Sri Lanka Essays

  • Harrison Bergeron Equality Analysis

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    We live in a volatile world; no one can begin to dispute such an evident truth. Sadly, in the pursuit of the stabilizing solution, a uniting solution, many well-meaning activists exacerbate the situation further. Tolerance is the war-cry of the modern activist; the ultimatum, equality, is goal claimed by the masses and an ideal for an entire generation to strive towards. But do we truly desire a world in which everyone is equal in fiscal status and before one another, a world where ethnicity, sex

  • Funny Boy Shyam Selvadurai Analysis

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    Prejudice, Power, and Control In Funny Boy, a historical coming-of-age novel, author Shyam Selvadurai depicts the unique situation of a young gay boy growing up in Sri Lanka amidst the Sinhala-Tamil tensions. A Tamil himself, Arjie unwittingly becomes caught up in this period of violent political upheaval, eventually immigrating to Canada with his family. Prior to this, Arjie witnesses firsthand the damaging effects of pre-Civil War ethnic hostility, particularly those on social life. In the selected

  • Fundamental Rights In Sri Lanka

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    Constitution of Sri Lanka provides for the protection of fundamental rights. Article 12 of Chapter III recognizes the right to equality and equal protection of the law as well as the right to protection from discrimination on certain specified grounds, including sex. Any person, whose right to equality is violated, under this Article, by either executive or administrative action, can file a Fundamental Rights Application in the Supreme Court. Article 12(3) also recognizes that a special provision

  • The First Day Short Story

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    Both Toni Morrison’s “Sweetness” and Edward P. Jones’ “The First Day” are short stories written by African American individuals. Other than this very basic similarity, these stories and their authors bear resemblance to each other. Both of the authors lived in a time before the internet, cell phones and probably more importantly the rise of an equal rights for all races movement. Given these facts and their shared African heritage, it is understandable both of the stories have at least an undertone

  • Primary Care Approach In Health Care

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    1. INTRODUCTION This is an essay of primary health care and change, this essay is based on obstacles faced in implementing primary health care approach in health care system. The main focus of this essay will be written about the obstacles or other word the challenges to implementing primary healthcare, what can be done in order to overcome this challenges or obstacles. In addition this this repot will be highlight the definition of primary health care, brief discussion about the principles of primary

  • I Am Malala Hero's Journey Essay

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    When watching movies or reading books, you may notice a pattern or similarity in the stories. This is called an archetype. The hero’s journey is one example. Authors have different ways of expressing their thoughts in their hero’s journey. The Hobbit is about the journey of Bilbo Baggins and 13 dwarves who journey to get their treasure back. I Am Malala is a nonfiction novel about a girl who fought for her beliefs and as a result, suffered through a big crisis. There are similarities and differences

  • Red Coral Culture

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    One fundamental characteristic of red coral that distinguishes it from other ‘gems’, is its naturally branching dendritic form. The analogies made between branching coral and trees, was a longstanding one. According to historian, CAS Williams, red coral ‘was anciently supposed to represent a tree called the T’ieh shu [tieshu], which grows at the bottom of the sea, and flowers only once a century’. This suggests a link with marine origins, as well as rarity and a supernatural nature. Further, according

  • Persuasive Speech: Human Trafficking

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    English Coursework: Human Trafficking (Educate & Persuasive Speech)
 Freedom is a short, powerful word we take for granted every day. It’s hard to fully appreciate freedom when we’ve never had it snatched away from us. We get to choose our jobs, where we live, what we eat. If we are unhappy at work, we have the freedom to quit and find work elsewhere. 
 Unfortunately, some people aren’t so lucky. They live the majority of their lives without ever experiencing freedom due to modern day slavery. Millions

  • Foucault's Theory Of Disciplinary Power

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    Foucault describes the notion of disciplinary power as a modern form of power which can be described as being productive rather than repressive (Hook, 2004). This is done in the sense of ‘bring things into being’, and producing both the discipline of psychology as knowledge as well as subjective effects. Subject effects include individuality and the soul (Hook, 2004). Hook (2004) further states that disciplinary power is related to a set of techniques, these being certain assessments and procedures

  • Advantages Of Stock Buyback

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    A stock buyback is process in which a firm buys back its own stock. There are three conditions which could make firms to buyback stock. 1. A company may want to increase its leverage by issuing debt and using the proceeds to buyback stock. 2. Many firms give their employees stock options, and they repurchase stock for use when employees exercise the options. In this option, the number of outstanding shares reverts to its pre-repurchase level. 3. A company has excess cash, it may be due to a sudden

  • The Hero's Journey In I Am Malala And The Hobbit

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    There are similarities and multiple differences between the way the authors of I Am Malala and The Hobbit portray the hero’s journey, and most are differences. First of all, the biggest difference in the hero’s journey for the novels was the assistance. In I Am Malala, Malala’s father stays by her side during her journey in sharing her beliefs, but Gandalf leaves Bilbo early in the journey.Furthermore, the assistance in the hero’s journey is very important, because it contributes to many things

  • The Three Main Types Of Political Culture In Nigeria

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    Political culture according to (University of Minnesota, 2017), may be defined as “well-established political traits that are characteristic of a society and consider the attitudes, values, and beliefs that people in a society have about the political system”. Political culture helps strengthen people as a community because people who share a similar understanding of the political events, actions, and experiences that occur in the country, tend to be united. Political culture is usually passed on

  • Social Commentary In Whitewashing The Fence

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    Mark Twain's incredibly unique writing style consisted of several stylistic elements. One of these elements is social commentary. Social commentary is the act of commenting on problems you find in society, usually in a humorous way. We can see an example of social commentary in "Whitewashing the Fence". In "Whitewashing the Fence", Tom Sawyer is forced to whitewash his Aunt Polly's fence as a punishment, but he soon finds a way around his retribution by tricking the other boys in the neighborhood

  • Absence Of Religion In The Great Gatsby

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    1. How did the absence of religion within the story affect the traits displayed by the characters in terms of immorality? The Great Gatsby touches themes like infidelity, deception, and a number of what people can consider as immoral acts throughout the story. There have been many notions considering the 1920s as an era of radical extremes, economic disparities, division of social classes, and moral callousness. The author wanted to pattern and group the characters in such a way that emphasizes

  • Essay About Tet Holiday

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    A long time ago, Tet Holiday plays an essential role in Vietnamese culture; it is also really meaningful for Vietnamese people. Tet holiday is the time for people wish each other health, wealthy and happiness for a new year. Although Vietnamese people solemnize Tet together, differences in the way celebrate this vacation and traditional customs between North and South still exist in Vietnam. I will introduce it, origin of Tet holiday and reasons why Tet vacation is irreplaceable. II. Body 1. History

  • The Roman Conquest: The Negative Effects Of The Roman Conquest

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    " The Negative effects of" the Roman Conquest Alright so the first few things that I think are negative effects of the Roman conquest are really just negative effects of war things that happen every time man decided to fight. For example the economy often takes a hit during times of war it takes man power that obvious ,but it also takes money,food,water , and other basic human needs. That often

  • Impact Of Tourism Industry In Sri Lanka

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    Introduction to Sri Lanka and its economy Sri Lanka, known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean is officially called the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. After gaining independence from the British in 1948 the country continues to attract foreign investors and tourists to the island. The country boasts a proud heritage of over 3000 years from the Anuradhapura period to Polonaruwa period. At present, it is one of the major foreign exchange generating industries in Sri Lanka and nearly 1, 50

  • Descriptive Essay On Sri Lanka Travel

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    Sri Lanka Travel Guide How to travel from Colombo to Galle Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, which is approximately 32km south of the Bandaranayke International Airport, and is regarded as the main tourist attraction in Sri Lanka. Galle, which is situated approximately 120km south of Colombo, is another main attraction. There are five ways to get from Colombo to Galle. 1. Railway Route When taking the railway route, you need to get on the train from Colombo Fort. There are three

  • Treta Yuuga Avatar

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    Description Dashavatara refers to the ten avatars of Vishnu, the Hindu god of preservation. The word Dashavatara derives from daśa, meaning 'ten' and avatar (avatāra), meaning 'descent'. Thus, Vishnu is said to descend in form of an avatar to restore cosmic order. These Avatars play a major role in shaping human evolution through centuries. God Vishnu incarnates on Earth from time to time to eradicate evil forces, to restore the dharma and to liberate the worthy ones or devotees from the cycle of

  • Narrative Style In The Handmaid's Tale

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    Rikio Asakura Literature Higher Level Word Count: The Handmaid’s Tale Essay Task Offred states ‘I’m sorry there is so much pain in this story. I’m sorry it’s in fragments, like a body caught in crossfire or pulled apart by force. But there’s nothing I can do to change it.’ Discuss Atwood’s narrative style and evaluate its effectiveness in terms of a contemporary audience’s reception of the novel: Much that confronts readers in Atwood’s science fiction tale of dystopian future is likely