Staffordshire Bull Terrier Essays

  • Dog Fighting Essay

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    Dogs were put against other animals, like bears and bulls, who were either set free or tied up. The fighting of dogs continued all over Europe until England created The Cruelty to Animals Act 1835. This act was intended to stop the mistreatment of animals. They originally had the Cruelty Treatment of Cattle Act 1822 to put a stop to the poor treatment of cattle. The Act of 1835 stated that besides cattle, they would also add “bulls, dogs, bears and sheep”(World Library). Along with a law

  • Argumentative Essay On Puppy Mills

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    Puppy mills areis toxic to everyone around them because they continuously breed sick puppies. Dogs are being forced to reproduce until they can no longer give birth. Their puppies then end up being sick and only last about nine9 days or less. These reasons are why puppy mills needs to come to an end. Puppy mills areis obviously owned by peoplesomeone who haves no heart for animals. There are several dogs who have been in cages their whole entire life. They have never felt soft grass in between their

  • Pit Bulls Essay

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    If Pit Bulls are mean it is because there owner treaded them hourbely or they treated them mean. Pit Bulls can only get to 19 inches as an adult. Pit bulls can lock their jaws when the bite into something or someone. A male Pit Bull can weigh up to 35-65lbs and a female can weigh up to 30-60lbsas an adult. The colors of a pit bull are black, white, red, gray, fawn, brindle , blue, brown, and tan,. Pit Bull or Pitbull terriers, are beautiful they are athletic dogs the like to play fetch, and they

  • Why We Should Pitbulls Be Banned

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    The pit bull is a breed of dog with a reputation that has been skewed by misrepresentation of evidence and flat out lies. The pit bull has no inherent dangerous characteristics and banning it would make no progress in safety. It is common knowledge that all animals are controlled by their instincts. Dogs may bite or growl at a person to warn them, but if a person doesn’t listen to that warning, it is the person’s fault. Banning pit bulls will not change an animal’s natural instinct and make people

  • Pit Bulls Fair Research Paper

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    against pit bulls fair? According to 's map, breed specific legislation (BSL) is a law that is currently being enforced in twenty- nine states of the United States. Breed specific legislation is a law that bans or restricts certain dog breeds that are deemed vicious, dangerous, or aggressive towards humans and other animals. The breed of dog that the law mainly concentrates on is the "pit bull". Many dog lovers, pit bull owners, or just dog owners in general feel that the pit bull should

  • Pit Bulls Literature Review

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    Stereotypes     Contrary to population beliefs in society, Pit Bulls not as aggressive than they are thought to be. According to testing by The National Canine Temperament Testing Association, Golden Retrievers, Poodles, Border Collies, English Setters, and a number of many other breeds are considered more likely to become aggressive than the breeds known as Pit Bulls. While the average score these dogs tested 82.4 percent, Pit Bulls scored a 86.5 percent (Frosek). In the same testings, Golden Retrievers

  • Pit Bulls Essay

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    Should Pit bulls be considered a danger to society? Some believe that pit bulls are inherently violent and need to be regulated. Maybe its because of their varied history, physical aspects, temperament, and even their breed. Whatever the reason theses dogs have always seemed to possess a negative reputation. But not everyone agrees with the dogs regrettable image, these people strongly believe that no dog is naturally violent and aggressive. They are wholeheartedly convinced that any neglected animal

  • Speech About Pitbulls

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    Pit bulls are Misunderstood Some might not know this, but a person is 60 times more likely to be killed by a coconut than a Pit bull.The Pit bull is the dog know as the Bully breed. Most people think of Pit bull and associate them with aggression, dog attacks, and death. A myth that keeps going around is their jaws; people say that they have a locking jaw, but there is no difference between them than any other dog. The common perception about Pit Bulls is wrong due to their history, biased media

  • Why Pitbulls Are Misunderstood Summary

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    Reasons why pit bulls are Misunderstood”,Kristina Pepeko, in Science Daily, states that there are 5 myths to the reason why Pit Bulls are misjudged. According to this article many people take information that they have heard and change it into the wrong prospective. A “Pit Bull's behavior is based on the way their owners raise them not just their breed. “Pit Bull” is actually a generic term applied to various breeds including the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Blue Blood

  • Essay On Pitbulls

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    organization, dedicated to rescuing pit bulls, says, “I’ve always wanted to help the "underdog" and they are a super personable, highly friendly, affectionate and misunderstood breed.” She says that her pit bulls are loving, loyal, and silly dogs. If that is the truth, then why have pit bulls been giving such a bad reputation? Before we get into the current news, the history of the pit bull should be covered first. For those of you that aren’t aware, pit bulls aren’t one specific breed, but more of

  • Pit Bulls Should Not Be Banned Essay

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    Pit bulls, should we ban them? You may know the American Pit Bull Terrier’s have been to bred to fight but this is not true. Pit bulls were not bred for fighting they were bred to work and herd cattle. They only got their bad reputation as fighting dog because of the owners who trained them to be mean and aggressive. Now people want to ban the all Pit Bull mixes or any dog that could be mistaken for a Pit Bull. But by using breed specific legislation would be wrong because you would be taking

  • Why The Pit Bulls Should Be Banned

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    The term “Pit Bull” is used to describe a certain group of dogs with similar traits and characteristics, but it is not its own breed of dog. The breeds that this term refers to include the American Pit Bull terrier, the American Staffordshire terrier, and Pit mixes (Villalobos Rescue Center). Every day, Pit Bulls are being labeled as vicious, killers, beasts, and monsters. Any horrible name that you can think of, they have been called it. All of the breeds that make up this term are considered the

  • Retrievers Pros And Cons

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    a dog looks like another in some cases how when we see a chihuahua we automatically call it a chihuahua without actually finding out. Is pre-determining a breed by looks bad after all? Should we get to keep our pits as family dogs? In America, Pit bulls make up 6 percent of the dog population in Canada and the US in 2016. Owners all across the nation

  • Argumentative Essay On Dog Fighting

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    The dog fighting is a bloody activity that happens around the world , including the U.S. In our country, there are lot of activities or issues that lead to the argument throughout the nation. The dog fighting was the culture of our country after the Civil War, but with the cruel and and beastly, this sport becomes illegal and it’s felony over the nation and the territories .The dog fighting effects and harms many ways and many things, especially children, who attends the dog fighting. It also harms

  • Persuasive Speech About Pit Bulls

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    that pit bulls are not born to be mean? Not just pit bulls aren 't the only dog breed trained to be mean, other dogs are too. Many owners train pitbulls to fight. Dog fighting is very dangerous. Pit bulls are not mean and vicious. All dogs can be mean and vicious, not just pit bulls. Most people think that as soon as they see a pit bull it 's going to attack you for no reason. But really pit bulls are born very nice and efficient to people. Other people train dogs to fight not just pit bulls. In fact

  • The Pros And Cons Of Pitbulls

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    Pit bulls have created a bad reputation throughout the years, but is it really their fault? This breed of dog can be harmful, or harmless, depending on how they are raised. Although they are the most lethally aggressive when trained to be, it isn’t really up to the dogs themselves, but to the people who own them. Should people be able to own pit bulls? Or does it cause more harm and disorder for others who don’t own any pit bulls? The original pit bulls were called “bull terriers” which were

  • Pitbull Research Paper

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    Pit bulls; how dangerous are they really? I’m sure we’ve all heard about the bad reputation that pit bulls have. Maybe we haven´t all had a good experience with pit bulls. Sometimes there are stories on the news about attacks on people done by a pit bull, but not all dogs are bad. How dangerous are pit bulls really? Pit bulls as a breed are not dangerous. The things that make pit bulls or any breed dangerous are abuse/neglect/abandonment, bad owners, and lengthened shelter stays. Pit bulls are considered

  • Why Pitbulls Are Lovable Pets

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    obviously people are just saying that because they think Pitbulls are formidable, violent, and vicious. Pit bulls are beautiful and precious creatures that will be so watchful about their owner and their owner's family. Most of the time Pitbulls must be provoked. Now, when choosing a pet just remember the rumors you hear about Pit bulls aren't true.

  • Pit Bulls Stereotypes Essay

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    Pit Bulls have many stereotypes put on them that have gone on for far too long. Those in society who believe these certain stereotypes to be true, need to understand and realize they are not. Stereotypes such as, that Pit Bulls are naturally aggressive, that it does not matter how you raise them that no matter what they will always hold and show aggressive acts and behavior. Another stereotype is that Pit Bulls have special mechanisms such as a locking jaw. From both of those stereotypes comes a

  • Dog Fighting Persuasive Speech

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    All you need to do is press three buttons in your phone which are 9,1, and 1 when you see somebody abusing an animal, but to sit there and just watch is wrong and by all means you are just as guilty as the person abusing the animal. Don’t you agree? If you agree I hate to break it to you but there are people who sit, watch, and worst of all enjoy seeing innocent dogs being forced to fight. Dog fighting is a sad sadistic or contest where two dogs specifically bred, and trained to fight