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  • Car Parking System

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    A PROTOTYPE OF SMART PARKING USING WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK Manisha Department of Instrumentation and Control JSS Academy of Technical Education Noida, India Shivangi Saini Department of Instrumentation and Control JSS Academy of Technical Education Noida, India Apoorva Shukla Department of instrumentation and Control JSS Academy of Technical Education Noida, India Prof. Swati Mishra Department of Instrumentation and

  • Wireless Sensor Network Advantages And Disadvantages

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    The more modern network is uni- directional, also control of sensor activity, enabling. The WSN is built or even thousands of sensors of nodes, where each node is connected to on sensors.The sensor of the WSNs, from a simple star network to an advanced multi hop wireless mesh network can vary. Fig 1.1: Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Each Sensor Node can contain various sensors and actuators that are used to collect the data and control physical processes. The

  • Routing Genetic Algorithm Analysis

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    computer networks, is finding the shortest path (SP) between source and destination. There are different types of networks those networks use multiple Quality of Services (QoS) constraints to find the feasible solution. Genetic Algorithm is one of the soft computing techniques which give desired results for finding the optimal path from source to destination. Key Words: Routing, Genetic algorithm, QoS I. INTRODUCTION In any kind of networking most important factor affecting network performance is

  • Starfish Framework Analysis

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    framework's fundamental devices are an embedded policy management system for sensor nodes, the Starfish Module Library (SML), a module library that simplifies programming that provide basic functions and tools required for sensing applications, and starfish editor, a client side graphical user interface for controlling policies, missions and roles. Starfish is essentially, framework to facilitate building Self- Adaptive Sensor Cells (SASCs), that provides the infrastructure for management and self-

  • Wireless Sensor Network Case Study 1.1

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    In this chapter gives overview of wireless sensor network . It then focuses on Qos requirements and challenges that must be addressed during the development of routing protocol for provisioning of QoS. 1.1 Wireless sensor network A wireless sensor network are often outlined as a network of devices, denoted as nodes, which may sense the setting and communicate the data gathered from the monitored field in wireless way. The information is forwarded, presumably via multiple hops, to a sink

  • Wireless Sensor Networks Case Study

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    DATA COLLECTION BASED HYBRID COMPRESSIVE SENSING IN WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS B.Malathi1, Ms.R.Saranya2 P.G scholor1 , Assistant professor2 P.S.R.Rengasamy College of engineering for women, Sivakasi (TN), India. Malathi.ece44@gmailcom1,saranyar384@gmail.com2 Abstract- Hybrid compressive sensing (CS) can reduce the number of data transmissions and balance the traffic load throughout networks. To maximize network lifetime in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) the paths for data transfer are selected in

  • The Importance Of Data Aggregation

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    ABSTRACT: Data aggregation is very important techniques in wireless sensor network. Data aggregations reduce the energy consumption by eliminating redundancy. In this paper the data aggregation approaches based on the routing protocols and algorithm. Data aggregation is basically used to collect and aggregate data in an energy efficient manner so that network lifetime is improved. Data aggregation protocols aims at eliminating redundant data transmission. The data aggregation is a method used to

  • Advantages Of VANET

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    Abstract-The emerging requirementsof the wireless communication increase the researches in the wireless communication area. Wireless communication is used by Adhoc network. Ad hoc networks contain one of the self-organizing, self-healing networks which are called MANET.It which provides comfort and safety to the users of VANET and it is the subclass of MANET. VANET is a collection of vehicular mobile which forms the vehicular Ad hoc networks. To provide efficient and stable services, VANET has to

  • Disadvantages Of Virtualization

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    to upgrade them to scale the existing infrastructure. SDN helps overcome these issues by utilizing the power of software and advanced processors, implementing a centralized architecture, and moving the Network intelligence into a central controller node. SDN is defined by the Open Network Foundation as “In the SDN architecture, the control and data planes are decoupled, network intelligence and state are logically centralized, and the underlying network infrastructure is abstracted from the applications”

  • Radio Frequency Identification Statement

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    ENHANCEMENT OF SECURITY WITH DYNAMIC AUDITING A.Arthi1, P.Deekshitha2,R.Elakiya3 1,2-UG Student, 3-Assistant Professor, Department of Computer science and Engineering Anand0 Institute of Higher Technology, Chennai. Abstract—RFID is a wireless device which is used for identifying objects, data and people in an effective way. In number of applications Radio Frequency Identification have been used for past few decades and have been implemented in various

  • Advantages Of Automation In Tourism Management

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    Amity Institute of Higher Education ASSIGNMENT Discuss what are the benefits and drawbacks from using Automation Systems in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry for its daily operations. Course: Bachelor in Tourism Administration (BTA) Module: Automation in Tourism, Aviation & Hospitality Submit By: Miss. Ramjith Anju Luvina Submit To: Mr. Preetam Seewoochurn Class: Cohort Four-Semester Three Date: 1stSeptember 2014 TABLE OF CONTENT   ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to express my sincere gratitude

  • The Importance Of Diversity In Wireless Communication

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    transmit diversity methods like Alamouti signaling [2] have been incorporated into wireless standards. Although transmit diversity is clearly advantageous on a cellular base station, but it may not be practical for certain other scenarios like wireless sensor networks, mobile ad-hoc networks etc. Specifically, due to size, cost, power or hardware limitations, a wireless agent may not be able to support multiple transmit and receive antennas [3]. Cooperative communication systems exploit the spatial diversity

  • Importance Of Learning English As A Foreign Language

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    1 People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research University of Mostaganem Faculty of Letters and Arts Department of English The Case Study of L3 Students At Abdelhamid Ibn Badis - Mostaganem University Submitted by: LAKEHAL BENCHAA Under the Supervision of: Ms: SARNOU.H The Use of Information and Communication – Technology In Learning English as a Foreign Language 2 Contents  Dedication  Acknowledgement  General Introduction  Keywords  List of Abbreviation

  • Cooperative Communication Literature Review

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    CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW   2.1 Literature Review Elza Erkip, in cooperative communication in wireless system explained about the ‘overheard signals’ of the neighboring nodes. In this paper, the description of the information of theoretical model has been proposed and studied about the outage probabilities and gain rate regions that diversity has allowed. [1] Arnab Chakrabarti, in the paper, titled “Cooperative Communication: Fundamental limits and Practical implementation” proposed the gains

  • Essay On Vehicle Transport

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    Efficient Road Transport System of Vehicles using Wireless Sensor Communication M SUKUMARI P.G. Student-Computer Science Sri SaiRam Engineering College Chennai,India Mrs. V HEMA Assistant Professor- Computer Science Sri SaiRam Engineering College Chennai,India Abstract— The aim is to achieve enough accuracy to enable in vehicle cooperative collision warning. Systems that provide warnings to drivers based on information about the motions of neighbouring

  • The Importance Of Wireless Communication

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    INTRODUCTION Wireless Network plays an important role in transmission of data and communication based on information between users. Wireless communication is a type of data communication that performed and delivers wirelessly. It incorporates all procedures and forms for connection and communication between two or more devices using wireless signal through wireless communication technology and devices. It works through electromagnetic signals that are broadcast by an enabled device with air, and

  • USB 1.0 Advantages And Disadvantages

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    . CHAPTER 4 UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS 4.1. Introduction: Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a set of interface specifications for high speed wired communication between electronics systems peripherals and devices with or without PC/computer. The USB was originally developed in 1995 by many of the industry leading companies like Intel, Compaq, Microsoft, Digital, IBM, and Northern Telecom. The major goal of USB was to define an

  • Difference Between Boots And Sneakers

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    Every day we go about our lives wearing shoes. They all share the same purpose: to protect our feet and help us stay comfortable. Two popular styles are boots and sneakers. Each have their own uses different from each other. There are some shoes more practical than others, but they are all used the same way. Some shoes are more rugged than others. For example, boots have been a prime choice for those looking for a heavy-duty shoe. One reason the boot has been a first pick is the material it is

  • Challenges Of Globalization In Globalisation

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    Globalisation is without a doubt the most effective force in reshaping rural localities worldwide (Woods, 2011). Nowadays, rural areas are being transformed at a rapid rate by processes caused by the never ending urban and sub urban growth and expansion both nationally and globally (McCarty, 2007). Globalisation causes many challenges in the development of the rural all over the world including the Scandinavian forest, South American Andean Mountains, mining towns in Australia and even fishing villages

  • Vlsi Technology Advantages And Disadvantages

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    Advantages: • Accurate detection of obstacles in front left and right direction. • Detection of waist level height to head level height obstacles. • Minimum physical interface • Less training time • Very low cost • Low power consumption • Detection of ground level obstacles • Can send a HELP message with the help of emergency button in case of emergency. • Easy navigation route through voice playback circuit. Limitations: Certain improvements are required for following: • Recognition of obstacles