Self-assessment Essays

  • Self Assessment Exercise Essay

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    Self-Assessment Exercise (Textbook Page 230) What did this exercise reveal to you about yourself? This exercise revealed to me the fact that my own personal orientation is naturally leaning cooperation with others over competing with them. And even further, this process showed that I an even greater leaning toward equalizer tendencies. The second question posed, which covered my natural tendency to keep a game scoring close when competing with a close friend or relative really made me pause to

  • Myer-Briggs Self Assessment Report

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    Myer-Briggs Type Indicator assessment I learned the four main personalities that I possess are: Extraversion, which allows me to get my energy from being around people, Intuition, keeps me focused on the future and the big possibilities it has for me, Feeling which helps me to connect with others and my morals/values I have, and Perceiving, this allows me to keep my views open about anything and keeping a flexible schedule for new approaches in life. After taking this assessment I learned more about how

  • Self Reflection And Self Assessment

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    Individual reflective essay The purpose of this essay is to deliver the self-reflection and self-assessment based on my performance as a leader and a member when working in a team. I would focus on the working team issues, together with the strength and weakness of group performance, and also include some solutions for our problem. Due to the requirement of my lecturer, we had to form a group by choosing a number randomly with the aim of giving us the real situation of group work in the real life

  • The Importance Of Self Assessment

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    Self assessment tools are used to help people make informed career decisions. Also, it assists the person find out how to gather information about his values, interests, personality and aptitude and how to use that information to help him making decision or being a good leadership. Emotional intelligence, communication abilities, motivation, and decision making are playing very important role in the career life and the person can find out what effect he has and learn about several of self assessment

  • Nursing Self Assessment

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    hence, the reason why self-assessment and reflection on leadership skills are necessary. Over the course of this essay I will perform a variety of self-assessment and reflection tests in order to identify my strengths and weaknesses as a current and future nurse leader. Results To identify my strengths and weaknesses, I took a total of six self-assessment tests; which consisted of

  • Vision Self Assessment

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    Vision Self-Assessment & Analysis The struggle to assess the current district I work for was evident throughout the reading and self-analysis of the vision survey assignment. There were many things I learned during the completion of the self-reflection activity. My focus will be on strengths and weaknesses of the current district I am working at with regards to the new vision for public education in Texas: district/school self-analysis survey. The article 1 new digital learning environment was

  • Self Assessment Evaluation

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    Self-Assessment Evaluation The self-assessment evaluation signifies some essential traits and strengths whereby, critical understanding of this analysis can adequately improve my capabilities and personality in management skills. However, my present results in self-awareness are unsatisfactory to me, particularly in emotional intelligence. Personally, I am sensitive to issues, but I have learned to maintain my calm (sentiments), more so, when disappointed by an individual or a situation, which may

  • Reflection Self Assessment

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    Reflection Self-Assessment As a student I have learned over the course learn more than I thought I would have thought possible. The career report allowed me to reach and find the career I want to enter after college as a preservation historian. This is going to be a reflection on the writing proses I had for the career report. My writing proses was done in three parts. The first part of my writing proses was to find recourses to use. The second part was to write an outline and the third was to write

  • Essay On Self Assessment

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    Self-assessment and reflection are inevitable to be able to grow into a great leader. As a new grad, it is important to reflect and look back on the skills the individual has to bring to the table. It is so important to review and look over their strengths, weaknesses, and values. This allows for personal growth and companionship with others. When an individual is so aware of their leadership style they are able to change and shape it accordingly and be able to adapt to any environment. This in its

  • Self Assessment Essay

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    Self- Assessment/ Final Exam The first thing that I have learned in this class is goal setting, setting goals for myself complete an assignment and able to finish them on time. Being able to work on my goal setting more helps me accomplish what I want to get done so I don’t have to do it last minute and not getting a good grade on my assignment. I have also just recently started setting goals for my daily life that I want to achieve by a certain time. So the goal setting really helps me more and

  • Dossey Self Assessment

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    environmental practices by focusing external support that promotes the healing process, such as a well-balanced diet and psychological wellness. The self-assessment questionnaire in Dossey and Keegan confirmed the Taking Charge of Your Health and Wellness survey results for my areas of weakness. Consequently, there were three challenging areas from my self-assessment; these areas are intertwined with all of them dealing with my physical health. The first is physical and nutritional scoring nine out of fifteen

  • Importance Of Self Assessment

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    Understanding oneself through self-analysis is essential to success in the workplace. One must have a firm grasp of who they are as a person, and how best they work with others for them to be able to achieve their goals in their career. Achievement is not determined by what your personality is, but on how you use your specific strengths to your advantage at work. For this self-analysis, I took the Myers-Briggs Type Index, the Big Five Personality Test, Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire and The

  • Self Assessment Reflection

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    Performing a self-assessment before this course, helped me realize there are a few areas in need of improvement before advancing to the next level in my career. I believe the educational training received in the Master of Science, Management (MSM) program, will enhance my current skills so that I am more efficient in the workplace. After analyzing the results of my assessment and identifying my weaknesses, I know the amount of hard work and dedication put into my course work will provide the training

  • Self Security Assessment

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    Olaseni Awotedu Professor Mangle AIT 655 25 May 2016 Self-security assessment Working in the IT field made me utilize some policies I use at work in my personal life. Being employed in the IT field has made me aware of the many technology threats we face in today’s society. In order to mitigate some of these threats, I set security policies such as password requirements and rotation. I also constantly update hardware and software with the latest patches released. I set password policies on

  • Self Assessment Vs Cognitive Assessment

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    Cognitive Assessment The difference between an IQ test and a Cognitive Assessment is that an IQ test works on the numerical value presented on a scale. A person with average intelligence usually scores between 90-110 on the IQ scale, whereas a person with the score of above 130 will be characterised as above average but a person with a score below 70 is a below average intelligent person. Now a Cognitive Assessment does not make use of a numerical scale. A Cognitive Assessment tests the functions

  • The Mcgregor-Hill Self Assessment

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    The McGraw-Hill Personal Assessment was very useful for me to analyze myself and find out how I function and the status of aspects. The assessment asked questions on various topics. It helped me understand myself and enabled me to identify my qualities. The assessment test findings provided me with understanding about my personality and will be useful for helping me better myself. The scriptures from the Holy Bible is always helpful to find myself. It guides you to answers for questions that arise

  • Proactive Leadership Self-Assessment

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    Professional Leadership Journal – Proactivity Assessment Introduction As a public health scholar, it is essential to assess one’s own leadership through leadership self-assessments. This assignment will concentrate on personal insights gained from taking a Proactive leadership self-assessment from Afsaneh Nahavandi’s book The Art and Science of Leadership. The Proactive self-assessment was composed with sources from Becherer and Maurer (1999), Bindl, Parker and Strauss (2010), and Crant (2000)

  • Personal Self Assessment Reflection

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    Self-Assessment Reflection Recognizing that I am a flawed person with limitations, biases, and anger is difficult to accept. Understanding that these flaws, left unexplored, will affect my ability to be an effective counselor is both stifling and freeing. I am not perfect, but I have the power to change my belief system in order to be more accepting of others. A Reflection on My Personal Values, Biases, Attitudes, and Cultural Beliefs After completing the Self-Assessment: An Inventory of Your

  • RNAO Leadership Self Assessment

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    tool to help you progress is being able to assess one’s performance. Self assessment is a way to understand what your strengths are and what areas you might want to improve in. By knowing what these are, you will be able to understand what areas of your performance might need more work. I was able to do this by using the RNAO Leadership Self-Assessment and having my brother to assess me as well. After filling out this self-assessment, I realized I scored a one out of five in managing my conflicts effectively

  • Literature Review On Self Assessment

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    - The literature shows that self assessment is a form of reflection of nurses on their routine and specialized functions and how their actions and inactions affect health care recipients in particular and other health care professionals in general. Objectives: - The study seeks to identify the way and manner nurses perceive their performance and attitudes towards their clients and clients’ relatives on one hand and their colleagues and other members of the health care profession, on the other hand