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  • Hr Sergeants Duties

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    he laughed. A Soldiers career is a profession of arms. We work hard to become experts in our field of study. Behind a desk or behind a weapon we are highly trained and efficient at our set task. In this essay, I will explain why Human Resources Sergeants (HR) are needed in the profession of arms and why what we do is no laughing matter. Before explaining the HR role let’s explore the levels of Army culture. Artifacts, considered the surface culture, are items that create nostalgia. This includes

  • HR Sergeant Importance

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    The importance of the Human Resources Sergeant in the Army White Paper, The Profession of Arms, is virtually everywhere. I will in the following essay describe instances where you can pull out how important HR Sergeant’s role is on a day to day basis. Whether it be the additional duties we perform to assist our Commander’s in their interest Programs, or our daily operations. HR Sergeants have to be constant professionals and enhance the Professional Culture in the military. Our job is to ensure that

  • Essay On The Importance Of Human Resources Sergeants

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    The Importance of the Human Resources Sergeant The Human Resources Sergeant is one of the most important players in the Profession of Arms. Whether it is on the battlefield or in the garrison, the Human Resources Sergeant plays a key role in ensuring that every aspect of the Soldiers life, from pay and allowances, to training and logistics, is correct and ready for the road to war. Human Resources Sergeants fill a vital role and ensure that all threads of a Soldier’s life are correctly processed

  • Importance Of Human Resources Sergeant In The Army

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    Resources Sergeant in the Army White Paper, The Profession of Arms, is evident throughout. The following essay will describe the many different areas and the countless examples of just how important a Human Resources Sergeant’s role is. There are so many facets of every day Army life where the Human Resources Sergeant is vital to operations, from the additional duties we perform, to assisting our Commanders’ in their interest Programs, and everything in between. Human Resources Sergeants have to

  • Essay On Army Profession

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    The Profession of Arms Human Resources Sergeant in the Profession of Arms. In today’s military the importance of Human Resources is paramount to the success of the Army mission. First we must understand what it means to be a Profession, the balancing role of the Profession’s leaders, the Army Professional Culture, and the HR Sergeant’s Role in the Army Profession. Profession by definition is a type of job that requires special education, training, or skill (, 2015). Doctors

  • Pfc Gallaghan Biography

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    While attached to HMM(T)-164, he was promoted to Sergeant and attained the qualification of Avionics Collateral Duty Quality Assurance Representative (CDQAR). In July of 2008, Sgt Gallaghan executed TAD orders to Sergeants Course aboard Camp Pendleton. During his tenure at Sergeants course, he executed orders back to HMM-268. Sgt Gallaghan graduated Sergeants course second in his class on 26 August

  • Importance Of Chain Of Command In The Military

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    The proper use of chain of command, The chain of command suppose to look out for the morale and welfare of its soldiers. With using the chain of command the soldiers issue can be handled at the lowest level possible. When one has an issue take it to your NCO first and if the issue is not handled then one would take it to the next highest ranking person. The chain of command is basically like a ladder where you can go as high or low as you need to, to get your issue taken care of. Six hundred dash

  • Ssg Coryell Essay

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    SSG Joshua Coryell is presently assigned as a Small Group Leader (SGL) at the Basic Leader Course (BLC) for the Fires Center of Excellence (FCOE), Non-Commissioned Officers Academy (NCOA). His military aptitude and motivation projects a leader of presence, self-confidence, and professionalism that sets the standard by which excellence is measured. He inspires the organization to uphold the Army Values while showing dignity and respect towards all Soldiers and DA civilians. SSG Coryell demonstrates

  • Personal Narrative: Why I Join The Army

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    I thought it was a good place to start off with... But I was wrong… I’m a squad leader at the age of 19. I came into the war with 8 other men. Specialist William Gillespie, 1st Sergeant Ben Sylvia, Platoon Sergeant Thomas Peters, Captain John Mitchell, General Jake English, Sergeant First Class Noah White, Command Sergeant Major Lucas Gills, and Lieutenant Johnas Freeman are the men in my group. I can barely remember anything of what happened just a few seconds ago. All I remember was that Specialist

  • Personal Narrative: My Team Leader

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    side and learn from him. Thinking about giving an award to someone was easy, if anyone in this world deserves to get an award for being the best TL a soldier could ask for, it is SGT Wigginton. Being a TL is a great honor. It means that the Platoon Sergeant (PS) has proposed great trust in the person as a soldier and believes he can lead a team. In the MP core, a team consists of three soldiers, a TL, a gunner, and a driver. All three have important roles in accomplishing a mission but the TL is what

  • Military Customs Analysis

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    SPC DaBrent Nobles Military Customs and Courtesies I am a soldier of the United States Army, and when I took the vow to become such, I signed up to uphold a certain standard when in public and behind closed doors. I have the upmost respect for my peers and superiors around me who took the same vow. We all vowed to be away from our families for unknown amounts of time to protect and defend my country and its allies. I also have pride in what I do because I know it is necessary to keep my country running

  • Officer Slabinski Case

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    do in the place he was in. In the article “Seal Team 6 and a Man Left for Dead: A grainy Picture of Valor” by Sean D. Naylor, tech sergeant John Chapman was left to battle terrorist group Al-Qaida on his own on top of a mountain. While doing so navy SEAL team 6 retreated and left him behind thinking he was dead. The one who was accountable for leaving the sergeant on

  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Pathfinder

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    civilian populace in the countries in which we operate are good people. Unfortunately we find ourselves in situations where good people must die. It is an unfortunate recourse of warfare. Introduction I am currently an Anti-Armor Platoon Sergeant in Dealer Company 1-506th Infantry Regiment “CURRAHEE”. I joined the Army in August of 2001, and have served this great nation for almost 14 years in a wide assortment duty positions. I began my career in 2nd Infantry Division Long Range Surveillance

  • Essay On Army Leader

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    are still adapting to the Army way of life and forming their opinions about it. My Legacy Leader had a huge impact on me and he is a big reason I am the leader I am today. He was my first Platoon Sergeant. He is Sergeant First Class (SFC) Matthew Mayo. SFC Mayo made his rank rather quickly. He made Sergeant First Class in seven years. The argument is often made in the Army as to whether that is too quick to make rank. Nobody ever questioned how quickly he made his rank. He was an outstanding Non-Commissioned

  • Army Hr Profession

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    Army’s readiness, morale and welfare, and personnel assignments to include careers patterns. To fulfill these responsibilities the AG Corps has laid its trusts in the Human Resources Sergeant. The Human Resources Sergeant has one of the biggest responsibilities in the Profession of Arms. Importance of Human Resources Sergeant in the Profession of Arms To understand the importance of the Human Resources (HR)

  • Personal Narrative: Extra Duty

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    order from three senior NCO’s, the Brigade CSM, Battalion CSM, and my Platoon Sergeant. They had all told me in the same day at separate times to get a haircut and I failed too, the second was for stealing from the company supply room while on extra duty from the first field grade. Introduction It all began when

  • Warrior Ethos Research Paper

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    himself and displayed a great amount of personal courage. This is the type of soldier you should strive to be and to guide. “It’s just a matter of time before I’m dead. I figured, if that’s going to happen, I might as well help someone while I can.” Sergeant Kyle J. White, Medal of Honor

  • SSG Flores's Leadership Summary

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    Warrior Competition enabled CTC to provide the necessary training that was essential for TRADOC to complete the competition. exceptional service as an Instructor/Writer assigned to the Combat Training Committee, 43d Adjutant General Battalion. Staff Sergeant Flores professionalism and devotion to duty were instrumental to the success of the unit. His accomplishments reflect great credit upon him, the Combat Training Committee, the 14th Military Police Brigade, and the United States

  • Personal Narrative-It's All Quiet On The Western Front

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    I’m a 24 year old sergeant in the United States Army, and I have been in this division for just under a year now. My division is the 501st infantry company, filled with some of the allied forces’ youngest, but most skilled, soldiers. My C.O., Captain Paul Metcalfe, leads the

  • Non Human Factor Theory

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    correcting the soldier preforming the unsafe act. The third and final factor would be inappropriate activities. The support platoon received over half of it personnel before arriving at CMTC. This gave a very short period of time for the platoon sergeant to train and evaluate each one and ensure that they had the appropriate