Seussical Essays

  • Symbolism In The Lorax

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    Dr. Seuss Dr. Seuss is well known for writing children’s books. He is also known for being really politically involved. Some of the books he wrote had underlying political themes. In this paper we are going to talk about some of the books where this occurs. The Lorax is one of the most popular stories. It talks about deforestation and how humans destroy nature. The Once-ler symbolizes everyone else in America who doesn’t really care or do anything about the pollution and deforestation. We can

  • The Visitor Poem Analysis

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    The poem “The Visitor” by Gibbons Ruark immediately introduces the concept of an outsider “The Visitor” who comes to the household for a specific time to undertake a specific duty. The poet deftly analyses the themes of music and individual reaction to music in the poem. The visitor who is also the piano tuner is significant in repairing the musical atmosphere in the household such that even the cat evokes a musical response. The poet is set in the narrator’s house during the afternoon of the first

  • As I Lay Dying: Chapter Analysis

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    The last seven sections of William Faulkner’s “As I Lay Dying” tell the ending of the story, beginning as they bury Addie and ending as they are readying to head home. The sections flow together in telling the last day and their departure, concluding their journey with a clear sense of each family member and their mentality after their mother is finally put to rest. The section both opens and ends with Cash’s narration, as he takes over the role of Darl, who used to be the most reliable. Cash

  • Seussical The Musical Analysis

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    The musical Seussical the Musical was a jovial experience that made many including me reminiscence the times when we read Dr. Suess. The creative sets, colorful costumes, and the acting skills brought Dr. Seuss 's books alive. I truly enjoyed the aspect of joining Dr. Seuss books and plots, like Gertrude McFuzz to create one plot and the inclusion of The Cat in the Hat in many of the scenes. The musical captured the ambience of the books, specifically Horton Hears A Who. The dedication of those in

  • Personal Narrative: How Algebra Changed My Life

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    some more any time I could. When high school happened I stopped and tried some new things. My Freshman year I tried Winter Dance Team, Sophomore year I did hockey again, but it wasn’t the same, Junior year I was a Who in the school’s production of Seussical the Musical. Now I’m doing something completely different from all three of the previous years. I’m preparing myself to raise a child. High school changed everything in my life. I one was good at math, I never had so many teachers leave at one time

  • Musical Theater: A Significant Place

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    increasing my interest in creativity and all the parts of a performance the audience docent see. My first encounter with musical theater was when I was in elementary school. I was convinced by my mother to audition for the school 's performance of Seussical The Musical. At that time I had a slight stutter. I remember yelling at my mother telling her I could never be in a musical due to this disability. However, I had no idea how different it was to