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  • K-12 Education In The Philippines

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    ABSTRACT Before everything else, what is the K-12 education and where did it start? The K-12 education system is a kind of public education system practiced by the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and most European countries. It was first made available to public schools before the private schools began to adapt it. It is comprised of 13 grades from kindergarten to the 12th grade. “We are ready.” Affirms the Filipino President Benigno Aquino III, that the Philippines and

  • Role Of Education In Pakistan

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    1.1 Status of School Education “Education is a great engine of national development, social development, intellectual development, cultural development, economic development, and individual development” states Ravitch (2005) in Symposium on “Issues in Higher Education in Pakistan” United Nations, New York. Viewed in the global perspective, Pakistan has not been able to enjoy an ideal and impressive literacy rate since independence. Somehow, School education, in Pakistan has been in the clutches of

  • The Pros And Cons Of Homeschooling

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    Education for an individual is a universal right, as every person in a country has rights to get the standardized education from its government. The well-known type of education is formal education in the form of regular schools, such as primary school, secondary school, and high school. However, in this modern era there is also another type of education that is getting more popular as an alternative to the regular school. Homeschooling is a more traditional way for parents to teach their kids, yet

  • English Proficiency In The Philippines

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    the Philippines was only the third Asian country on the top 50 of the list, with the other two being Singapore (3rd) and India (19th). This, according to an Op-Ed on the Huffington Post, is due mostly to the early and efficient English language education in the country. Despite the country’s reputation as a one of the best countries in Asia for speaking English, and despite it being its official second language – the primary language used in the academe, business, government functions, and even

  • Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing

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    all minorities. Furthermore, preparing for rigorous standardized testing is taking time away from teaching the required curriculum. The excessive testing is also imposing an unhealthy amount of stress of students. Therefore, the Ohio Department of Education should reduce standardized testing due to its cultural biases, high-stakes, and reduction in curriculum. Minorities are typically at a disadvantage when taking a standardized test, because they are already at a racial, cultural, and socioeconomic

  • Criticism Of Public Education

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    Despite numerous reforms over the decades, the public education system has faced various criticisms in relations to its effectiveness. Many taxpayers, business leaders, educators and government officials have criticized public schools’ less than optimal performance and the failure of schools to address the needs of the diverse American society (Nelson, Palonsky & McCarthy, 2010). This paper examines some of the major reasons why schools are such a focus for criticism and reform efforts. It will achieve

  • Advantage Of Wastage In Education

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    stagnation are eating the very vitals of the tree of Indian Education. It should be curbed and curtailed at any cost so as to complete the education of boys and girls in the country. WASTAGE—MEANING AND DEFINITION Any student who received education at any stage is expected to complete his education within the prescribed period. In practice we find that many students, who join the schools or colleges very enthusiastically, leave education after some time. Such type of students does complete the study

  • Education: The Importance Of Creativity In Education

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    this is due to students do not grow into creativity and instead grow out of it. National governments are reorganizing the education system to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century. Some students have interesting ideas but not able to express their ideas because our education system does not lend themselves to such ways of thinking. Creativity is important in education

  • Compare And Contrast Marxism And Functionalism On Education

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    Marxism Vs Functionalism Inroduction: This essay will discuss the Marxist and Functionalist approaches to education. The essay will likewise examine the two main concepts of sociology and the education system. The way in which Marxists and Functionalists compare education is important within society. The structure and processes of education systems are related to the general process of socialization (Markedbyteachers, 2014). Socialization is how an individual participates in society. All sociologists

  • External Assessment In Education

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    The external examination is a form of evaluation of pupils in primary (4-9th grade) and secondary schools as well as an evaluation of their teachers . It consists of 30 questions with multiple choice answers and is conducted at the end of each school year. The official reasons for introducing the external examination are verifying the teachers’ objectivity in their assessment of the pupils’ learning and checking what the pupils have learned during the whole year . While verifying the teachers’ objectivity

  • Academic Performance Literature Review

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    CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 INTRODUCTION Numerous past studies have been suggested to explain the influences of academic performance. Although the literature presents a wide variety of academic performance factors, this review will particularly focus on psychological problems (stress, anxiety and depression), social support (friends, family and special person) and gender. It is also included previous analysis done by other researchers as well as the method performed. 2.2 SOCIAL SUPPORT

  • Lee Hsien Loong Rhetorical Analysis

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    Michael J. Reddy and George Lakoff has argued that the locus of metaphors is not language but thought. This is to say that metaphor is the way we conceptualize one mental domain in terms of another. In this process, everyday abstract concepts like time, states, change, causation and purpose become metaphorical. Reddy highlighted that metaphor is a major and indispensable part of our ordinary, conventional way of conceptualizing the world, and that our everyday behaviour reflects our metaphorical understanding

  • Vocabulary In The Filipinos

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    DYCIAN WORDS: AN INTERVENTION TO IMPROVE COMPREHENSION SKILLS AND VOCABULARY OF JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Chapter I The Problem and Its Background It is impracticable to overemphasize the power of words. The overall number of the used words and understood words is called Vocabulary. Vocabulary is vital especially for students. This can be their greatest tool for succeeding, not only in school but as well as in life because a rich and wide vocabulary has been linked by the process of comprehending

  • Chinese Filipino Culture

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    CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION Who are Tsinoys? Tsinoys are Chinese who have ancestors who are from China but are born and raised here in the Philippines. Tsinoys may also be half Chinese and half Filipino, as long as the person has the blood of Chinese and Filipino, that person is already considered as Tsinoy. There are a lot of Chinese who lives here in the Philippines. The Chinese came to the Philippines primarily to trade, but their cordial encounter brought about the development of a more intimate

  • Importance Of ICT In Educational Management

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    Information Technological globalization is growing faster than one can imaging. Fundamental nature of competition is deferent in this 21st century competitive world. This 21st century was known to be the digital era. The Secretary - General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, stated that "We are going through a historic transformation in the way we live, learn,

  • Why Should Students Be Required To Be Extracurricular Activities Essay

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    Do you think that students should be required to participate in extracurricular activities? I do not think that it should be mandatory for students to participate extracurricular activities. Students are taught to make their own decisions. Extracurricular activities can also create a lot of stress on a student. Some students might not be interested in any of the extracurricular activities that the school has provided. So, students should not be required to participate in extracurricular activities

  • Positive Attitude In Science

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    The need for teachers to be motivated and develop positive attitude towards implementation of science in primary school is a necessity. There is need to equip schools with learning resources and facilities to enhance creativity and provide motivations for practical learning .this .This enhances positive attitude towards implementation of the science subjects in primary schools with particular emphasis on improving the quality of subject teaching and learning. There was need to establish the approaches

  • Explain Why Poor Is A Poor Waste Of Time

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    Our life is the vortex of different events and often we are not responsible for what happens to us. Although, most of us are interested in success and all of us want to be rich, often with us can occurs sudden different situations for which, we and our relatives are not responsible, for example, the death of a dear person or serious illness such as cancer. This situations sometimes leads to loss of the job and a roof over the head, that is, we lose everything and became poor. As a result, being

  • Summary Of Robert Muchamore's The Recruit

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    Have you ever been moved into a foster home where it turns out to be a campus that trains teenage spies for the British Government to take down the most wanted criminals in Europe? In the novel The Recruit by Robert Muchamore that’s what happens to twelve year old James Choke. The Recruit begins with twelve year old James Choke, in class he accidentally slashes classmate Samantha Jennings' face with a nail on the wall after she teases him about his mother being fat. He shoves his teacher over and

  • Making A Difference In My Community Essay

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    your long-term personal and education goals? How has knowledge or awareness of your own culture and other cultures affected your understanding of yourself? What key experiences with your own and/or other cultures influenced your goals and your interactions with others? Please provide specific examples. How do you plan to use your college education to make a difference in your community? As a hard-working high school senior my main focus is to pursue a higher education after high school and pursue