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  • Food Chemistry Assignment

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    Food Chemistry Assignment 1 1. Why would you use D-glucono-δ-lactone in a refrigerated pizza crust? Which additional ingredient do you need for D-glucono-δ-lactone to work and why? (5 points) D-glucono-δ-lactone is a leavening agent so is added to pizza crust to cause expansion of the dough. When water is added to the dough mixture containing D-glucono-δ-lactone and sodium bicarbonate, they dissolve. D-glucono-δ-lactone hydrolyses to gluconic acid, which then reacts with the sodium bicarbonate to

  • Whitening Toothpaste Essay

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    It’s what nearly everyone wants: a dazzling white smile so shiny it can cause a traffic accident. Seen all over the place from TV shows to fashion models, to celebrities and world leaders, it seems that a white smile is an indicator of success, glamour, and prestige. Yet a white smile is notoriously difficult to come by at the best of times, and many people have dedicated a lot of time and effort in finding new ways to secure a whiter, cleaner smile. Tooth whitening is basically the process by

  • Pet Safe Ant Killer Research Paper

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    Why using natural pet safe ant killer can be advantageous? Description: to get rid of the pesky ants you can use both chemical ant killers and natural pet safe ant killer products. But the advantages that you can get from using the latter one cannot be gained from the former one. Whenever you think about getting rid of the ants from your home two things may come in your mind. There are mainly two ways by which you can tackle the problem effectively if the first one is using the chemicals then the

  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus Experiment Essay

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    Introduction In this experiment we are examining Streptococcus Mutans and Lactobacillus Acidophilus which are bacteria found in the mouth. The bacteria Streptococcus Mutans have been seen to have negative effects to the mouth such as tooth decay. Lactobacillus Acidophilus on the other side is seen as a good bacteria and has been used as a probiotic. Both of these bacterias grow within the mouth and can be collected through saliva. Our experiment is to compare the difference between two processes

  • Cellular Respiration In Yeast Research Paper

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    Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (yeast)is a single cell eukaryotic organism that is a fungi. It digests food to obtain energy for growth and gets it mostly from sugars like sucrose, fructose and glucose and maltose. When sugar is present, yeast conducts fermentation to produce alcohol and carbon dioxide by creating a chemical energy.In yeast, high sugar concentrations and high specific growth rates trigger alcoholic fermentation, even under fully aerobic conditions. It is commonly used to leaven bread

  • Dental Cavities Research Paper

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    caries prevalence at 4 years of age. 3(1), 14-17. Thorild, I., Lindau, B., & Twetman, S. (2004). Salivary mutans streptococci and dental caries in three-year-old children after maternal exposure to chewing gums containing combinations of xylitol, sorbitol, chlorhexidine, and fluoride. Acta Odontologica Scandinavica, 62(5),

  • Unknown Lab Report Essay

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    was negative. The Gelatin (GEL) test result had no diffusion of pigment so that showed it was negative. The Glucose (GLU) result was yellow so it was positive, and the Mannitol (MAN) result was blue-green so it was negative. The Inositol (INO), Sorbitol (SOR), Rhamnose (RHA), and Sucrose (SAC) test results were all blue-green so they were all negative, as well as the Amygdalin (AMY) test. The Melibiose (MEL), Arabinose ARA, nitrate reduction, and catalase tests were all positive, and the oxidase

  • Baby Lotion Research Paper

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    Top 5 amazing baby lotions for dry skin Does your baby have dry & itchy spots on skin? The look of the skin can be a great concern for parents? A baby's skin is very delicate and dry dring winters, In winter the cold and dry weather, the use of hot water, can remove your baby's skins natural oil . But don’t worry , Know we will letyou know how you can keep your little angel’s skin moisturized and supple. Here’s everything you need to know about why your baby needs lotion and what kind of lotion

  • Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation

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    Author, Eric Schlosser, in his nonfiction exposé, “Fast Food Nation”, reveals the sickening truth about the fast food industry. Schlosser’s purpose is to expose the secrets that the fast food industry hides. Schlosser utilizes a serious tone, shocking diction, and exact details to educate his audience on the fast food industry. Throughout his book, Schlosser adopts a serious tone to communicate the facts to his audience. He closes his introduction by displaying his concern for children, due to

  • Synthetic Heterocycles

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    1.Introduction: Ox diazole, a heterocycles nucleus has attracted a wide attention of the chemist in search for new therapeutic molecules.Five member heterocycles compounds show various type of biological activities among than 2,5-distributed 1,3,4-ox diazole are associated with diverse biological activities [2]. Various biological activities like antimicrobial, anti-tubercular, anti-inflammatory, Anticonvulsant [3], Hypnotic , Anesthetic activity [4]. 1,3,4-ox diazole showed antibacterial

  • Essay On Common Cold

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    The common cold Common colds are upper respiratory infections that are caused by more than 200 viruses. The common cold is spread either through direct contact from nose blowing or by inhaling the airborne virus after a person has sneezed or coughed. The cold virus can also live on objects for up to 1 day. The virus can also live on objects such as pens, books, phones, keyboards, cups, and toys. A healthy individual usually becomes ill after touching their eyes, nose, or mouth after coming in contact

  • Stomach Bloating Research Paper

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    drinking through a straw. • Health conditions such as Crohn’s sickness, ulcerative colitis or even diabetes. • Intolerance to certain foods such as lactose (dairy) and gluten (wheat). • Artificial sweeteners in gums or confections. xylitol, sorbitol and mannitol can cause excess gas that leads to bloating. • Constipation build-ups make it difficult to release gas and can lead to bloating. 10 Quick Ways to Get Rid of Bloating and Gas There is a number of fast and effective methods to defeat

  • Essay On Diabetic Retinopathy

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    Introduction Diabetes mellitus is a disease where the sugar levels in one’s blood is above the normal level. This is caused when the body does not produce enough insulin or the body’s cells do not respond correctly to insulin or both. A manifestation of diabetes in the eye is diabetic retinopathy .This affects the retina of the eye. It is when small vessels which are damaged spill into the retina. These blood vessels usually nourish the retina. These blood vessels get blocked which causes irregular

  • Argumentative Essay On Chewing Gum

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    that’s pretty close to your brain about the last thing you want? Chewing gum, but no sugar! If chewing gums are good for the teeth, they will be only the sugar-free ones, or those in which the sugar is completely replaced by sweeteners (xylitol, sorbitol, and mannitol). However, sugar is not recommended because it is cariogenic and represent the principal food for bacteria in our mouth. After eating the bacteria will produce acids that attack tooth enamel. In the other hand, sweeteners have a strong

  • Can Dogs Eat Plum Essay

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    the problem of constipation. Benefits of eating a plum for dogs Plums are known for providing some great benefits to humans and animals. They have high vitamin-C content enriched with a lot of nutrients. Plums contain fibers and components like sorbitol which can be great to relieve constipation and improve digestion in your dog. They even provide with Vitamin-A which enhances one’s eyesight and even acts as an antioxidant. Here is a list of benefits of plums for your dogs: 1. It contains dietary

  • Constipation Research Paper

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    CONSTIPATION DURING PREGNANCY: A condition in which there is difficulty in emptying bowel for less than 3 times a week associated with dry and hardened stool. About 50% of pregnant women suffer from constipation during any their pregnancy period predominantly in 1st and 3rd trimesters. SYMPTOMS AND SIGNS: • Dry and hardened stool • Few bowel movements • Abdominal pain and swollen abdomen • Vomiting • Straining (trouble in passing feaces.) WHAT CAUSES CONSTIPATION DURING PREGNANCY: • PROGESTERONE

  • Coenzyme Q10 Research Paper

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    Coenzyme Q10: The Benefits, Impact, Where You Can Get Products With Coenzyme Q10 Coenzyme Q10 - This vitamin-like compound produced by the liver of a living organism - and every human as well.This is exactly what compound that stimulates the production of adenosine triphosphate - ATP. ATP is the only source of energy, the most important energy molecule of all living beings on earth. The problem is that with age, the amount of coenzyme Q10 in the body decreases as wear of the liver and other organ

  • Apple Smoothie Persuasive Speech

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    Everyone remembers the popular saying ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. This saying has some far-reaching scientific basis as apple and apple juice have wide-ranging medical and health benefits. Apple juice gives a fillip to our health as it has got enough disease- fighting vitamins. It also contains important phytonutrients. These are responsible for fighting many diseases like cancer, asthma, cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure. As apple juice contains a lot of antioxidants, it reduces

  • Low Calorie Sweeteners

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    Summary Low calorie sweeteners when approved are approved post rigorous assessment by the regulatory bodies. The regulatory bodies are painstakingly scrutinising the evidence from all scientific studies and keep themselves updated with the relevant new studies when published. In this way, the approved sweeteners can be guaranteed to be safe within the limits established by the organizations. Therefore, low calorie sweeteners are a valuable and a safe tool for providing consumers the opportunity

  • Effects Of Chewing Gum Essay

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    Most kids chew gum. A piece or two each day. They often share it with their friends. That used to be the same story for me. Until the story started to change for me. I wasn't chewing 1-2 pecked a day I was chewing 15 or less a day. I kept buying pack after pack and chewing piece after piece and it wouldn't end until the day was over. Then it would restart. It took me a long time to realize how much gum I was actually consuming. When I finally came to my senses I started to wonder. Why was I waiting