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  • Short Story: A Story

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    I grew up in a small town, where houses are seen obtuse and spiritless outside. Inside, it is surrounded by grayish walls and most parquets are just sand and gravel which prompts us to nervously step on each fragmented roads all the way throughout the voyage. At nightfall, so much obscurity covers our entire little town. No light would defeat the darkness.There are not much street lights, only the million glittering stars and the silver moon which gives us the courage to continue life. It looks

  • The Story Of A Short Story

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    This is the story of an elderly woman called Jenny who stays alone in her abode with the company of her cat and kittens. Jenny accidentally poisoned her cat while trying to kill a mouse thrown into her house. At noon, the sun shines in a small white room with furnishings from twenty years ago; a gigantic old photo hangs on the living room wall. It is the photo of a young couple and their baby boy. In the photo, the woman holds their baby boy in her arms while a man wraps his hands around the woman’s

  • Short Story: The Story

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    Gale sat slumped at the kitchen table, face buried in his hands as he tried desperately to think a way out of this hole he and his family had been thrown into. It had been a little over 48 hours since his Ma had passed away. Eight hours since her funeral. 50 hours since he last slept. The sickest part of this cruel joke was that he hardly had any time to grieve the loss of his last remaining parent, whom he had loved endlessly, because he was consumed by the unrelenting fear of having his three

  • Edgar Allan Poe Short Story Short Stories

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    WRITING: Comparing Stories of Edgar Allan Poe As a writer Edgar Allan, Poe wrote many great short stories about not only love but fear of death. In each of the three stories, “Eleonora”, “The Fall of the House of Usher”, and “The Pit and the Pendulum” fear drives the characters to do things that they would never have thought they would. All of these stories share the same tones which happen to be darkness. Within each of these stories the characters do, affect the tone because without the characters

  • What Is The Story Of A Short Story

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    STANLEY, THE DOG ON THE MOON A Tale by Granny Thornapple Stanley the dog had lost his people. He was running in the park and the next thing he knew he was alone. He was a smart little dog, so he stopped and waited in one spot for his people to find him. He sat and sat, he waited and waited. It got dark and the wind came up, but no one came. Stanley was alone and lonely. The only friendly thing he could see was the full moon shining down on him. If he looked closely he could almost see the

  • Literature In Short Stories

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    on a particular subject. A lot of times, these writings are called short stories. Short stories are often brief works of fiction written in prose. In high school freshman English classes, students normally spend a lot of time reading and going over these stories. They include but are not limited to: The Interlopers by Saki, The Red-Headed League by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant. Each of these stories is famous pieces of literature and contain important morals that even

  • A Short Story: A Hangover A Story?

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    Alison had a hangover the next day. Not a truly bad one, but she used it as an excuse to stay in bed. Peter, somewhat guilt struck, plied her with tea, but apart from that he left her alone. Now, in broad daylight, the events on the balcony seemed so improbable she almost felt it couldn’t have happened. The more she thought about it, the stranger it seemed. Respectable professors might, possibly, kiss other people, but they didn’t go around slapping them. The Professor must have been drunk as well

  • The Hajji Short Story

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    In this essay, I will discuss how the private affairs relate to the public experiences in the short stories The Hajji, by Ahmed Essop, as well as The Awakening of Katie Fortuin, written by Finuala Dowling. In these two stories, the personal encounters can relate to the public experience in many ways, such as political, social, emotional and even the mentality of the people. In this essay I will express how these personal feelings and currents are indivisible, as what the one character feels or experience

  • Wildwood Short Story

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    In the short stories, “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin and “Wildwood” by Junot Diaz, there are a similar type of theme and main character. Both short stories utilize a theme of freedom and a main character that goes along with the theme. The main character is one that is “held back” and wants to have freedom, but there is an antagonist that is preventing that from happening. However, towards the end of the story, there is a plot twist and change in the mindset of the main character. Both stories

  • A Father Short Story

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    under a family where everything is provided and everyone seems happy. The film, August: Osage County, by Tracy Letts and the short story, “A Father,” by Bharati Mukherjee represent the opposite where both stories involve a family that ends terribly due to small personal conflicts that piled up and reaches a point that it can’t be helped. In the film, August: Osage County, the story revolves around the suicide of the character, Beverly Weston, whose death brings his family together only for the family

  • Suspense In Short Story

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    their suspenseful text. In various short stories, mystery elements create suspense in a variety of ways. The short stories, “Lamb to the Slaughter,” by Roald Dahl, “The Adventure of the Speckled Band,” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and “Invitation to a Murder,” by Josh Pachter create suspense as a result of the mystery elements they contain. “Lamb to the Slaughter” is one of the many examples of texts that includes suspense, which the author created throughout the story. First off, Roald Dahl’s shocking

  • Postmaster Short Story

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    The short story mainly deals with a postmaster who hails from Calcutta. He works in a remote village with not much of a social life as the only inhabitants there are the workers. The postmaster, who is not named in the story, misses his city life and yearns to go back. His only company is an orphan girl named Ratan, who does odd jobs for him. They share a unique relationship, as they have only each other and the postmaster shared all his feelings and thoughts with this young girl. He reminisced about

  • Short Story Cathedral

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    imagine a life without sight? In the short story Cathedral, the readers come across a man named Robert who lives with such blindness. Robert is the friend of the protagonist's wife and stays at their house after visiting some family. This story focuses on the thoughts and actions of the protagonist who is only referred to as the husband. He starts the story with a brief overview of his wife's past and how she met Robert. After filling the readers in, he picks up the story with a conversation between him

  • Story Of An Hour Short Story Analysis

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    Fictional short stories have become a common genre in the recent past. However, while authors strive to show high levels of creativity while at the same time capturing the attention of the readers, the level of success varies from one author and consequently from one story to the next. In this case, it is then possible to rank two or more stories and come up with the best among them. One of the most common and effective ways of ranking these stories is by the evaluation of the author’s utilization

  • Interlopers Short Story

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    The short stories “The Interlopers” by Saki and “Two Friends” by Guy De Maupassant are 2 different entireties but both stories presents the same message about loyalty and fate. The short story “The Interlopers” are about 2 family heads that have been fighting due to their years of rivalry and feud. However, that feud seemingly comes to an end when the 2 heads find themselves in a life-or-death situation. In the short story “Two Friends” talks about 2 men that shares more than a strong passion for

  • A Short Story: The Story Of Lucille's Story

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    ¨Lucille get down here right now¨ Said her mom ¨No mother.¨replied lucille Lucille then jumped out the window. And her mother yelled at her again, not knowing that she was gone. When Lucille 's mother went to go find her she was nowhere in sight. Assuming that she was just hiding somewhere her mother began to kneel down looking for Lucille under the bed and she wasn 't there. ¨Where could she be?¨ Her mother exclaimed Her mother began to check the closet and behind the dresser but Lucille was nowhere

  • A Short Story: The Story Of Rappaccini's Story

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    Rappaccini looked between Professor Pietro Baglioni and his daughter that lie dead before him. His demeanor shifted from that of a calculating scientist to an impassive, unfeeling man. The blank stare upon the doctor’s face was unnerving; his face was like a plain wall, stationary and yielding no emotion. Giovanni too afraid to say anything looked up at the window in hope of a rescue from Professor Baglioni, but instead he found an empty window frame. Giovanni felt abandoned by his father’s friend

  • Araby Short Story

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    The narrator of the short story “araby” has a sense of innocences about him. He’s at that point in his life where he starts to discover the world and all its wonders. He thought he had a pretty good idea about everything. But he later finds out how wrong he is. I’m here to compare his innocence in the beginning of the story compared to the end where he faces a harsh reality that everything is not what it seems. The first line of the story sets the setting up pretty well. “North Richmond, being blind

  • The Traveller Short Story

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    Feeling like not belonging anywhere is a hard thing to swallow. In Ryan O’Neill’s short story, The Traveller, we follow Lockhart, who has based his life on a lie, just to feel acceptance from the people around him. The story begins with Lockhart is introduced. He is there to pick up Paul, his nephew, who has won a prize for memorizing capitals all over the world. On their way home, Lockhart tests Paul’s skill, and the conversation turns to sponsorship papers for Lockhart’s orphanage in Africa.

  • Bluffing Short Story

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    thoughts and secrets away from your significant other can lead to complications in the relationship. Bluffing, an extraordinary dramatic romance short story by Gail Helgason, does a magnificent job of depicting this. This short story revolves around a young couple, Liam and Gabriella, it takes place in Jasper, Alberta, Canada at the Maligne Range. The story begins with Liam in the hospital, he is being treated for injury caused by a bear attack. What follows is a flashback with terrific narration about