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  • Short Story: A Story

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    I grew up in a small town, where houses are seen obtuse and spiritless outside. Inside, it is surrounded by grayish walls and most parquets are just sand and gravel which prompts us to nervously step on each fragmented roads all the way throughout the voyage. At nightfall, so much obscurity covers our entire little town. No light would defeat the darkness.There are not much street lights, only the million glittering stars and the silver moon which gives us the courage to continue life. It looks

  • Symbolism In Short Stories

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    When we read stories sometimes, or even when we may watch a movie you realize the author uses something called symbolism. When using symbolism in stories you can use an object or a place to represent the true meaning of what is really trying to be to be told in the story. In the two stories, “The story of an Hour” and “The Lottery” the two authors of these short stories incorporate symbolism all throughout their short stories. Symbolism play a huge role in both of the amazing stories. In the

  • Wildwood Short Story

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    In the short stories, “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin and “Wildwood” by Junot Diaz, there are a similar type of theme and main character. Both short stories utilize a theme of freedom and a main character that goes along with the theme. The main character is one that is “held back” and wants to have freedom, but there is an antagonist that is preventing that from happening. However, towards the end of the story, there is a plot twist and change in the mindset of the main character. Both stories

  • Suspense In Short Story

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    their suspenseful text. In various short stories, mystery elements create suspense in a variety of ways. The short stories, “Lamb to the Slaughter,” by Roald Dahl, “The Adventure of the Speckled Band,” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and “Invitation to a Murder,” by Josh Pachter create suspense as a result of the mystery elements they contain. “Lamb to the Slaughter” is one of the many examples of texts that includes suspense, which the author created throughout the story. First off, Roald Dahl’s shocking

  • The Ravine Short Story

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    We have read two short stories, “The Ravine” and “Fine”. In both, they have very strong main characters who deal with many conflicts. The stories revolve around the idea of facing fear, which can involve some internal conflicts when you have to choose what to do. Both stories have very different settings and conflicts, yet they are very similar in some ways, which you will find. The first story we read was titled “The Ravine”. Vinny, the main character, experienced some tough decisions to make

  • Story Of An Hour Short Story Analysis

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    Fictional short stories have become a common genre in the recent past. However, while authors strive to show high levels of creativity while at the same time capturing the attention of the readers, the level of success varies from one author and consequently from one story to the next. In this case, it is then possible to rank two or more stories and come up with the best among them. One of the most common and effective ways of ranking these stories is by the evaluation of the author’s utilization

  • A Short Story: A Hangover A Story?

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    Alison had a hangover the next day. Not a truly bad one, but she used it as an excuse to stay in bed. Peter, somewhat guilt struck, plied her with tea, but apart from that he left her alone. Now, in broad daylight, the events on the balcony seemed so improbable she almost felt it couldn’t have happened. The more she thought about it, the stranger it seemed. Respectable professors might, possibly, kiss other people, but they didn’t go around slapping them. The Professor must have been drunk as well

  • Metaphors In A Short Story

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    songs, poems or stories but we also use them in our everyday life. There are many ways that metaphor is being use for example they trigger emotion, to show setting. Many authors use metaphors to paint a bigger, stronger image to their reader’s mind to better understand what they want to say. There’s a lot of stories that show good examples about metaphor, the best example is Araby written by James Joyce. Araby was on of the short stories that James Joyce wrote. This short story was mainly about

  • Deception In A Short Story

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    This quote shows why Montresor is deceiving Fortunato because he will gain something from it. These stories are very different, “the necklace” by Guy de Maupassant is a story of an middle class woman who loses a diamond necklace falls into the short story genre while the darker “the cask of amontillado” by Edgar Allen Poe is about an vengeful narrator who plans to kill his so-called friend, this story

  • Postmaster Short Story

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    The short story mainly deals with a postmaster who hails from Calcutta. He works in a remote village with not much of a social life as the only inhabitants there are the workers. The postmaster, who is not named in the story, misses his city life and yearns to go back. His only company is an orphan girl named Ratan, who does odd jobs for him. They share a unique relationship, as they have only each other and the postmaster shared all his feelings and thoughts with this young girl. He reminisced about

  • Gryphon Short Story

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    In the short story “Gryphon”, by Charles Baxter, a 4th grade boy named Tommy goes to school in Five Oaks. Tommy lives an average life like kids today with not too much interest. Tommy does chores and has friends just like any other boy in the world. The school has average teachers and substitutes that sit there and cover things that they have already done weeks before. But one day Mr. Hibler, Tommy’s teacher, comes down with a serious cough and the substitute they get is far from normal. Tommy reacts

  • Loss In A Short Story

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    Literary Device In the short stories Gwilan’s Harp by Ursula K. LeGuin, The Washwoman by Isaac Singer, and The Last Leaf by O. Henry, the theme of loss plays a central part in the lives of the main characters. Each of the stories deals with one or more different forms of loss. Although some instances may be more serious than others, they are all equally important. These forms of loss include property loss, the loss of status, and death. Loss, although it can make for a sad story, often causes readers

  • Elements Of A Short Story

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    What is a Short Story? A short story is a short piece of fiction containing elements described in the chart on these pages. It is a prose that has one unit of place, time and action. It is a “bite size” version of a novel. You can finish reading it in just one sitting. It is written by someone with serious artistic intentions who hopes to broaden, deepen, and sharpen your awareness of life. It brings you into the real world enabling you to understand the difficulties of life and to empathize with

  • Entrapment In Short Stories

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    The multiple facets of human existence are often times said to be intertwined and relate to each other in extremely complex ways. This concept is discussed in many nonfiction and fiction literary works. In the short stories “Prey” by Richard Matheson, “The Feather Pillow” by Horacio Quiroga, “Black Cat” by Edgar Aleen Poe, and “The Devil and Tom Walker” by Washington Irving, the authors explore elements of entrapment and supernatural beings in order to highlight the lack of control humans have over

  • Interlopers Short Story

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    The short stories “The Interlopers” by Saki and “Two Friends” by Guy De Maupassant are 2 different entireties but both stories presents the same message about loyalty and fate. The short story “The Interlopers” are about 2 family heads that have been fighting due to their years of rivalry and feud. However, that feud seemingly comes to an end when the 2 heads find themselves in a life-or-death situation. In the short story “Two Friends” talks about 2 men that shares more than a strong passion for

  • Bluffing Short Story

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    thoughts and secrets away from your significant other can lead to complications in the relationship. Bluffing, an extraordinary dramatic romance short story by Gail Helgason, does a magnificent job of depicting this. This short story revolves around a young couple, Liam and Gabriella, it takes place in Jasper, Alberta, Canada at the Maligne Range. The story begins with Liam in the hospital, he is being treated for injury caused by a bear attack. What follows is a flashback with terrific narration about

  • Salvation Short Story

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    The nonfiction story, “Salvation”, by Langston Hughes, the short story, “Initiation”, by Sylvia Plath, and the novel, “To Kill A Mockingbird”, by Harper Lee suggest that coming of age occurs when a person learns that standing alone is better than going against one’s morals to fit in. “Salvation”, a non-fiction story by Langston Hughes, shows readers coming of age means going against one's morals to be like everyone else can lead to an unpleasant ending. In Salvation, Langston is taken to church

  • The Office Short Story

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    writers, who write masterpieces, wisely use “the elements of the short story” to engage readers. Character, setting, plot, conflict, theme, and other elements are practically used to create climax, bring up questions, form suspense or mystery, and make the story captivating. “The Office” by Alice Munro and “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner are epitomes of greatly written short stories due to perfect usage of “the elements of the short story.” Both authors use setting, character, and point of view to

  • Maisie: A Short Story

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    Maisie tells me a story about a little girl who’s got all of these very tiny people living in her house with her. “How tiny?” I ask. And she says, “Tiny enough to live in a model boat.” I ask her what kind of model boat, and she says, “A wooden model boat!” And when I say all model boats are wooden, she asks, “Do you want to hear the story, or not?” I nod and Maisie keeps telling me about these tiny people and how they are very happy for a long time, but then the owner of the model boat store–

  • Invierno Short Story

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    Kimberly Hinojos Paper 2: Causal Claim for Invierno 02/20/18 In the short story Invierno written by Junot Diaz, the main character Yunior and his family move to the United States from the Dominican Republic during the winter and become frustrated with the limitations set upon them by his father. In this story, Yunior speaks about the change that moving to New Jersey has on his mother and his perspective. Further, he goes into great detail about how he and his mother and brother are locked in their