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  • The Elimination Of The Armenian Genocide

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    What does it take for a genocide to be officially declared as a “genocide” and widely recognized by different nations as such? During the rise of World War I, in 1915, the Ottoman Empire set a plan to eliminate the Armenian race and portray it as a “threat” to the development of the Turkish nation. Over the course of just 3 years, this plan annihilated over 3/4 of the Armenian population in the Empire, or 1.5 million individuals. This devastating historical event might sound familiar, because just

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Julian Castro

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    How determinative and essential is opportunity in order to create a society that is accompanied by appropriate prosperity? At Barack Obama’s convention in 2012, Julian Castro gives an endorsing speech in which a series of convenient traits are included. Based on the previous question, an analysis of Castro’s way of addressing and rhetorical level will be composed in the following content. Castro’s interesting and appealing way of addressing his audiences will be taken into account as well. What is

  • Examples Of Dollar Diplomacy

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    From 1909 to 1913, President William Howard Taft, the successor of the renowned Progressive President Theodore Roosevelt, adopted dollar diplomacy as the nation's foreign policy toward Latin America and East Asia. Having helped Roosevelt with diplomatic issues and foreign policies from 1900 to 1907, Taft aimed to correct his predecessor's policies that relied too heavily on the military force and the political balance of power. With his secretary of state Philander Knox, Taft derived dollar diplomacy

  • Patriarchy In A Doll's House Essay

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    Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House” is a critique of an unequal society with its structured hierarchy of male dominance. The play seems to be a serious social commentary of the time period when it was written. The characters in the play bring four issues of power and control, ignorance and innocence, rebirth and social status. Ibsen created Nora’s character in doll’s house to represent that women of that time period was unaware of their situation in society but in play women were also taught to overcome

  • Inner Thinking In Ray Bradbury's The Drummer Boy

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    “Don't think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It's self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can't try to do things. You simply must do things.”- Ray Bradbury Everyone in life over thinks things at times especially when writing, but writers need to get their heads down and get their pens to paper. Bradbury’s writing is always universal. He sets a good example to inspire writers. In the short story “The Drummer Boy”, Bradbury uses a variety of techniques to get the reader engaged

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of JFK Gone To The Moon Speech

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    Rhetorical Analysis on JFK Gone to the Moon Speech The Gone to the Moon Speech was written by John F. Kennedy and announced on the day of May 25, 1961. The speech was given the title Gone to the Moon because Kennedy wanted the first man to be sent to the moon and surface the moon in achievement. It was the foundational standpoint for technology to advance. JFK uses logos, ethos, and pathos to relay his statement in a unique way to connect with the audience. It was the “official” start of the era

  • Why You Should Always Be Honest Analysis

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    When I was a kid, my mom always told me being honest all the time because she did not want me to lie to her anything. Moreover, if I lie to her, my mom will use a thick and long stick to hit me as a punishment to let me know being honest is very important. Most of the parents teach their children being honest all the time when children are still young; however, should people always be honest? Is honesty the best policy that children and adults should follow? Lana Winter-Hébert, a wordsmith and

  • Pop Art In The Advertising Industry

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    Pop art like many other forms of art can be described as an amalgamation of many different artistic styles (Chapman, A. (2011). However, Pop art is set apart from other forms of art by the fact that it uses its own unique aesthetic style that often involves incorporating music icons, political figures, movie celebrities in order to come up with a unique and interesting artistic product (Chapman, A. (2011). As a result, this has made pop art to become an effective tool to be used in the advertisement

  • Modernity In Frankenstein

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    What happens when the point of no return has been passed for a fixing detrimental problem? There are two interpretations of this: through novel and lecture. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a novel about an eighteenth century scientist, Victor Frankenstein, who creates life from a dead body and cannot handle the consequences of his action. Immediately after his creation comes to life, Frankenstein abandons his creation due to pure disgust of its appearance. In a time of loneliness and rejection, the

  • Morality And Integrity In Nelson Mandela

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    "Those who conduct themselves with morality, integrity and consistency need not fear the forces of inhumanity and cruelty." - Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela, celebrated former South African president and leader in the anti-apartheid movement, during a British Red Cross Humanity Lecture made the above statement which forms the theme of this reflection. It is essential that the various concepts illustrated

  • Dangerous Knowledge In Frankenstein Essay

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    Throughout Frankenstein, Mary Shelley shows how dangerous knowledge can be. Discuss. In her novel, Frankenstein, Mary Shelley highlights how the pursuit of knowledge can lead to disastrous consequences when it is placed in the wrong hands. This is evidenced by Victor Frankenstein’s carless actions, and that of his creation when it is discovering the world and society for the first time. Victor’s reckless behaviour contributes not only the deaths of his family, but the creature’s nature of becoming

  • Metaphor In The Glass Castle

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    The Glass Castle is a memoir based on the life and family of Jeanette Walls. Short on food and money, the family travels quite frequently to resettle and regain their lives. Based on her point of view, Jeanette maintains a steady heart while dealing with her dysfunctional family’s issues. The parents fail to provide for their children adequately due to their own personal problems, and because of that, Jeannette learns how to fend for and take care of herself. As Jeanette grows older, she realizes

  • Human Experimentation Persuasive Essay

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    If someone searches human experimentation online it will tell you that human experimentation can be broadly defined as anything done to an individual to learn how it will affect him or her afterwards. Experimentation on a human being is the experimentation of humans to help find cures and to help fight off things like illnesses or diseases. It can also help provide us with the medicine and knowledge of what medication should be used to treat the injury or illness medication treats things. Like headaches

  • Oedipus Rex Literary Analysis

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    Angelina Not Ms. Kavalauskas Introduction to Literature November 20th 2014 Oedipus Rex Summary The tragic Greek play that goes by the name Oedipus Rex by Sophocles was written in 430 BC. The overall message that the author gives and Aristotle evaluates is that fate is unavoidable and is impossible to change. Aristotle also points out that in this story there is clearly the “perfect tragedy”. The “perfect tragedy” exists when in a story there is a tragic hero and his flaw. As the audience

  • Theodore Roosevelt's Fighting Bob La Follette

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    “Fighting Bob La Follette” was born on June 14, 1855 in Dane County, Wisconsin. He spent his childhood as a farm laborer before going to college at the University of Wisconsin. He graduated after 4 years and found his first job as the Dane County district attorney. After this, he became a congressman representing Wisconsin which gave him a start to his great political career at the state level for his zealous oratory. Many political bosses despised him for his progressive beliefs and how he wasn’t

  • Essay On The Ghost Of Hamlet Sr

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    In Literature, there is usually a character who appears briefly if at all, but whose scarce appearances play a predominant role in the piece. An example of such character would be the ghost of Hamlet Sr. in William Shakespeare 's Hamlet. Although the ghost of Hamlet Sr. appears only three times throughout the play, he significantly affects the action, theme, and the development of other characters. Hamlet does, in fact, believe that foul play was to blame for his father 's death and that it was

  • Informative Essay On Aac 51 Area 51

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    exterior was slick and devoid of seems or rivets to minimize the craft’s radar signature.’ ( However this aircraft was far ahead of its time and almost the perfect aircraft there was another craft lurking in the shadows called the SR-71 Blackbird. The SR-71 Blackbird was a moch 3, strategic, low profile spy plane that was developed after the Lockheed U-2 aircraft. ( At the time this craft was created this spy plane could take pin point photos far beyond the average altitude

  • Ben Novack Murders

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    Unlimited where his mother, future wife and step daughter would work later on. It is difficult to know where to start with this story but considering all that were involved, it is only fair to start with Ben Novack Sr. the man who welcomed Ben Jr. into the world of business. Ben Novack Sr. was a well known man in his own right. He became most famous in the 1950 's when he built and founded

  • Trauma In Foer's Literature

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    The effects of trauma have been studied thoroughly by many researchers, but because of the complexity and variety in every case of trauma, the researchers have had a difficult time pinpointing specific outcomes in trauma’s major effects on life. This exploration of trauma’s effect on growth has even manifested itself in today’s literature. The trauma-filled scenes in Jonathan Foer’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close show characters who have become hostages of their own minds because of their inability

  • How Did Benjamin Davis Influence The Military

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    Benjamin O. Davis Sr. was a very important figure in United States history, and military history. Benjamin Davis Sr was the first African-American military general. Back during the Spanish American war he volunteered to fight, and he stayed in the military and worked his way up the ranks. During the time he served, African-American people did not get the respect they deserved, so that means he had to work twice as hard to make his way his way up. Davis was a very important figure to the military