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  • Aggression In Seaworld

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    unethical, but something even worse is the relationship between animals in captivity and a spike in their stress levels. “It 's irrefutable that many zoos drive animals insane -- and if that isn 't cruel, I don 't know what is” (Masci) For starters, SeaWorld is one of the most notorious places in the world accused of stressing out their animals. Since the tanks are so small the whales tend to get very stressed out, and some former workers even say that the whales seem to go psychotic. “ If you were

  • Persuasive Essay On Seaworld

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    building that largely proclaims a sign that says ´SeaWorld.´ The thrill of seeing animals that they don 't normally see fills the child to the brim. Their elated feelings rise as they walk into the Shamu Stadium, with an announcer welcoming them. They 're so happy that they don 't realize that they 're about to witness inhumane acts for entertainment. Sea World is an inhumane facility, and needs to be shut down. But children are blind to this fact, as SeaWorld is a corrupt organization that is excellent

  • Seaworld: Documentary Analysis

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    the conditions of orca whales at seaworld. It was filmed in a point of view that shows that seaworld is harmful to orca whales and that the whales suffer from being kept in captivity. After this came out, Seaworld wrote an article saying that Blackfish is propaganda, not an actual documentary. Seaworld claims that they are beneficial for orca whales because they perform research that benefit whales in the wild. In the documentary the author claims that Seaworld is harmful to Orca whales. Also that

  • Seaworld Captive Behavior Analysis

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    Orcas were not the only animals at SeaWorld exhibiting aggressive behavior. Several instances have been documented in which dolphins have acted aggressively to both a SeaWorld trainer and SeaWorld patrons. According to USA Today’s article, “Captive animals ' attack on trainers and public” dolphins have engaged in aggressive behavior. “In 2000 a dolphin entangled a trainer in a net, spun her around and held her underwater during a dolphin capture exercise. The trainer suffered three factures and

  • Blackfish: The Orca Whales At Seaworld

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    freed from their enclosures and sent back into the oceans where they belong to protect not only themselves, but to the trainers and visitors of SeaWorld as well. Blackfish revolves around one Orca named Tilikum, at 12,000 pounds he was the dominant one at SeaWorld. However, Tilikum’s public murder of three trainers changed the way people looked at SeaWorld. Director Gabriela Cowperthwaite released a documentary in 2013 titled Blackfish detailing SeaWorld’s horrific treatment of its marine animals

  • A Case Study Of Seaworld Of Florida Vs. Perez

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    Introduction This case study of SeaWorld of Florida v. Perez is a case where the safety protocols set by SeaWorld were set up to keep trainers safe. However, it could also show that they were put into place due to the violent nature of the killer whales therefore showing that SeaWorld knew the dangers trainer Brancheau would be facing on a daily basis. This case was about the legal issues enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and how the plaintiff established a valid

  • Seaworld

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    According to Voice of San Diego, a journalism website for San Diego citizens, 4.4 million people visited SeaWorld San Diego in 2012, and the park has 10 orcas. There are 2,500 to 4,500 staff members at the park. The visitors have their favorite park, but do they truly know what SeaWorld is like? Do they know how the whales they see and the trainers they meet are treated by SeaWorld? Visitors to SeaWorld should be able to know the truth to the park, which is why reading the book Beneath the Surface, written

  • Commentary On The Film Blackfish

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    communication becomes between orca's and the emotional instability they go through. All of these problems are caused by marine parks like SeaWorld creates. Orcas are massive mammals that need to move to stay healthy.

  • What Are The Codes And Conventions In Moving On Blackfish

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    up to the incident at SeaWorld, with it helping to inform and educate the viewers on what actually happened for that particular event to occur, featuring interviews from fellow colleagues and employees at SeaWorld. Following this, it helps to provide the necessary information about the killer

  • Persuasive Speech On Blackfish

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    you have heard of the documentary, Blackfish? This documentary released in 2013 “focuses on Tilikum, an orca whale held by SeaWorld, and the controversy over captive whales”, according to It goes behind the scenes of the glorified water shows to expose the truth on how these whales are treated. According to, “SeaWorld stated it spends 70$ million on its orca facilities every year, but a tank is still a tank and no amount of money can turn a tank into

  • Ethos Pathos Logos In Blackfish

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    by Gabriela Cowperthwaite to expose Seaworld and to show people what really happened with attacks on trainers such as the one Dawn Brancheau and the mistreatment of animals through many series of interviews of ex-trainers, experts on orcas, orca hunters, and eye witnesses of gruesome experiences. She accompanied her interviews with an array of video clips to back up her interviewer 's testimonies for her film. Cowperthwaite built her argument against Seaworld by using various examples of ethos, logos

  • Ethos In Blackfish

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    Joshua T. Brooks Professor Patty Chaffin English 111 8 February 2023 Blackfish Blackfish is a documentary filmed in 2013 directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite. This film was produced following the lawsuit against SeaWorld where people have died while training with killer whales. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ruled that it was dangerous for humans to be in the same water as Killer Wahles in captivity because the only deaths by whales have come from them being in captivity, there

  • Blackfish By Gabriela Cowperthwaite

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    at SeaWorld, leaving the viewers feeling very emotional. What most people fail to understand is that Blackfish is mostly told by former SeaWorld trainers and does not provide balanced and accurate information. This documentary is propaganda, rather than an actual documentary; it manipulates the audience to believe that killer whales should not be kept in captivity, when they actually should. The documentary states that orca species are “amazingly

  • What Is The Central Message Of Blackfish

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    abusive orca captivity program and the death of SeaWorld trainers by orcas such as Tilikum. Intended to educate and bring awareness to a wider audience, the documentary sends a powerful message that SeaWorld’s abuse and negligence towards orcas, blinded by their profit-hungry mentality, jeopardizes orca wellbeing and trainer safety. The film utilizes various techniques and persuasive devices to influence audiences and portray its bias agent SeaWorld that they are a heartless, greedy, and corrupt company

  • Rhetoric In Blackfish

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    The film Blackfish by Gabriela Cowperthwaite employs rhetorical strategies to convey the alarming misfortune that orca whales experience in captivity. The film follows the appalling story of the bull orca whale Tilikum and the three human fatalities he is responsible for. Ms. Cowperthwaite uses interviews with dismayed former trainers and whale experts as a vehicle to explore the gap between the conglomerate SeaWorld’s public image and its palpable reality. The wild orcas that researchers describe

  • The Killer Whale In The Film

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    title “killer whale.” Instead, he gained recognition as an emotionally and intellectually complex individual who deserves better than what SeaWorld had been putting him through. This individuality enhanced the public perception of Tilikum and pushed the general population to condemn SeaWorld’s actions. In the end, this humanization of Tilikum forced SeaWorld to effectively end its orca

  • Tilikum: Meet The Animals

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    How can anyone look at the whale crying and think that is morality because it is not. Whale ate one of the trainers. Tilikum is responsible for the deaths of 3 individuals, including a top killer whale trainer, Dawn Brancheau. Blackfish shows the devastating consequences of keeping such intelligent and sentient creatures in captivity. They knew Tilikum was dangerous because in his profile information it states, “Sometimes lunging toward control trainer” 70 plus killer whale trainer accidents but

  • ' Behind Closed Tanks: Documentary Analysis

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    Orcas’ Behind Closed Tanks Imagine you are a four to eight year old child and you are on vacation with your family entering into a SeaWorld. The excitement has been built up from the commercials that show you these huge and majestic animals that are not like the everyday animal you see on a daily basis. The commercials have a way of taking your imagination to another level, and any child even an adult is at awe with the level of performance these orcas’ are putting on. Amongst

  • Blackfish Essay

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    surrounding the use of orcas in marine parks and the dangers that these trainers face. In a world where people would use any means possible to earn profit, Cowperthwaite directed the film of one woman’s death which led her to discover the truths of what Seaworld covered up. Through the use of eulogy, anaphora, and imagery, Cowperthwaite proves to us the truth of the matter. The clip where it addresses Dawn Brancheau presents an eulogy about the dangers of having orcas around because it resulted in her death

  • Argumentative Essay On Blackfish

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    for the deaths of 2010 SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau and two other individuals. The documentary begins with this incident but goes as far back to the 1970 's show the audience how young Orcas are captured in the wild and taken from their families and natural environments. Since its release at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival Blackfish has achieved both critical acclaim and caused controversy regarding SeaWorld 's treatment of its animals as well as retaliation from SeaWorld as to the legitimacy of