Semper fidelis Essays

  • Middle School Concert Report

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    groups. Newton and Powell Middle School performed first followed by a cooperation of Goddard and Euclid Middle school. The ensemble began to The performance was concert consisting of 4 songs per group with a total of 8 songs. The first 2 songs Semper Fidelis by John Philip Sousa, arranged by Paul Lavender and Mars by Gustav Holst arranged by Johnnie Vinson were conducted by Powell’s Music Director Mrs. Jenkins. Both songs were relatively short around 3-4mins long. The again all the songs were relatively

  • Hobbes Human Nature Analysis

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    T. Hobbes: The essentials of human nature. After reading the writings of Hobbes about the nature of humans and their attitudes towards each other in the State of Nature, it may be concluded that Hobbes has a pretty pessimistic opinion about them. However, this impression made by Hobbes may be considered both true and false. It may seem true, because in the condition of the State of Nature (in other words, the condition of “perpetual War”) he always describes people as bloodthirsty and selfish creatures

  • The Limits Of Becoming A Marine

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    Becoming a soldier, specifically a marine, takes serious mental and physical strength. Those entering need to be completely sure that this is what they want. In the moment it may seem like the best choice, but turns out to have been the worst decision. It takes true commitment to be able to endure the intense trainings they go through. True commitment to be able to earn the title Marine. Just like their physical strength is tested, their mental strength is tested just as hard. But, for certain women

  • Graduation Speech: Eulogy For Father

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    Tyler, stand up. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my son, Tyler who was born at Fort Leonard Wood my first time Stationed here. I danced in the doctor’s office when I learned he was going to be a boy and my pride has only grown ever since. I am proud of the man you have become, Son. I still think it’s an optical illusion that you look taller than me and no, we don’t need the level again. That bubble is obviously defective. I love you, Son. I’m going to start talking about my family so please bear with