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  • The Importance Of Being Arrogance

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    Why your colleagues are calling you “Arrogant” Being arrogant is about the; I’m right, you’re wrong” attitude. Most of times people tend to mistake their arrogance for confidence. Arrogant people are usually seen as distant loners who prefer their own ideas to anyone else, formally being arrogant means to devalue others and their contributions. Arrogant people measure themselves against other people and judge themselves to be better. It usually results in people feeling diminished, rejected and

  • Ethical Issues In Corporate Governance

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    scandal. Corruption consists of acts committed at a high level that distort policies. Corruption is about the pursuit of profit through appropriate institutions. It is a misapplication of codes of conduct that need to be regulated by different codes and fraud as the breach of

  • The Importance Of Accounting Ethics

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    1.What are accounting ethics? In wide-ranging, ethic means an universal idea or believe that influences people’s behavior and attitude. When it comes to accounting, ethic is a arena of amateur which refer to specifically to accounting, Whether they are working in public or private rehearsal or practice or exercise, they are predictable to stick to ethical standards which are designed so that it would ensure the purpose that accountants works in a way which is ethical and steady. In some of the countries

  • Reflection Paper On Moral Standards

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    Manoriña, Gladys U. BSAcT-4 MW 3:00-4:30 PM REFLECTION PAPER There are several different businesses sprouting every year in provinces, cities and every corner of the streets. Factories, gigantic buildings, resorts, convenience stores, cafes and the list goes on can be seen anywhere. Some of these businesses bring good to life. They provide jobs for the people and most especially provide the needs and wants of everyone. “The higher purpose of

  • Theme Of Literacy In The Great Gatsby

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    his social status in his educational institution. Similar with TSOP, there are three significances described in TBD; as adaptation, power and also state of grace. In the TBD, literacy works as adaptation as it is used by Anthony to adapt with his grandfather pressure to work. By mentioning of the literacy practice which is writing, he is able to make his grandfather stop asking him to find a job. It was Anthony’s way in hiding his laziness toward his Grandfather. Writing, even though seems to be

  • History Of Corruption In FIFA

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    1. Introduction Corruption in FIFA has a very long history of bribery and money laundering, but it was never taken seriously until last year when a large number of FIFA officials were arrested over corruption scandal. When in May 2011 president Sepp Blatter was asked about the crisis in FIFA he sarcastically answered “Crisis? What crisis? We are only in some difficulties.”, four years later in December 2015 FIFA independent ethics committee banned him from all FIFA related activities for 8 years

  • Case Study: Conceptualizing The Enron Scandal

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    scandal was estimated to be over $100 billion (Harrison & Wicks, 2013). Crimes committed The top management of Enron committed several financial related crimes. They can be categorized into four these are, conspiracy, securities fraud, false statement, insider trading and fraud. Despite the fact that those involved in the scandal were competent, they failed to effectively practice professional due care and trust bestowed upon

  • Insider Trading Theory

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    Chapter 1 THE CONCEPT OF INSIDER TRADING INTRODUCTION The various frauds and the scandals that take place in the corporate sector, most of them are being committed by the corporate insiders rather than the outsiders. Due to this reason, the regulators all around the world are very much serious to create the regulations and impose harsh penal penalties upon the offenders of insider trading. Being informed is certainly justified, but when such information leads to unfair gain to an individual over

  • White Collar Criminal Assignment

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    voters legion greenbacks. These crimes are troublesome to prosecute as a result of they usually involve subtle systems and even many various folks. . They often cause vital losses for corporations, investors and workers The Types of White Collar Crimes Fraud—it may be outlined because

  • Types Of Forensic Accounting

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    accountant is vital. The second classification of forensic accounting is investigation and dispute resolution. It is a partof the procedure to figure out if criminal matters, for example, employee theft, securities fraud (including falsification of financial statements), identity theft, and insurance fraud, have happened. A portion of the work of the forensic accountant may incorporate prescribing moves that can be made to minimize future harms and risk of loss. Examination may happen in civil matters

  • Analysis Of The Enron Scandal

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    he was too active interacting, he and his close relatives abused the organization resources. At one factor, they were all using the organization airplanes for individual moves. (Petrick & Scherer, 2003) He was also engaged in fringe movement and fraud in the organization to be able to protect up its pitfall. Also, the lack of strict legislation surrounding employees’ benefits and pension funds by government and lack of check on auditors by the government can be one of the factors that resulted into

  • Refco Case Study

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    taking steps to sue the IPO underwriters for aiding and abetting the fraud and/or for breach of fiduciary duty. Just about a month after that, in April 2006, the creditors sued Bawag P.S.K. Group nearly for more than $1.3 billion. In April 2006, Christie's auction house sold Refco's prized art collection consisting of photographs taken by Charles Ray and Andy Warhol. Phillip R. Bennett pleaded guilty to 20 charges of securities fraud and other criminal charges on February 15, 2008. Finally, Bennett

  • Money In Society

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    Throughout the decades, corporate scandals involving fraud or embezzlement have been reported periodically over the world. As far as managerial fraud is concerned, there has been several cases whereby top management such as directors, high level executives or managers in different industries engaged in unethical activities for personal financial benefits. Ironically, these so-called white-collar crimes were often committed by highly educated people with certain level of reputation and who are supposed

  • Misrepresentation Case Study

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    the misrepresentation by A is fraudulent. 44 According to Derry v Peek (1889) fraud is defined as a false statement “made knowingly, or without belief in its truth, or recklessly, careless whether it be true or false”. Si noe mer? side 540. According to Thomas Witter Ltd v TBP Industries Ltd (1996) a statement is to be considered reckless if he has no knowledge of whether the statement is true or false. Since fraud is considered to be a very serious allegation, the courts have been some what

  • Internal Control Failures

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    A major reason why people commit fraud is because they are allowed to do so. There are a wide range of threats facing businesses. The threat of fraud can come from inside or outside the organisation, but the likelihood that a fraud will be committed is greatly decreased if the potential fraudster believes that the rewards will be modest, that they will be detected or that the potential punishment will be unacceptably high. Upon the case of John Y. Lee, a former director of Samsung America Inc. who

  • M7A1 Case Analysis: Enron's Ethics Policies

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    BUS323 Professor Pao INTRODUCTION/SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS The object of this case analysis examined the ethics program of the Eron Corporation. The case analysis examines the Enron’s organizational culture that led to multiple counts of security fraud and its bankruptcy, in December 2011. Although, there are many contributing factors to the demise of the gas company, the major factor was its unethical practices and its financial scandal to its shareholders. This analysis will address the cultural

  • Fraud And Corruption In South Africa

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    Fraud and Corruption in South Africa Fraud and corruption are the two most relevant occurences in the lives of the South African population. Fraud and especially corruption is everywhere in the country from the general population all the way to the president himself. Fraud cases are high, with cellular companies sending out fake phone messages to customers. South Africa is 61 in the most corrupt countries list. Policemen accepting bribes and politicians stealing money for their own comforts are just

  • The Importance Of Corruption

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    development. It leads governments to intervene wherever they have not, and it weakens their capability to endorse and execute rules in areas during which government intervention is clearly required and essential—whether environmental parameter, fitness and security regulation, social safety nets, political financial system stabilization. In most developing countries these days, corruption is widespread and a part of standard of living. Society has learned to measure with it, even considering it, fatalistically

  • Fraud: Four Factors And Implications Of Occupational Frauds

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    1.INTRODUCTION Fraud is a global phenomenon which will affect all country and nation's economy growth and prosperity. One of the most commonly found frauds within the company is “occupational fraud”. Occupational fraud is defined as “the use of one’s occupation for personal enrichment through the deliberate misuse or misapplication of the employing organization’s resources or assets”. This fraud is committed by the employees with the presence of the four factors such as motive, means, opportunity

  • Fraud Case Analysis Of Enron

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    FRAUD CASE ANALYSIS: ENRON CORPORATION Enron is known as the one of the largest fraud scandals in the United States history. As a result of the investigations, the company was forced to file for bankruptcy in December 2001. In May 2006, Enron’s previous chief executive, Jeffrey Skilling was sentenced to 24 years in jail while the ex-chairman Kenneth Lay died of heart-attack in July 2006. Enron Corporation represented one of the largest fraud scandals in history. As a result of the fraud investigations