Smile Essays

  • Women In Mona Lisa Smile

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    In the film 'Mona Lisa Smile', the topic of women the way in which they are different to men is identified. The director portrays the women in the film as obedient and worthless through a variety of uses of camera shots and angles. Body language is also used to convey this characteristic. All of the students wear the same color sequence and same makeup, which is a sign that women follow tradition in attempt to be individual. In this film we see how Katherine Watson shows the many students at Wellesley

  • Essay On Cosmetic Dentistry

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    Blog 1 Title: Protect Your Beautiful Smile with the help of cosmetic dentistry A smile itself gives happiness to a man. A beautiful smile depends upon the teeth inside the mouth. The order or shape of teeth disturbed by accidents or by nature to someone. The word cosmetic dentistry is used to refer to make the appearance of teeth in a better way. It involves bonding, caps, removal of affected teeth and the abnormal structure of gums, teeth whitening, adding or removal of dental materials. Cosmetic

  • A Humorous Day-Graduation Day

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    It was a big day-- graduation day. Jaylee hopped out of bed with a smile on her face and ran down to the kitchen. Her mom was standing at the stove, making her famous pancake breakfast. Jaylee walked up to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek before walking into the living room. Thirty minutes later, her mom called for her to tell her that breakfast was ready. She walked back into the kitchen and saw she made all of Jaylee 's favorites. Strawberry pancakes, turkey bacon, and maple sausage. She

  • Personal Narrative: Breaking Out Of Schoolwork

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    carefully open the door, peeking out from the side to see me. “Hey Grandma, Mom said I’m taking art lessons from you.” I try to fake a smile and mumble “Until I die from boredom…” I look away as I say that, not wanting to offend her. “She had called and said you were coming over, please come in. I have some food and art supplies set out for you.” She smiled a fragile smile, one that you get when you help an old person cross the

  • Huey Long's Short Story: A Day In Hell

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    The story starts as every worthwhile story starts: with a woman. The air was stagnant, hanging heavy over the city like a wet, wool blanket over a dying body. Shadows lengthened in the tiny office as the sun slipped behind the highrises. The ceiling fan whirred overhead, off balance from the missing blade. Papers fluttered on the desk, the soft rift the only sound against the ever-present hum. I sat on the busted swivel chair, feet on the desk, sipping cheap bourbon with a vengeance. It was one

  • Basketball Tryouts: A Short Story

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    wanted to improve and better myself and the only way to do that was to at least try. I was excited, but at the same time I was so nervous I almost couldn’t believe it. When school was finally over I rushed out to the car and met my mom with a giant smile. She had brought my bag and was taking me up to Oak Grove West where tryouts would be held. When we finally reached the school I looked at my mom and suddenly all my excitement turned to fear. I looked at my mom tears burning in my eyes. “I can’t

  • Autobiographical Narrative Essay

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    Autobiographical Narrative Working as a monitor in the attendance office was not my favorite time of day. Since it was seventh period, everyone loved to leave early which meant the office was always busy with people coming in and out. Every time you walked in, you would feel a burst of cool air. It felt like Alaska in the middle of December. When I picked up the PA caller, the phone was icy cold against my ear. “Excuse me, do you have Valerie Rodriguez in class?” I said as loud as I could. The

  • Descriptive Essay: Heiser Tennis Academy

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    court for the game winner. The other guy tries his hardest to get the ball back in play but the ball flies out of bounds. The smiling faces of my teammates running over to me yelling, “Yes! That’s how we do it D!” fill me with joy. I can’t help but smile back and high five my teammates, it was another good win for the Heiser Tennis Academy and all because of me. As always after the game we celebrate by

  • Character Analysis: The Donkey's Dimples

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    She had small ears, a bushy tail and sad brown eyes. She looked around her new home but she didn’t laugh or smile. 3. The other animals in the farm had no words but praise for Peggy the Piglet. “Peggy is so cute, so funny and so sweet. She makes us laugh with a dance by standing on two feet! We just love to watch her when she does that little jig. She knows

  • One Day Narrative Essay

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    The sun gleamed through the window as I sat up in my bed and stretched my arms above my head. “Wow, it’s awfully quiet for a Saturday” I thought to myself tiredly before hearing the words that began my day every morning. “Kaila, come down for breakfast!” my mother yells in Yiddish. I brush off her call, acting as if I never even hear her call me in the first place. She calls me back again but even louder this time, “KAILA, COME DOWN NOW!” I force myself to get up and, while walking towards

  • Personal Narrative-Semheralda's Story

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    grin. Continuously I responded with a mutter, “Semheralda,”, taken aback by both his perplexing characteristics and beautiful voice in conjunction with his handsome features. “What was that?” he inquired, grinning with a large, shiny pearly smile that contained all the light in the universe. “I’m Semheralda.” As I spoke, I felt his eyes gazing upon me, taking in my initial appearance and associating it with his own experience. “Well it’s a pleasure to acquaint myself with

  • Teeth Whitening Essay

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    Teeth Whitening Special Get ready to flash your smile this spring and summer with our teeth whitening special. You ever look at someone and think to yourself how you wish your teeth could be as white as their 's? We all get tooth envy from time to time. Did you know that your local Vancouver dentist provides teeth whitening services to achieve this goal? What sets us apart from other dentists in town, is that we are a team of five professional dentists with our own different strengths and expertise

  • Teen Activist Qualities

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    Raising awareness and standing up for the greater good, that is the role of a teen activist. A teen activist is someone who attempts to raise awareness for a cause. Whether it’s about getting a dog a home, to risking their life for others good, if it’s for the greater good and someone will do it. A teen activist always have three incredible traits; always finding some way to help, never giving up, and always doing something for the greater good. The first way a teen activist helps is because they

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Nonverbal And Non-Verbal Communication

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    Human beings depend highly on effective communication when they interact. “Communication is any process in which people share information, ideas and feelings”, it also “involves not the spoken and written words but also body language, personal mannerisms, styles and anything that add meaning to a message” (Dina Burger 2011). There are various types of communication, but I will be focusing on verbal and non-verbal communication, they consist of various elements that distinguish them from one another

  • The Legend Poem Analysis

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    The Legend was written by a Japanese American poet name Garrett Hongo. Hongo was famous for his use of rich imagery. Most of Hongo’s poems describe the experience of Asian Americans in the society. The Legend is part of Hongo’s famous book, The River of Heaven. The poem was written during a difficult period in Hongo’s life, where he struggled to find his future path. One day, Hongo was watching television in the hotel in Chicago. He saw an Asian man shot and killed in the street. The Asian men triggered

  • What Is The Importance Of Classroom Management In The Classroom

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    A primary school teacher who is known as Jane teachers the primary five students this year. Its difficult for her to control the class. as the students do not pay attention during class and also do not complete their assignments or homework that are assignned by Jane. This situation will affect Jane's end of year peformance evaluation. Based on research, classroom management plays an essentially important role in conducting a proper lesson in appropriate classroom environment. Classroom management

  • Cockatiel Research Paper

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    All cockatiel owners get frustrated and irritated when their bird screams or bites. And most cockatiel owners have NO CLUE how to raise or train their bird the RIGHT WAY.But the difference between you and the other cockatiel owners is that YOU are here, and you are doing something about it. You are ready to discover the expert secrets that are going to end ALL of your cockatiel’s bad behavior. You are going to uncover the expert strategies to raising, training and breeding

  • Personal Narrative: Running Through The Woods

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    I’m running through the woods, it’s dark, the moon is full and high in the sky, I assume it’s around midnight, it’s raining hard, I run faster not daring to stop or look back fearing that he found out that I’m gone and running after me, this thought only encourages me to run faster. I see lights up ahead, maybe it’s someone who can help me, that thought made me become frantic, not paying attention anymore until I hit my head on a low branch, knocking me out instantly. When I awoke I looked around

  • Smile Of The Snake Analysis

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    The Smile of the Snake and the No-self teaching From the Pali Nikayas The most distinctive and yet counter-intuitive feature of the Buddha’s messages is the doctrine on non-existence of is no self (anatman). According to the study by Gowans, Buddha claims all the doctrines of self lead to suffering, and therefore, people must abandon all the doctrines for the sake of attaining Nibbana. He further adds that it is impossible for a person with a right view could treat anything as self. From this declaration

  • Short Speech On Smile

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    Every little smile can touch somebody’s heart. No one is born happy, but all of us are born with the ability to create happiness. A very good morning to master toastmasters, fellow toastmasters and the evaluators. I am sure that you have heard the expression, smile and the world will smile with you. .i really believe this to be true..with a little bit of my personal experiences, i would like to tell you why we should keep smiling. I totally believe that a true smile is the best way to keep you in