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  • Speculative Fiction: The Genre Of Dystopian Fiction

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    Dystopian fiction is a contemporary literary sub-genre that falls under the umbrella genre of speculative fiction. This type of fiction predicts the possible, oppressive, futuristic sociopolitical changes that deprive the society of worldly pleasures. Dystopian fiction was defined by many scholars. Basu, Broad, and Hintz in their edited book Contemporary Dystopian Fiction for Young Adults: Brave New Teenagers (2009) defined dystopia as a fiction that “describes non-existent societies intended to

  • Main Characters In The Tell Tale Heart

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    What is the definition of crazy? Crazy means to be mentally deranged, especially as manifested in a wild or aggressive way. And that is the definition of the main character in the story “Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe. The story “Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe is told in the first person perspective by the main character who is the narrator. It starts with the narrator. This narrator wants to kill an old man.The reason for this is because of the old man's “ugly eye”. Thus the narrator

  • Sherlock Holmes Baffled Film Analysis

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    Sherlock Holmes Baffled (1900), directed by Arthur Marvin, is considered to be the first screen adaptation of Sherlock Holmes`s character. It is a silent film which lasts only 30 seconds. Besides, it is the first officially recorded movie in the detective genre. The fact that no one else but Sherlock Holmes was the first book character who started the development of detective films is definitely very significant and symbolic: "…it is an early trick film clearly made for viewing on a mutoscope or

  • Nature And Romanticism In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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    In Mary Shelley’s iconic gothic novel, Frankenstein, Romantic themes are strongly represented in order to propagandize Romanticism over the elements of knowledge and the Enlightenment. In her novel, Shelley uses gothic nature settings to foreshadow dark events that are about to happen in the novel. She also uses nature to intensify the effect that is brought during significant scenes, a strong example being, when Victor Frankenstein’s monster approaches him after a long period of time. Nature and

  • The Canterbury Tales Vs The Pardoner's Tale

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    Chaucer’s Best Story Essay In Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, there are many entertaining values and moral lessons. In Geoffrey Chaucer's, The Canterbury tales, a group of pilgrims are journeying to the holy site of Canterbury. Due to the long journey, the host plans to start a contest between the pilgrims. Each pilgrim has to tell an entertaining story and the pilgrim with the most entertaining story wins a free dinner. After reviewing the two tales “ The Pardoner's Tale” and “ The Wife of Bath's

  • Gothic Literature Analysis

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    Gothic fiction critic, defines this English genre, Gothic fiction, as a “literature of nightmare”: Among its conventions are found dream landscapes and figures of the subconscious imagination. Its fictional world gives form to amorphous fears and impulses common to all mankind, using an amalgam of materials, some torn from the author’s own subconscious mind and some stuff of myth, folklore, fairy tale, and romance. It conjures up beings - mad monks, vampires, and demons ... Gothic fiction gives shape

  • Elements Of Horror

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    How do you define the horror genre and it’s characteristics of what it contains? My perspective of how the genre of horror is categorized. Many people describe the horror genre as being related to monsters, well that’s not so, all of the horror genres contain the five elements of the horror genre, but not all deal with monsters. Like the monkey’s paw and the tell-tale heart, most horror genres contain the elements; fear, surprise, suspense, mystery, and spoiler. These elements give the horror genre

  • Immanuel Kant's Impact On Enlightenment Values

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    Immanuel Kant’s Impact on Enlightenment Values For thousands of years, religion was used to help answer universal phenomenon’s. It wasn’t until Greek philosopher’s, such as Socrates and Aristotle, around 300 – 400 BC, started challenging religious ideals and looking at reason in the senses. These Greek philosophers, set the foundation and influenced many philosophers to come. Centuries later, a philosopher name Immanuel Kant, dedicated his life to find the parallels between the natural world and

  • Emptiness Charge In Kant's Moral Philosophy

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    he Emptiness Charge in Kant’s Moral Philosophy Introduction: The Emptiness Charge in Kant’s Moral Philosophy Chapter One: Kant’s Formalism and its Emptiness Charge 1.1 Hegel’s Empty Formalism Objection 1.1.1 The Context of Categorical Imperative 1.1.2 The Limited Interpretation of Hegel’s Emptiness Charge 1.1.3 The Systematic Interpretation of Emptiness Charge 1.2. Mill’s Utilitarianism Charge 1.2.1 Mill’s Utilitarianism 1.2.2 Mill’s Consequentialism Chapter Two: The Formalistic Expressions

  • The Tell Tale Heart Literary Analysis Essay

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    Horror Genre Literary Analysis Have you ever heard of the story “Tell Tale Heart” and “The Monkey`s Paw?” The Tell Tale Heart is mainly about a man who doesn`t have a problem with the old man, but for some reason it`s something about the old man`s blue eye. “The Monkey`s Paw” is about a paw that a sergeant gave to a man name Mr. White. The paw is giving him three wishes, but will they come true? Both of these stories has to deal with or meet the criteria for the horror genre because they

  • Turn Of The Screw The Governess Character Analysis

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    Within the Bly household as read in The Turn of the Screw, where the governess is the only person able to see ghosts, everything seems as it is falling apart. As the governess starts working at Bly, everything seems picture perfect, but is quite the opposite as the story progresses. As everything unfolds at Bly the governess seems to become progressively mentally incapacitated. As days pass by the governess believes she begins to see the ghosts on a daily basis, and she becomes so frustrated she

  • Memento Mori Movie Analysis

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    2.Narrative Structure The narrative structure is about the content of the story and the way it is being told. It consists of the story plot, cast, setting (location) and genre. (Chatman, 1978) Memento a noir psychological thriller film based on a short story "Memento Mori" written by Jonathan Nolan. Memento is a Latin word which means an object kept as a reminder of a person or event. The plot is the protagonist's physical journey whereas the story is the protagonist's emotional journey. (Alcorn

  • Addiction In The Tell Tale Heart

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    Heart”, published in 1843, is a gothic short story written by the infamous author Edgar Allen Poe. Poe is known for many poems and short stories such as “The Raven” and “The Fall of the House of Usher” to name a few. “The Tell Tale Heart” is an eerie fiction of an unreliable narrator attempting to convince the reader of his sanity. In doing so, he reveals more about his insanity while he tells the tale of a dark deed. The narrator is psychotic. In “The Tell Tale Heart,” an unnamed narrator revisits the

  • Horror In The Monkey's Paw

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    W.W Jacobs once said, “Be careful what you wish for, you may receive it”. Horror is a genre that seeks to elicit a negative emotional reaction from viewers by playing on their fears. “The Monkey’s Paw” falls perfectly in this genre. “The Monkey’s Paw” is a horror story written by W.W Jacobs. In the story,the monkey’s paw grants three wishes to three different people. The wishes always lead to a bad event in life. “The Monkey’s Paw” by W.W Jacobs fits the criteria necessary to make it a part of the

  • Elements Of American Gothic Literature: Edgar Allan Poe

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    foremost as a Southern writer. He had a unique and dark way of writing. His mysterious style of writing appeals to emotion and drama. Poe's most impressionable works of fiction are gothic. His stories tend to have the same recurring theme of either death, lost love or both. American gothic fiction is a subgenre of gothic fiction. Elements specific to American Gothic include: rationality/rational vs. irrational, puritanism, guilt, Das Unheimliche (strangeness within the familiar as defined by Sigmund

  • Maddaddam Analysis

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    about how myths and sacred texts are creater, it is written as speculative fiction. In “The Uses of Genre and Classification of Speculative Fiction” by R.B. Gill, the clasification of this genre is explained thorougly. Gill explains that genres should be classified accordingly to the categories of values that are present in the texts. Thus, different genres are interested in different categories. He explains that speculative fiction is interested specially in “categories of engagement or social critique

  • Dystopian Fiction Analysis

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    Q1- Speculative fiction texts frequently have a clear political critique at their center, offering warnings about the present and the future. How can dystopian fiction go beyond warning to testimony? Use texts by both American or European and Middle Eastern or North African (MENA) authors to explore how dystopian fiction can be a medium for testimony or bearing witness, as well as criticism. Are there aspects of dystopian speculative fiction that make it particularly appropriate for testimony? Focus

  • Similarities Between The Horse And His Boy And White Fang

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    Regarding genre, White Fang is adventure fiction, but The Horse and His Boy is fantasy, and speculative fiction, as well as being children’s and Christian literature. White Fang, while being fiction, is a realistic book, set in locations which actually exist, in Canada and America; The Horse and His Boy however takes place in fictional countries, Archenland, Narnia, and

  • Three Elements Of Magical Realism

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    Paris or Berlin and were influenced by artistic movements such as Surrealism. Writings of Alejo Carpentier and Venezuelan Arturo Uslar-Pietri reflect such an influence. There is a great deal of overlap between the three types of Speculative fiction - Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror. Supernatural and Magic form a primary element of either plot, setting, theme or all three in the Fantasy genre. The strange and unreal is explained “by means of divine intervention, magic, or other supernatural forces

  • Midnight Robber Analysis

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    The narrative of Midnight Robber chronicles the adventures and mythologizing actions of the protagonist, incorporating tales and myths from traditional African, Caribbean, North American and South American cultures. The opening lines feature the voice of a narrator, much like in folktale tradition, inviting the reader into the story: “Oho. Like it starting, oui? Don't be frightened, sweetness; is for the best. I go be with you the whole time. Trust me and let me distract you little bit with one anansi