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  • Estelle Louise: A Short Story

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    any mail from that there Harry?” “NO! By the time, the fire engine, Sheriff Johnstone and the ambulance arrives, Clemmy Sue and Estelle Louise are emotionally and physically spent. However, they stood side-by-side; holding hands, and watch as the firefighters fought the fire. They solemnly prayed for the injured truck driver as the paramedics placed him in the Ambulance and then drive away. Sheriff Johnstone drove over, as they were sluggishly moving towards the pickup, and motioned

  • Example Of A Flat Character Essay

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    change throughout the story. Two examples of a flat character in the book Tulsa Burning are Sheriff Leonard and Isaac. These characters are flat characters because they never change throughout the book. Two examples of round characters from Tulsa Burning are Nobe Chase and Lester. These characters are round because they continue to change throughout the book from beginning to end. Sheriff Leonard is a flat character because his character traits

  • Personal Narrative Driving Over The Limit

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    Over the limit. It was a saturday night of my senior year in high school. The time was about 11:49. I was driving down county road 3120 also know as old St. james road. It 's late and I’m on my way to my friends house not really paying attention. When all of a sudden i notice a car creeping along the road, almost stopped as if it were a deer in headlights. I knew something was up, so I slowed down with the thought of deer crossing the road. As I got closer and had been lightly pressing the brakes

  • Satire In Pride And Prejudice Marriage Analysis

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    Pride and Prejudice is a 19th century novel written by Jane Austen. In this novel, satire is the main tool used to convey Austen’s views on society, and what is flawed about it. The novel uses that satire to convey points about how certain things in society should be changed, or gotten rid of, especially with marriage. Austen satirizes typical marriage tropes present circa 1800 by exposing the issues that come with marriage based on wealth, happiness, and exclusive benefit. Social class was a large

  • Responsibilities In Court Case Study

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    The courtroom is an establishment made to exercise justice and truth to its citizens. There are different actors that made up the courtroom. These actors include the judge, lawyers, court clerk, parole officer, court officer/bailiff. Victim representative, representatives of the state (which include mental health agencies, etc.), juries and jury commission officers, and many more. The main actors in court are the defense attorney, the district attorney (prosecutor) and the judge. These three actors

  • Multiculturalism In Criminal Justice Case Study

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    Burns believes that multiculturalism divides people because it allows different cultures to coexist with each other. Each culture has its own way of thinking, therefore they are prone to have differences between cultures if they don’t have the same ideology. This creates cultures to separate themselves and not be united as people really think. Moreover, multiculturalism also fosters discrimination. This is because multiculturalism segregates people into categories or groups. This results in making

  • Summary Of Bruce Springsteen's Poem, Nebraska

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    The ‘sir’ was included to emphasize that the speaker was talking to someone. When the next couple of lines are read, readers will catch on and understand who the ‘sir’ could possibly be, which I believe is a Sheriff in this case. They went for a ride and “ten innocent people died” (4). At this point, I wasn’t sure how they died. It might have been a crime committed by the speaker and her or these ten people just died when they went for a ride. The next line,

  • Drew Neely's Narrative Fiction

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    Abbi didn’t find anything she would have called a lead when she arrived in Ohio. But, she didn’t give up. She kept looking, if this Drew Neely had been possessed while living here, then someone had to know something. She sat in the small coffee shop and pulled up the news report again. It said he had been missing for three years after killing his wife and kids. [/i]Wait,[/i] she thought, [i]he had been possessed three years ago?[/I] She slammed her computer closed, drawing looks from those closest

  • Romeo And Juliet Rationale

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    Rationale: This screenplay is written for a film called Elimination. It is inspired by Romeo and Juliet, which is written by William Shakespeare. This screenplay overlaps several genres, including mystery, thriller, and consists of mild romance. I chose to combine mystery and thriller together, as they match very well, prompting the audience to use their imagination, also providing surprises from time to time, so that the audience will not lose interest. This film revolves around Romeo and Juliet

  • Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime Character Analysis

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    We live in a modern era: one that allows us to learn about and accept personal disabilities and limitations that were previously hidden from the public or even institutionalized. In Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, a fifteen-year old boy named Christopher shares his life with autism. The book leads the reader to believe the main themes revolve around a murder mystery, but as Christopher begins to investigate, he starts to uncover more than he bargained for. Although

  • June Jordan A Poem About My Rights Summary

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    June Jordan, a poet who is famous for her positive blaze of justice, writes poetry while advocating a command for universal equity, which appeals to people from various areas of the world. Jordan’s poetry speaks of American issues as well as international issues, such as African countries that are oppressed by their neighbouring countries. One of Jordans poems, ‘A Poem About My Rights’ serves as a resentment against the world’s oppression, however it also serves as a mandate for change. This essay

  • Outline For Pride And Prejudice Essay

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    Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Explanation Pride and Prejudice is the title because there is a lot of judging and arrogance recurring through this novel. Characters from different classes think they are better than the rest and also develop many assumptions. Setting Hertfordshire, England Longbourn: The Bennet family estate, Netherfield: Bingley's estate, Meryton: Town near Longbourn, Rosings: Lady Catherine De Bourgh's estate, Pemberley: Mr. Darcy's estate in Derbyshire Regency Period (1811

  • Analysis Of Storm Of The Century By Stephen King

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    The book Storm of the Century by Stephen King there is a small town in Maine called Little Tall Island. A gigantic hurricane comes with a bitter cold. All the townsfolk are preparing by visiting the grocery store of our main character Mike Anderson. While everyone is preparing for the “Storm of the Century” Martha Claridon is sitting at home watching the weather channel when someone knocks on the door. Martha opens the door to be brutally murdered by a cane with a wolf’s head at the top. The murder

  • Office Of Sheriff Essay

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    to systematize their methods of fighting by forming a system of local self-government based on groups of ten. The two important characteristics that distinguish the Office of Sheriff from other law enforcement units is its history. In England, the sheriff came into existence around the 9th century. This makes the sheriff the oldest continuing, non-military, law enforcement entity in history. Early in England the land was divided into geographic areas between a few individual kings, they were called

  • Ethical Dilemmas In Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird

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    What are the major ethical dilemmas (laws of life) of To Kill a Mockingbird? How do different characters resolve these dilemmas? Ethical dilemmas are what wound Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, (1960) together. Alongside morals, ethical issues play a huge role in character development and they add to the plot and storyline. Through numerous characters we see different morals and ethics that they follow and believe are right. Many people in the story are faced with ethical problems which make

  • Persuasive Essay: Curfew Should Be Banned

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    Curfew is a citywide order that keeps people homebound inside their homes or will face arrest. This system of keeping people out of public has proved to unuseful and outdated. According to Kenneth Adams, a criminal justice professor at the University of Central Florida, “The most useful aspect of a curfew is it gives an impression that the police are doing something” but they are not really doing anything useful other than using our tax money. Many people believe that curfew helps society keep things

  • Song Analysis Of 'Strange Fruit' By Billie Holiday

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    ‘Music is more than an object of study: it is a way of perceiving the world. A tool of understanding’ (Haynes 2012, p.g 31). The power of music is indisputable. It can completely reshape not only the way we view the world, but our everyday thoughts and actions. It has the power to inspire great revolutions, to be the catalyst to social and political change and to ignite the spark of social consciousness even within those who live apolitically. Billie Holiday is an artist whose work had the capacity

  • Essay On Gun Control Is Bad

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    Around the world there are many things that have been happening with guns and racism. In today’s society gun control and racism have been talked about a lot. There are many forms of gun control and racism. There are many reasons why racism and gun control shouldn’t be a thing. Gun control shouldn’t be a thing because that is a way to protect yourself from people that are trying to hurt you. Racism shouldn’t be a thing because everyone should be treated the same even if they aren’t the same skin color

  • Racial Prejudice In Remember The Titans

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    In the film Remember the Titans, racial prejudice and stereotypes are evident throughout. At the start of the movie we are taken back to 1971 where we are introduced to the town of Alexandria in Virginia and the new high school that resides in it, as two schools recently combined to form one desegregated student body called T.C. Williams High School. Football is an immense part of this town and for the people residing there. Shortly into the film, head football Coach Bill Yoast, nominee for the Virginia

  • Free Indirect Speech In Jane Austen's Emma

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    One of the many intriguing aspects of Jane Austen’s novel Emma is the use of the narration style of free indirect speech, which incorporates a mixture of first person direct speech and some of the characteristics of third person. This method allows for Austen to give the reader some perspective into Emma’s thoughts, while also occasionally floating through other viewpoints whether that be from the mind of another character or simply third person narration. Incorporating this engaging stylistic component