Sleeping Beauty Essays

  • The Tale Of Sleeping Beauty: The Story Of Sleeping Beauty

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    The story about Sleeping Beauty was addressed repeatedly by storytellers from different countries of the world. The image of the ever-young virgin in a lethargic dream who is waiting for her lover was so attractive that it constantly wandered in literature in different guises. Suffice it to recall "Snow White" and "Sleeping Beauty". The plot of these tales is international in characters, and the tales themselves are deeply national. Why is the story of the sleeping princess so attractive to different

  • The Sleeping Beauty Ballet

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    I watched the Sleeping Beauty ballet classic performance by choreographer Mathew Bourne. This production aired on Great Performances, Friday, April 25, 2014 at 9.p.m. on PBS. I was glad I had the opportunity to watch this classic ballet performance, as it was one of my favorite stories when I was younger. This ballet was very different in terms of technique and choreography and was a very classical piece. I loved the costumes for this ballet and appreciated seeing the amount of detail in each setting

  • Sleeping Beauty Vs Evil

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    thought about why the villain did awful things and what caused them to do it? The story of Sleeping Beauty is not the same story you have been told, but with the view of the Mistress of Evil in Maleficent, one sees how the roles of Maleficent, the fairies, and the curse differs from Sleeping Beauty to Maleficent. (THESIS STATEMENT and INTRODUCTION) Because of the different viewpoints of Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent has another face to her; there was once a time when The Mistress of Evil

  • Sleeping Beauty, A Giambattista Basile

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    In the book Sleeping beauty, A Giambattista Basile Story the characters is Sun, Moon and Talia. And then there is the King and the queen Talia is cursed and can't touch flax or she will fall asleep. Talia see flax and it gets under her finger nail. Her dad puts her in a country house. THan a king out hunting lost his bird into the house. The king knocks and no one answers. He goes in through a window and see Talia asleep. The king rapes her and leaves. Than Talia is pregnant and has twins the babies

  • Perrault's Sleeping Beauty In The Wood

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    The well-known Disney fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty, is about a young princess who was cursed by an evil fairy, named Maleficent (Zipes, np). On her sixteenth birthday, Aurora would prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die. Luckily, a good fairy was able to soften the curse and instead of dying, Aurora would fall into a deep sleep, only to be awoken by true love’s kiss and live happily ever after. This fairy tale might seem adoring and kid-friendly, but it was derived from a very

  • Comparative Essay On Sleeping Beauty

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    evidence wise that this could only mean rape, as it is a perspective. Although in the first article, Hayley Krischer says, “For the reviewers who aren’t happy that Disney brought a rape/recovery element… writer Sady Doyle makes the case that Sleeping Beauty has always been about rape.” She goes on to talk about how in the earliest version of this tale, rape is evident and that is what it is about. However, not everyone views it that way, as Maleficent’s wings being cut off could be portrayed as betrayal

  • Maleficant: The Perception Of Sleeping Beauty

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    feel that you are in for a real treat and believe me you will not be disappointed. OK this is a pretty radical re-imagining of the story of Sleeping Beauty in that we come at it from the viewpoint of the supposedly wicked fairy. Maleficent is a spell-binding performance of raw acting power from Angelina Jolie who is especially threatening when casting the sleeping spell. She had been betrayed by an avaricious human male whom she trusted and had feelings for. Like any woman scorned her anger was a terrible

  • Sleeping Beauty: Movie Comparison

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    The movie that I have seen in the past month that I decided to write about was Disney’s Maleficent. The version that I will be discussing about is the 2014 version, not the 1959 version. Which is also known as Sleeping Beauty from which Walt Disney created himself while he was alive. The aspect of that I will be focusing about from the film will be about the overall effects in the film. I was astonished with how all the effects looked in the film, that came from 3D computer-generated imagery. Most

  • Sleeping Beauty: Disney Vs. Perrault

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    Sleeping Beauty: Disney vs. Perrault “The princess should have her hand pierced with a spindle and die of the wound”. (Perrault’s Sleeping Beauty) Almost everyone has heard this famous line from Sleeping Beauty by age six; however, most have heard it through the edited Walt Disney movie, of which was based on the original fairytale by Charles Perrault. As in the case of many fairytales, people recognize Disney as the creator rather than the original author. Yet, the two versions are often very

  • Sleeping Beauty And Snow White Religion

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    Religion in the Middle Age played a role in different aspect of people’s lives especially in writing. Although the tales of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty were once oral stories, they were written down to hold the tradition in each culture. Walt Disney took these tales one step further by producing these films, Snow White and the Seven (1937) and Sleeping Beauty (1959). The tales of Snow White include The Young Slave by Giambattista Basile, Snow White by the Brothers Grimm, Lasair Gheug, the King

  • Sleeping Beauty And Once Upon A Dream

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    The tale of Sleeping Beauty is one that has been told for generations. From a simple fairytale to a thrilling film courtesy of Walt Disney, Sleeping Beauty has won the hearts of many. The traditional version embarks on a young girl who falls in love with a stranger, but later finds out that she is a princess and betrothed to another. After being presented with new knowledge, she is taken to her castle and pricks her finger on a cursed spinning wheel, falling into a hundred year sleep. Meanwhile,

  • Negative Effects Of Disney's Sleeping Beauty

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    On the other hand, in the Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, their also may be a negative effect on the girls specially as shown in the Sleeping Beauty that the princess is very blonde and she is very skinny too and has a very melodious voice. So this may be a negative effect on those girls who are not skinny, blonde and don’t have a melodious voice. The girls who don’t has these qualities will force them to think that to get a prince, get married with a prince or to become a princess they must look blonde

  • Comparing Sun, Moon And Disney's Sleeping Beauty

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    Giambattista Basile’s story of the original Sleeping Beauty called Sun, Moon, and Talia, and Disney’s 1959 film Sleeping Beauty have both shown that true love can prevail the threats that come at someone in life. In Basile’s version of sleeping beauty, the king rapes Talia, impregnanting Talia to give birth to two babies that she cherishes deeply, and falls in love with the king after meeting him (Basile, 2). This portrayal does not help send the message because she is strongly in love with her babies

  • Analysis Of The Classic Sleeping Beauty Story Of Malefice

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    This version of the classic Sleeping Beauty story shows the other side of the tale, from Maleficent’s, the evil queen, point of view. Here we can see much more elements than the classic Disney filmed showed us. The background of Maleficent is told, and why she was seen as evil. The father of Aurora, Stefan, cut off Maleficent’s wings to become king. Stefan was trusted and loved by her. He took advantage of Maleficent by drugging her and deforming her for greed. In the original Disney film, there

  • Fairy Tale Vs. Perrault's The Sleeping Beauty In The Wood

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    “There Was Once”, Atwood uses irony to point out the societal problems within the genre of fairy tales. Charles Perrault, the author of the short story “The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood”, writes about fantastic creatures, magic, and love, following the generic conventions of fairy tales. When compared to Perrault’s short story “The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood”, Atwood’s poem both compliments and contrasts Perrault’s. These two texts, although similar, offer different views on the genre of fairy tales

  • Comparing Hans Christian Andersen's Sleeping Beauty And Fairy Tales

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    In the oldest versions of the story, Cinderella actually kills her first stepmother so her father will marry the housekeeper instead. I guess she wasn’t expecting the fantastic step sisters or the list of chores. In the original version of Sleeping Beauty, it was not a handsome prince that woke the princess, it was her newborn twins. That's right. While unconscious, the princess is impregnated by a king, and wakes up to find out she's a mom! Even the little mermaid’s happily ever after wasn’t so

  • How Did Sleeping Beauty Make Me Feel Regarding To Its Staging?

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    In Sleeping Beauty (Cookson, Sally, December 2015, Bristol Old Vic Production), the acting is clearly not Naturalistic and it is known for being most appropriate for children. This play was directed by Sally Cookson, who decided to change the story slightly and have a prince instead of a princess, also by adding another story called ‘The leaves that never grow’. From this, I can see how changing just one or two factors can affect the reaction of the audience. They used various light to symbolize

  • Sleeping Beauty Stereotypes

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    for having females with extreme beauty or profound evil. A woman’s beauty defines her worth and purity; jealousy and greed controlled her wickedness. When authors placed women in these types of roles within fairy tales, they spread to people's minds. With this, it makes it acceptable to stereotype women in these ways. Stories during an overwhelmingly patriarchal society, it’s not surprising that they have an obvious disdain towards women. Versions of Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella affirms this idea

  • Stereotypes In Disney Princess Movies

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    This change really does not do anything positive in the effect on young girls because when somebody fixes something in one component they lack it in another. The fairy Merryweather in Sleeping Beauty tells Aurora " to pick some berries"(Disney) and this is just one more example of a domestic job that Walt Disney gives to a Disney princess. The fact that Walt Disney adds to the message from society that there is only one way to live one’s life

  • Sun Moon And Talia Similarities And Differences

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    “Sleeping Beauty” is a well-known fairy-tale, due to Disney’s animated film released in 1959. This isn’t the first rendition of the story, though, as there have been multiple versions over different cultures, each having their own different aspects to the story. The earliest version is the Italian story of “Sun, Moon, and Talia,” written in 1634, with the German version “Little Briar Rose” written in 1812. The differences between these versions of the story reveal deeper cultural values and history