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  • Deforestation In South America Essay

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    years. In countries like South America, the people turn to agriculture to meet the needs of everyday life, which leads to deforestation. In poor communities in places like South America, farming is the way of life because this is how they survives and make money. By the removing of trees, it creates more space for farming grazing, and it’s a source of income for many people. The loss of land is also due to mining as well creating another source of income in South America. Although deforestation is

  • Essay On Poverty In South America

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    only in South America but it is all around the world. You may not know but it could be happening in your own home town. Poverty is a big problem today due to many reasons but one being the distribution of wealth between social classes is unequal. Many people of South America are dealing with extreme poverty. There are many reasons behind the poverty in South America. The main reason is the distribution of wealth is very unequal (Bank). Some other reasons that poverty is such a thing in South America

  • The Pros And Cons Of Colonization Of South America

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    used their better resources to take advantage of the land and the natives. South America is struggling to establish growth in some of its countries, and have major problems in increasing development. Some people would want to colonize and make South America great again, but it would be against the best interest of the United States and South America to do so. Therefore, the United States should not colonize South America because of the loss of

  • The Incca Empire In South America

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    The Incas ruled a fantastic Empire in South America, but not until the Spaniards invaded the Empire and destroyed it in no time. The expansion began in 1438 led by a ruler called Pachacuti and continued under his generations. In about 1300 the Incas founded their capital city, Cuzco. Inca was only an itsy-bitsy tribe, however, not until they covered most of Peru and parts of Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia and northwest Argentina. Since they lived in mountain ranges, they were able to attack the enemies

  • How Did Simon Bolivar Changed South America

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    Simon Bolivar changed South America. He freed many countries in South America, while keeping his goals entirely intact. He took a stand against a tyrannical leader, to defeat a corrupt government, to gain freedom, and liberty. When Simon Bolivar was a young man he traveled to Europe, to visit the ruler of Spain, Napoleon. Napoleon was a French military leader who had crowned himself emperor, and quickly rose to power. While in Europe, Bolivar and Napoleon discussed their goals and ambitions. Napoleon

  • Describe South America

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    Introduction South America is world’s fourth largest continent. It has an area of 17,840,000 km2 that covers one-eighth of the land area on Earth. South America is home to about 423 million people. There are 12 sovereign nations and other territories in the continent. South America contains natural wonders and unique cultures. It was once home to many ancient civilisations and tribes. Today, the population of South America is a mixture of Europeans, Africans and indigenous. Most of them reside near

  • Poverty In South America

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    Love it or hate it, the South is a place like no other. There are many great things about the south. Some of the best things about the south are the delicious southern home cooked meals, the southern hospitality, football, sweet tea, and being the birthplace of many successful musicians and writers. However, there are some things in the south that are not so great. Unfortunately, the south is also known for having some of the most obese residents, having a high percentage of teen pregnancies, and

  • Peanuts In South America

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    Peanuts History: Peanuts have existed in South America for thousands of years. It is very significant diet for the South America and Maxico. They are basically used in many African countries and converted into traditional foods. They were valued as a blessed food and moved to the North America, which is beginning firstly into this the region. Peanuts are considered as a popular gain in popularity in the U.S b y the struggle of the particular persons like George Washington and the St. Missouri.

  • Essay On The Amazon River Basin

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    The Amazon River Basin is home to the largest rainforest in south America and the earth. The basin is about 5.5 million km² in size which shows it’s massive. The forest spreads over all these South American countries Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana and Suriname. The amazon is made of up lots of ecosystems and vegetation types including many forests like seasonal and flooded forests and even savannas. The amazon river is the world’s largest river of discharge but it is the second

  • Age Of Exploration Dbq Analysis

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    great expansion in the European Countries. From Africa, to North and South America, the Spanish, Dutch, English and French were all competing to find new trade routes, new commodities, and new areas to convert to their religion. The Age of Exploration had a tremendous impact on Europe, the Americas, and Africa. On one hand, Europe was able to expand widely across the world spreading their culture. On the other hand, the Americas were discovered and had their original culture changed immensely.

  • Essay On Brazil Country

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    1.1 Overview of Brazil Brazil is one of the largest countries of South America and Latin American region. The country got freedom and became an independent nation in 1822 from the rule of Portugal. Exploiting vast natural resources and a large labour pool, Brazil became Latin America's leading economic power by the 1970s. Being one of the largest and most populous countries in South America, the country has overcome more than half a century of military intervention in the governance of the country

  • Essay About Peru

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    1.Physical Peru's capital city is Lima and it is located on the Pacific coast of South America. In addition, Peru is know as the "land of Abundance". Nowadays, they are ranked among the world's top producers of silver, copper, lead, and zinc. Its petroleum industry is one of the world's oldest and its fisheries are among the world's richest western seaboard falls. Ling is an oasis containing more than a quarter of Peru's population. Peru has a total area of 496,222 square miles with the population

  • South Usa Case Study

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    South America Escorted Tours If you are planning disappear for any vacation why don't you play in the eco-friendly adventure to South Usa. South Usa is really a region situated in the southernmost portion of the Western Hemisphere. It's recognized because the 4th greatest region on the planet and it is broken into twelve autonomous nations namely: Argentina, Bolivia, South america, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela and French Guiana. Sometimes this region

  • Sloths In The Amazon Rainforest

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    sloths only move when it is necessary and when they move it is slowly. They basically spend their whole lives hanging in trees. They eat sleep, give birth, and die hanging. Sloths sleep from 15 to 18 hours a day. The original sloths appeared in South America 60 million years ago and are related to anteaters and armadillos. There are two

  • Brazil Economy

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    Brazil, the largest country in South America. It is the fifth largest country in the world by land area and population. This country was founded by the Portuguese, even though they were not the first ones there. This is why the official language of Brazil in Portuguese. However, Brazil has changed a lot after it’s independence from the Portuguese. Brazil has a growing economy that is one of the largest economies in the world. Also, it is affecting the world in a positive way by decreasing deforestation

  • Cocaine: Bolivia, Peru, Colombia

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    Cocaine is produced in the fields of South America. Bolivia, Peru and Colombia are top coca leaf producing countries. Colombia is the world’s top coca leaf processor, with more processing taking place in Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina. From South America, shipments move north, coming into the US by small plane, truck, car or boat. Along the US-Mexico border, Mexican drug cartels are largely responsible for moving the drugs, but in large Eastern cities,

  • Facts About Argentina

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    Argentine Republic and is named after the precious metal Silver. The name Argentina is based on the Latin word for Silver, which is Argentum, which truly suits the country's rich and exotic features. Argentina is also the second largest country in South America and ranks 8th in

  • Urban Geography Curitiba

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    FINAL ASSIGNMENT 1.0 Introduction 1.1 City Contex Curitiba is the capital and largest city of the Brazilian state of Paraná. Which is located in the continent/region of South America. The city is located about 250 kilometers [150 miles] southwest of Sao Paulo The city 's population numbered approximately 1,760,500 people as of 2010 (Wikipedia). Figure: Location of Curitiba Source : The main economic activity in Curitiba are services, manufacturing and commerce. The living cost

  • Causes Of Segregation In South America

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    Segregation Introduction: This essay you will have a brief idea on segregation, and especially segregations in South America. Segregation means some kind of separation, when someone or something is separated/divided from others (it could be a group, a society, a country or everyone else). They (a small group of people) are basically left out by the majorities, they’re not treated equally, because they’re somehow in a lower position and weaker than others. It has been women, homosexuals, religious

  • Bolivian Folk Music

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    Folk music originated from many cultures around the world one of them being Bolivia. It is in the continent of South of America and is located in the Andes Mountains. It has uphills, downhills and also many tropical areas. La Paz, the capital of Bolivia is known for being the highest capital in the world. Like many Andean countries, Bolivia has the same history of colonization from Spain, and our culture was affected greatly affected by slavery that came from Africa. So the folk and traditional music