Selective breeding Essays

  • The Similarities Between Natural Selection And Artificial Selection

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    Selective breeding, also known as artificial selection, is when humans take the place of nature in breeding two organisms with beneficial characteristics to produce offspring that are strong. Natural selection and artificial selection are both similar in that they both force change in a species by benefiting the organisms with strong characteristics; however, natural selection is a force caused by nature, while artificial selection is when humans choose which organisms survive and reproduce. This

  • Pros And Cons Of Pedigree Dog Breeding

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    with pedigree dog breeding in the UK” by Nicola J. Rooney and David R. Sargan, the topic of the welfare for pedigree dogs is discussed. Pedigree dog breeding can be summed up as breeding for certain physical traits the Kennel Clubs look for, specifically in the different breeds of dogs. Rooney (2010) states that, “In the UK, numerous pedigree dogs of many breeds experience compromised welfare due to the direct and indirect effects of selective breeding” (p. 133). People are breeding these dogs for looks

  • Arguments For Artificial Selection

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    process is also known as selective breeding. Artificial selection is an expensive process used in domestic dogs, cats, horses and cattle to increase the frequency of desired traits. This essay will argue that selective breeding is not supported for three main reasons; firstly, there are the risk of inbreeding, secondly, the use of artificial selection lessens the amount of variations that exist in a gene pool and lastly, the quality of life is often reduced due to selective breeding. Initially, the risk

  • American Kennel Club Essay

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    trainable is the herding breed to ensure a cooperative relationship with the farm? The dog was the first animal domesticated by mankind and is today, the most altered species through selective breeding(Hart pg. 66). Over many years the breeding has become more selective for physical attributes and along with selective breeding there have been changes in behaviors. Some of

  • Artificial Selection

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    Introduction: As far as history can remember the breeding techniques used on species has always had a significant impact on the lives of humans. Overtime humans moved away from natural selection to manipulating species themselves . These breeding techniques are important to society for various of reasons and because of scientists like Gregor Mendel the breeding of species has become much easier. All in all, breeding techniques are still used in modern time because it produced species that are beneficial

  • Giant Shnauzer Research Paper

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    GIANT SCHNAUZER ORIGIN AND HISTORY Cattle drovers in Wurttenberg and Bavaria, Germany admired the Standard Schnauzer, but desiring a larger dog to serve their purpose, they carefully developed the Giant Schnauzer which became know as a great cattle and guard dog. With the advent of automation, Giant Schnauzers declined in popularity until the early 19OOs, when their keen intelligence made them an obvious choice for police work. DESCRIPTION Giant Schnauzers are good companions and family protectors

  • Bouvier Des Flandres Research Paper

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    BOUVIER DES FLANDRES ORIGIN AND HISTORY It is almost impossible to trace the origin of the Bouvier des Flandres. During the last decade of the nineteenth century a program of selective breeding of the dog’s native to Belgium was begun under the guidance of Professor Adolph Reul, a veterinary surgeon and author of “Les Races de Chiens” (1894). The Bouvier is mentioned, “for the most part, a shepherd dog or a dog that resembles him in general make-up but who is bigger, fiercer, more aggressive

  • Labrador Retriever Essay

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    trusting, and are therefore good dogs even for inexperienced novices. On the whole, based on the above, it is not surprising that Labrador retrievers may be the most popular breed as a family pet. 10. Explain, given the original purpose of their breeding, and their Kennel Club classification, why you think Border Collies have an instinctual tendency to

  • Most Beautiful Dogs Essay

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    Top 10 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds in the World 10: Miniature Schnauzer 9: Beagle 8: Icelandic Sheep Dog 7: Chow Chow 6: Bernese Mountain Dog 5: Alaskan Malamute 4: Akita Inu 3: Golden Retriever 2: Siberian Husky 1: Pomeranian The dog is man’s best friend and considered as one of most friendly natured animal for humans in the world, mankind has been utilizing the dogs to learn, work and hunt for centuries and even these are used in investigation process to follow the footsteps of suspect. If we talk

  • Pitbull Rehabilitation Research Paper

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    Rehabilitation has become the best treatment for many of these once trained aggressive dogs. The ASPCA has been working extremely hard examining and treating rescued pit bulls. Many of these animals come from a long life of neglect and fighting. Most are believed to have been abused since 10 weeks old. This organization has came across many fighting raids and never once experienced a dog aggressive towards humans but mostly towards other animals. In many of these cases, dogs are rehabilitated to

  • Golden Retrievers Vs Rottweilers

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    Do you agree that you can train a dog to do whatever you want them to do? People just assume that if they one bad experience with a certain dog breed that all of those dogs will all be the same. Any dog can be trained to be aggressive, they are large and strong dogs but so are Golden Retrievers. They are gentle giants that are loveable and loyal. Rottweilers should be viewed as any other breed of dog would. Any dog can be trained to be aggressive. This particular breed can come off as

  • Man's Best Friend Analysis

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    In the featured article “Man’s Best Friend,” the author, Lowell Ponte, explains the relationship between dogs and humans. Ponte mentions a story when a dog named King saved the entire family of a fire. King detected the fire and alerted his family; he did not leave until everyone was safe and out of the house. King suffered various injuries, but he achieved to save his owners. The article claims that humans and dog are similar, both lived in groups, or packs and in a hierarchy. And us humans’ manipulated

  • Italian Greyhound Research Paper

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    The Italian Greyhound dog is a gaze-hound. Gaze-hounds use their sight when they are hunting. The Italian Greyhound dog is a very old breed and they were popular in renaissance Italy. They are portrayed in many Renaissance period works of art. They are sometimes used to hunt rats, mice and other small creatures. The Italian Greyhound dog is a true greyhound only much smaller. They are very dainty and small. They move in a gait similar to a horse. They are very agile and can jump very high

  • What Is Pit Bulls A Study In Nature Or Nurture

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    Pit Bulls: A Study in Nature vs. Nurture Did you ever think that you would not be able to own a certain breed of dog because of the way society perceives its breed? Did you ever think that members of a breed of dog would be immediately euthanized when brought into pounds? That is exactly the case with the American Pit Bull Terrier which is more commonly known as a pit bull. Why does this happen, though? Various accounts from news media have made hype about the aggression and danger of pit bulls

  • Persuasive Speech On Pitbulls

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    Pitbulls should be treated like most other dogs, I do not like that the media and our local neighbors have given pit bulls a bad reputation. People always treat the Pit Bulls like they did something to us(as a whole breed.)What about all of these other dogs that have been known to viciously attack other people. People like to judge pitbulls, yet most people don’t know their background story, that some have saved lifes at one point in time. A lot of people think that all Pit bulls are bad, or will

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Banning Of Pit Bulls

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    American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terriers, commonly known as “Pit Bulls”, are all breeds of dogs that are universally misunderstood. Pit Bulls are commonly seen as vicious, dangerous, and violent animals. Unfortunately, Pit Bulls are falling victim to dog racism. Over the years, Pit Bulls have gained a negative reputation, but why? For my research project, I want to address the common misconceptions that constantly follow the bully breed of dogs

  • Kee Fast Plant Artificial Selection Experiment

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    Introduction: Artificial Selection is a process in the breeding of animals and in the cultivation of plants by which the breeder chooses certain desirable inheritable characteristics. Through this investigation, we are trying to carry out artificial selection using the Wisconsin Fast Plant (Brassica rapa). The Wisconsin Fast Plant has an incredibly short life cycle compared to other plants, making it a prime candidate for this artificial selection lab. The plants also need to be cross-pollinated

  • Perseverance In Jack London's The Call Of The Wild

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    In the novel, The Call Of The Wild, by Jack London, Buck is a domesticated dog adapting and trying to survive in the wild. The topic in this novel is perseverance since the author constantly provides many hints throughout the novel that proves that the topic in this novel is perseverance. It can be seen during the time Buck perseveres in trying to adapt to his situation and understanding his surroundings. Also, when he preservers through all the pain and suffering that is constantly leaking around

  • Informative Essay On Irish Wolfhound

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    As the tallest canine breed in existence, the Irish Wolfhound presents an imposing figure. However, underneath that striking physical figure is a soft and gentle creature who loves spending time around people and receiving affection. These dogs have a ruthless history, filled with bloody battles and incredible hunts for ferocious creatures like bears and wolves. Nowadays though, the Irish Wolfhound is considered to be a gentle giant. These dogs are docile and sensitive, always eager to please their

  • Hunting Dog Training Essay

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    10 Tips for Hunting Dog Training You Should Never Forget Meta Description: Want to take your dogs for the next open season? Then, you better start your hunting dog training now! Learn how with these tips. Introduction: Hunters usually take dogs during an open season more as partners than as companions. These animals have incredible senses of smell and sight – the same characteristics you need to catch your quarry. However, the thing is, dogs are not all born natural predators. Some may become too