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  • Standardized Testing Rhetorical Analysis

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    Standardized testing has become a very controversial topic amongst the nation. There are two sides, one that agrees that these tests are doing well for students and school officials, and another that argues that these tests are hurting the students taking them and should be put to a stop. Norman R. Augustine wrote an article for the need of standardized testing, and Jessie B. Ramey States the ways that the tests are impairing the learning capability of the students.

  • What Are The Benefits Of Standardized Testing Persuasive Essay

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    Standardized Testing is not a good choice for a test because it does not show how a student really works or understands what is being taught. The purpose of school was once to just learn, now it is focused on just passing a test. In schools everything is focused on passing a test that can make or break a student. Standardized tests takes away from teaching, does not show true abilities, and makes a higher climate for cheating.

  • What´s Standardized Testing Effective?

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    In 2015, a poll was taken from over 1500 National Education Association members, and more than 70 percent of those polled believed that standardized testing is not useful and helpful to students in developing any skills (Walker). Standardized tests have been taken since the early 1900s in many age groups. A standardized test is any sort of test that has both the same questions and the same answers to all people it is given to. They are usually given over wide areas, such as states or even whole countries, and can be used to see what knowledge a general population has gained from their educations. Some major standardized tests are the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and the American College Test (ACT). These tests are taken by people that are

  • Evolution Of Standardized Testing Essay

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    Over time, standardized tests have changed dramatically due to its increasingly importance to students and others. Standardized tests have changed in regards to its importance in college admissions,the way they pressure kids to study, and some may question if it is really worth it. Today, standardized tests take a big part in the life of many young students. Many question if standardized testing is worth all the trouble. But standardized testing wasn't always all stress, and worrying.

  • What Is The Effect Of Persuasive Essay On Standardized Testing

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    Standardized testing is used in most schools and institutes. In standardized testing, all test takers are required to answer the same set of questions. Many people consider standardized testing as an objective way of grading a student. Even though most schools make students take standardized tests, it does not measure the knowledge of a student.Standardized tests are an unfair measure of students intelligence and academic performance; therefore, the tests should be changed drastically or abandoned. As someone who is going to college to become a teacher and will be involved in education in a few years, I will have to prepare my students for standardized testing. Such as the ACT and the SAT. Many individuals point out many problems with the standardized testing and state how unfair it is. They believe that it puts way too much pressure and stress on the students and don’t believe to think is truly shows the

  • Should Standardized Test Scores Be Required Essay

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    Junior year. The best and worst time of a students' life. Many teenagers have just experience the privilege of freedom and independence of driving as well the ability to make their own decisions; However, the stress and overwhelming responsibility of college applications and of course ACTs and SATs scores can ruin it all, especially with crucial standardized test that can ultimately determine a young adults future. Most high school students spend all of second semester preparing for the SATs and ACTs. Many impressionable students depend on their test scores to get accepted into their dream school, but what if students lack test taking skills. Should one test really determine it all? Not only are standardized test scores like the SAT a waste of time, but they lack to demonstrate students full academic ability and only shows that a student has good test taking skills.

  • Standardized Testing Argument Analysis

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    Lyndsey Layton, a National Education Reporter from the Washington Post, gave us the number of tests students take, from a 2015 survey. She wrote, "..112 mandated test are given to students from pre-k to their senior year of high school.." (Layton). Just in the past decade, testing in public schools has majorly increased. In 2001, Congress passed the No Child Left Behind Act. This law was created to see all students in America improve in their academics. Standardized testing is an issue that keeps getting worse because, No Child Left Behind , requires an evaluation of schools and teachers by the student's test scores. Congress believed this would encourage the schools to ensure their teachers were preparing the students

  • Standardized Testing Research Paper

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    Standardized tests are very common in today’s modern society. They are used as a tool to measure a person’s performance and indicate how their estimated performance will be in a college class. Every year hundreds of students take the ACT or SAT in order to get accepted into their college of choice and to receive scholarships, but they fail to see the problems with these standardized tests. As more and more people take these tests, the national average score falls causing doubt in the extremely important system. This is leading people to question whether or not the ACT and SATs are accomplishing what they were created to do. Standardized tests do not work because of inaccuracy, bias, and student misunderstanding.

  • Standardized Testing Argument Essay

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    Student Sudhanshu Pandey, was a happy, normal teenage boy who didn’t look like he would succumb into depression. On march 4, Sudhanshu seemed unusually reluctant to go school. Later than day his parents found him in his room hanging from the ceiling fan. Sudhanshu left a note, explaining how all the pressure and stress in his life from test exams has taken over. Not only has Sudhanshu Pandey been depressed and stressed from testing, its all over the world. Schools are giving out too many standardized tests. It’s not only robbing them of their time, but it’s also causing stress and anxiety and going into far levels. Students need to be focusing on their learning academics and preparing for their future. Taking unuseful tests are not only pointless, but they put too many kids/teens into anxiety and even depression.

  • Standardized Testing Satire Essay

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    With the use satire, people have been made famous through this literary work. Many would laugh about the subject of standardized testing. What is the point? Through the use of parody and low comedy, The Simpsons satirizes the judging of standardized tests in the episode “Standardized Testing.” Although everyone in the world has disparate views on educational systems, we should see all aspects of it together. The pragmatic way of seeing the positives and negatives of standard testing comes from the background information we observe from it. The episode “Standardized Testing” aired on September 30, 2012, produced by Seth Macfarlane. This episode is mocking and attacking the use of standardized testing. The producers are making us ask ourselves

  • Fairness Of Standardized Testing

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    Standardized testing is a common way of measuring a students progress and performance in school. The tests may vary by different schools and grades and it usually takes up a large portion of students total time. Although it is purposely designed to be consistent and accurate tool, it isn 't. Many question the effectiveness of standardized testing. Standardized testing is an inaccurate assessment because it does not effectively judge the students ability to learn or understand material, it can not always be objective and fair, and does not take into account the student 's real and true understanding. Standardized test marks based on the students performance on the competitiveness of the exam, and little on their actual knowledge or skills. To

  • Essay On Ineffective Education

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    Creativeness and out of the box thinking is being stripped from classrooms all over the country. Instead it is replaced with scripted teaching. Teaching that only helps students pass a standardized test. Is this what we really want? Do we want this to be the norm for curriculum in the classroom? Many people have different opinions on whether or not standardized testing should be continued. There have been many disagreements on if standardized tests accurately measure student accomplishments or if they have helped students in the long-run. Numerous teachers do not like “teaching to the test”. Even students are tired of being deprived creativeness in the classroom and they are only learning certain objectives that

  • Negative Effects Of Standardized Testing

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    Many public school students have been there; it was the week before the final exams, and everyone was nervous. The teachers were usually busy demonstrating good test-taking strategies and frequently hinting that standardized tests were of immense importance. Many public school students fret about them, but how many know exactly what they affect? The effects of standardized testing on the participants were simple; none. Standardized tests were a waste of time to not only the student, but also the instructor. They claimed to have measured a student’s success and progress, but the results were quite inaccurate. Unless students had taken the same test at the beginning of the year, then how could a single test result determine whether students improved? Regardless, student success should be measured by the educator and overall improvement and not by a single, inaccurate result. As a solution, standardized testing should be eliminated from US public schools regarding the evidence that they were a major stress creator, the test does not affect the participant or instructor, and the results were an inaccurate measurement of student success.

  • Does Standardized Testing Determine a Person's Future?

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    Standardized testing has become an obsolete way of measuring a student's ability. Students nowadays pay for specialized courses in order to obtain a competitive score. The test is vital for the student's admission to a university. They are conditioned to the method of: memorize, apply and forget; contrary to focusing on understanding the material. Students have to attend school are required to get excellent grades, as well as having classes in the afternoon in pursuance of a being admitted to a top university. The working youth struggling to help their family's financial problems has barely any time to study for regular classes but what about the other study time required for the test required for their college degree. After a lot of educational reforms, is the gap between the minorities and the average student closing; and how can one test decide a person's future?

  • Should Standardized Testing Be Banned Essay

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    Every junior’s worst nightmare, the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT ) and American College Testing (ACT). It’s such a stressful test where you have to cram everything you have learned throughout middle and high school into one standardized test to determine your college entrance. Many students do not perform well on standardized test which pertains only of general knowledge which is unfair to many students. The students should not be penalized for poor test taking skills, stress and anxiety which may cause them to score low. College admissions should not be determined mostly by a test that does not measure a student’s potential and work ethic.

  • Persuasive Essay On Standardized Testing

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    Some of a student’s most horrid days of school are the standardized testing days. Standardized tests have been around for a long time, but recently the tests are have become much longer in length. These tests don’t directly influence the student’s placement, so what is the point of these tests. Although the tests can help teachers when they are trying to find a student’s academic level, schools should not be required to make students take these tests. The testing takes up time students could be learning more, and the students don’t enjoy taking these tests, and it turns them off of school.

  • The Importance Of Standardized Testing

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    42% of teachers agree that standardized tests have a negative impact on their classrooms (NEA 2014). While standardized tests are used to give a framework for teachers (University of Columbia 2013), there should be a different way to accomplish that because the tests are all computerized, students are being taught to take tests, not learn the material, and it puts entirely too much pressure on not only the students but the teachers(Popham #8-15).

  • Problems With Standardized Testing

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    As Albert Einstein once said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” We see within society that in order to combat a problem, we take it upon ourselves to create a new one. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. People are stuck in the same mentality that fostered the problem, and their coping mechanisms lead to new problems. Take people who drink or smoke when they are under stress or are facing some type of problem. They are trying to fix the problem, but are in turn creating new ones that may not arise at first but have detrimental effects down the line. Standardized testing is no different. When it first came about, people were stuck in this mentality that blurred what was really needed, and although

  • The Value Of Standardized Testing

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    “Sometimes, the most brilliant and intelligent minds do not shine in standardized tests because they do not have standardized minds” Diane Ravitch. Standardized test are a collection of information about one or more students. This means that different students will take the same test and then the test will be evaluated by professors to see how students did. Standardized test also provide teacher evaluation, which is if the professor is teaching the students in the right way, meaning if students are understanding what the professor is teaching. Like many issues in education, standardized testing brings a lot of controversial opinions among teachers, voters and parents. A lot of people believe that standardized test are good for student and

  • No Child Left Behind Act Argumentative Essay

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    The No Child Left Behind Act has not shown improvement, however it has now been reauthorized. The No Child Left Behind act was “passed by Congress with the overwhelming bipartisan support in 2001 and signed into the law by President [George] Bush.” The objective of the No Child Left Behind act was to give the less fortunate schools a chance to obtain Title I money by improving the academic achievement of the disadvantaged. Since the founding of our country, education has had huge impact on our democracy. Congress and President Barack Obama, realizing the flaws of the No Child Left Behind Act, decided to amend the law.