, the statues are of the modern human being and not of a god or authoritative figure. Two sculptures that were created

  • Rubber Duck

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    inspire artists to create remarkable sculptures. One sculpture which reflects this subject matter is Rubber Duck by Florentijn Hofman. The work is constructed out of PVC – polyvinyl chloride (a widely used plastic) in 2007 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It measures 12 x 14 x 16 meters. This paper will evaluate Hofman’s masterpiece by viewing a photographic reproduction. Hofman’s concepts are powerful, with the artist’s emotions reflected in the sculpture. The sculpture is a regular rubber duck that is about

  • Greek Period 1050 To 700 BC

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    Based on “the stylistic characteristics of each of these periods, the style and subject matter of this sculpture, and the conventions that apply to the representations of bodies during these periods” I came to the conclusion that this sculpture belongs to the Greek Archaic period 1050 to 700 BC. The roots of the Greek culture during this period have roots in the Mycenaean culture. Artists from Greek were the first to discover imitation of nature as a principle for art. Greek's humanity was depicted

  • Mable Ringling Museum

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    outdoor courtyard with fine Italian architecture which finished in 1929.Mr. Ringling purchased most of the outdoor sculptures from Italy. In addition, many of the sculptures were originally supposed to be displayed in the Ritz Carlton, but never made it there because Mr. Ringling sent Julius Boger to Italy to pick and choose those sculptures to be displayed in Mr. Ringling’s sculpture garden. As the docent tour guide Maureen continued, she pointed out the large beautiful columns and bases all along

  • Textual Analysis Of King Khafre

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    King Khafre sculpture shows a lot of symbols that represented him as person and a king. Yes, he is seen as a very strong person because he is molded to the stone which made him seem very powerful, but his arms are very relaxed. So the relaxed arms also show that he is a very patient man and listens to his people. With one arm holding a spear to represent power in control and the other hand that shows that he is very calm. Which also shows that he is a very forgiving person. Even though this is

  • In Ridge And Furrow Analysis

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    will first analyze the sculpture In Ridge and Furrow created by Peter Randall-Page. Second, I will then critique the sculpture based on the visual arts as well as the principles and elements of design. Lastly, I will explain my thoughts about the sculpture and whether I like the sculpture In Ridge and Furrow created by Peter Randall-Page. The sculpture In Ridge and Furrow created by Peter Randall-Page is a sculpture, which represents the hemispheres of the brain. This sculpture was carved from a 19-ton

  • The Kiss Vs Gnaw Analysis

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    different perceptions of one subject, which is love. First, The Kiss is sculpture by Auguste Rodin, made entirely of white marble. It was created in 1886-1898 and is located in Musée Rodin, Paris. Originally, the subjects of this sculpture were based on fictional characters from Dante’s Divine Comedy, Francesca and Paolo. The lovers that were slain by Francesca’s husband, Paolo’s brother, after he witnessed them kissing. The sculpture was, at first, made to become a part of another piece by Rodin, The

  • M For Michelangelo Analysis

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    Michelangelo is very famous for his paintings and sculptures. What many people don’t know is that three of his sculptures are lost. The three lost sculptures are Head of a Faun, Standing Cupid, and Hercules. In the story From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, a classic fiction by E.L Konigsburg, the main characters are determined to find if the angel statue was really made by Michelangelo. “For goodness’ sake, Jamie. That’s not a W; that’s an M. She looked at Jamie, and her eyes widened

  • Keuros In Greek Art

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    domination of the Greeks during the Olympics the male body became a well celebrated sculpture called Kouros, meaning “young man”. Kouros could be found in cemeteries and sanctuaries as offerings to the Gods, or as grave markers. The way Kouros were sculptured many can suggest that they served as watchful guardians for the dead. Kouros vastly resemble Egyptian sculptures, familiar traits can be seen between late Egyptian sculptures and Kouros dating between 600 BCE and 525 BCE. During the six century, Kouros

  • John Van Alstine Via Solaris

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    attending Indiana State University, one of the first sculptures I took an interest in was the Via Solaris. “Via Solaris” is Latin for “the way or road of the sun.” The sculpture is about 20-feet tall and made of bronze and steel. Via Solaris was created by John Van Alstine, an American sculptor living and working in New York State. John Van Alstine is best known for stone and metal abstract sculptures illustrating remarkable balance and elegance. The sculpture is located on the north side of Stalker Hall