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  • The Importance Of Spanish As A Latino Language For Communication

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    years ago, I always asked myself “why do people think that because we speak Spanish we are from the same country and we are classified as Latinos?” at the beginning it was so offensive that people would ask me “Are you Latina from Mexico or EL Salvador?” I used to get so upset and tell them “No! I am from Ecuador and I am Hispanic”. Despite, the fact that Latinos and Hispanics speak and uses Spanish as their primary language for communication, this does not mean that we are all from the same country

  • Spanish Language

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    2 One jargon or slang that I think that I’m fluent at is the Spanish slang. I think that this jargon is particularly used by native Spanish speakers. Hispanics have the tendency to use some Spanish words that don’t exist in the Spanish language. This non existing Spanish words might confuse those who are learning the language. Growing up I had no idea that some of the Spanish words that I used didn’t exist. It was until I took Spanish classes that I found out that these were made up words. One of

  • Spanish: Beneficial Language To Learn

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    Spanish is a very beneficial language to learn. For one if you're bilingual you will have better job opportunities rather than if you were monolingual. Just last year CNN Money named bilingualism as one of the biggest skill you could have while looking for your job.Studies have also shown that a person that knows more than one language can earn between five percent and twenty percent more money per hour than those who can only speak one language because they can talk to spanish speakers while

  • Analyzing And Evaluating The Language Of Spanish Within My Family

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    Examining the use of a language other than English within a specific context could make one reflect upon the practice and customs of their own native language. With the application of sociolinguistic variables, one could characterize the behavior of others who reside in different language communities. After the exploration of diverse language communities in the Chicago-area, I chose to further investigate the language community that exists in my own family/household. In my future project, I plan

  • Essay On Spanish In English Language

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    Introduction Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world after English and Mandarin; 400 million people worldwide speak it as their native tongue and over 500 million speak it as a second language (“Spanish Language,” 2010). Language Family of Spanish The Romance Languages Spanish belongs to a family of languages called the “Romance” languages. The Romance languages, often called the “Latin Languages” are a family of languages that emerged in 6-9 AD. The most widely spoken Roman languages are Spanish

  • Essay On Personal Narrative: I Am As A Spanish Language

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    “En mi casa, no comes si no hablas español!” In my house, you don’t eat if you don’t speak Spanish. Those were the dreadful words five year old me heard when I refused to speak my family’s native language. Of course people would think “he isn’t really serious.” However because I was a gullible child, hearing that the love of my life could potentially be taken away from my tiny little hands terrified me. Growing up I adored food, but even when my own father threatened me with what I loved the most

  • Synthesis Essay: I Am Spanish As My First Language

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    in a hispanic home is a blessing. Having spanish as my first language then later on, when entering school, came english. Being fluent in both spanish and english comes in handy more times than not. For myself, and for those of my family members that only speak spanish. That is one of my motivations to keep learning spanish and earn the biliteracy seal. My entire family of nine, with me being the youngest, was born in Mexico and our primary language is spanish. The sister that was born before me and

  • Spanish Language In The House On Mango Street

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    struggling to integrate with the life in the Mango Street. The chapter is about Mamacita, a Spanish woman have just moved to the neighborhood to live with her son and his baby boy. The man has worked very hard to bring his mother and his son to the country. However, once Mamacita comes, she never leaves her house as she refuses to speak English. She spends the whole day sitting by the window, listening to Spanish show on the radio and singing homesick songs. Some people think the reason Mamacita does

  • Spanish Like A Pro: Learning The Basics Of The Spanish Language

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  • Spanish Spoken Language Analysis

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    These three source sentences are very small variations of one single idea, their different nuances corresponding to very small distinctions in tone, which are adequate in turn to the spoken language or different instances of the advertising message. In Spanish, however, the difference between spoken language and advertising is not so distinct when referring to high standing articles or products delicate in nature, such as feminine care products. Instead, a form of speaking slightly formal yet warm

  • The Negative Effects Of Imperialism In Peru

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    gain independence. The Spanish arrived and began imperializing Peru in 1532, keeping Peru under their rule until the nineteenth century ("Peru Junior"). The negative effects of imperialism in Peru can be seen through the loss of indigenous cultures, struggles to create a strong government, and changes to the economic system. Many indigenous languages and traditions were lost during the imposition of Spanish rules and social customs (Stenner). After being ruled by the Spanish for so long, Peru did

  • How To Tame A Wild Tongue Rhetorical Analysis

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    My Rhetorical Analysis Language is a part one’s identity and culture, which allows one to communicate with those of the same group, although when spoken to someone of another group, it can cause a language barrier or miscommunication in many different ways. In Gloria Anzaldua’s article, “How to Tame a Wild Tongue”, which was taken from her book Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza, she is trying to inform her readers that her language is what defines her. She began to mention how she was being

  • Latin American Culture Research Paper

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    that distinguishes one group of people from another. In Latin America there are four features that contribute to making the culture so distinctive: language, geography, material culture, and religion. The main language in Latin America uses two main languages: spanish and portuguese. Spanish is part of the indo European family and Romance Branch. Spanish originally developed in a region referred to as Hispania. One of Spanish’s first forms is know as Vulgar Latin.

  • Latinx Should Be Banned Essay

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    recognizing and respecting the diverse gender identities within the Latinx community. As such, it would be a grave mistake that should not be made. State representative Reyes of Waterbury Connecticut argues for the ban by saying that, “Latinx was not a Spanish word but rather a “woke” term offensive to the large Puerto Rican population in the state.” Reyes using the term woke to describe the term Latinx shows his bias towards new wave generations of queer, non-binary, and questioning people. His inability

  • Summary Of Se Habla Espanol By Barrientos

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    Barrientos tells of learning to read and write in spanish. One key feature of a literacy narrative is an indication of the narrative 's significance. The aurthorś significance of learning the language is sha wants to feel like she belongs in the Latino community. According to the text the author felt out of place because she did not speak spanish, but she was Guatemalan. “I am Guatemalan by birth but pura gringa by Circumstance?” This quote explains that the author feels out of place. When Barrientos

  • Selena Quintanill Major Figure In Tejano Music

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    movie focuses on Selena's relationship with her family, her fame, and also dealing with the establishment of her own musical identity. While her heritage is Mexican-American, her primary language is English, and secondary language is Spanish. She still has a dream to be able to express herself in both languages along with both cultures. This movie expresses the struggle of a middle class Mexican-American family and their struggle to find a sense of identity and a place where they belong. Even

  • Foreign Language Persuasive Speech

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    Any of you guys that have been to a foreign country know that not understanding the native tongue can be a scary thing. I was in Puerto Rico this past summer with my dad. Neither he nor I knew Spanish well enough to converse fluently with locals, which made the trip a have an uncertain feeling at times. We were driving across the island, when we stopped to ask for directions. Unfortunately we couldn’t find a single person who spoke English well enough to understand our questions. Eventually we ran

  • Rhina Espaillat's Bilingualual Bilingüe Poem Summary

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    allow for her daughter to speak both languages, English and Spanish, together in the house. The father demanded her to only speak Spanish inside the house and English outside only because he is afraid that the language will tear their relationship apart. However, since Espaillat considered herself stubborn, she didn’t want the separation of languages, she taught herself English. Being raised in a household with a different language than what the dominant language is outside of the household is difficult

  • Mexican American Identity Crisis Analysis

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    a connection between Mexico and their children is by teaching them Spanish. Often students with similar Hispanic backgrounds use Spanish to communicate with each other and this has caused issues for schools. Teachers have started to reprimand students for speaking Spanish and forbidding the use altogether. Teachers’ reasoning has been that by doing so, it creates a fair environment for students who do not understand the language, but this has an effect on Hispanic students. As Gloria Anzaldúa describes

  • Tame Wild Tongue

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    Chicanos.” meaning each Spanish is a variation of two languages, and that there’s different ways she speaks to others in certain situations like having two tongues. Gloria also argues that she shouldn’t be embarrassed by her language and accent by saying “I am my language” meaning her language is what makes her special and unique. Also