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  • Potato Starch

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    THE ACCEPTABILITY OF POTATO (Sulanum Tuberosum) STARCH IN MAKING BIOPLASTIC by De Vera, Sharina Kriz B. Grade 8- STE (A) Mahogany CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE The researcher uses potato as the main component of making bioplastic. Potato (Sulanum tuberosum) is a starchy root vegetable of Central American Origin. It is one of the most widely grown root- crops all over the world and also an example of tuber. It belongs to perennial subspecies of Sulanum tuberosum, in the Solanaceae

  • Bambara Starch Essay

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    physical properties of the starch are given in Table 2. Particle size analysis suggested that the native form of the starch possessed the lowest values of mean projected particle diameter, d for the botanical starches. Native Bambara starch granules (8.69µm) appeared comparatively smaller in size than those of pregelatinized granules (9.35µm) and carboxymethylated granules (13.23µm). Modification significantly increased the mean projected diameter of native Bambara starch, especially carboxymethylation

  • Wheat Starch Experiment

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    this experiment, we used both corn and wheat starch and observe the gelatinization of them at different temperatures. The composition of corn starch is found as 10.2% moisture and 88.8% carbohydrate. (“Corn Starch”, n.d) The remaining parts are ash, fat and protein. However, their percentages are very small and hence we can neglect them. On the other hand, the composition of wheat starch is found as 13% moisture and 86.30% carbohydrate. (“Native Wheat Starch”, n.d) Again the remaining part can be neglected

  • Common Buckwheat Starch

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    and flour in many processed functional foods. Starch is the main component in buckwheat flour which plays an important role in the functional and technological properties of end-use food products. In the present study starch was isolated; flour and starch isolates of buckwheat were studied for their pasting properties using RVA and thermal properties using DSC. Micro-structural characteristics starch granules were analysed by SEM. Granules of starch were oval, spherical and polygonal in shape and

  • Bora Rice Starch Analysis

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    study, purchased from the local market of Tezpur, Assam, India. Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Potassium Tartrate,1-butanol-hydrochloric acid and Copper Sulphate from Sigma Aldrich were used for the extraction of the starch. 2.2. Starch extraction The starch from glutinous rice was extracted by alkali extraction method. Rice sample (1kg) was steeped in sodium hydroxide solution (0.3%) at 25°C for 24 hrs to soften the endosperm. The supernatant liquid was drained off and rice samples

  • Starch Moisture Change Lab Report

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    3. Results & Discussion 3.1 Moisture change 3.1.1 Effect of water contents in starch doughs The effect of water contents in the starch dough on moisture changes during conditioning times were shown in figure 1.Figure 1. The water content effect on the moisture change (%) of the wheat starch foam fabricated at 2000C temperature. The results were shown that the moisture change of a 45% water content in the starch dough was increased with storage times and reached to optimum at 3 days storage times

  • Starch Essay

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    Starch-based Bioplastic Made from Autocarpus heterophyllus (jackfruit) Rags An entry to the FEATI Leandro B. Buates Karen Francisco Aubrey A. Locsin Patricia Joy D. Silva Proponents Ms. Luzviminda A. Dinglasan Research Adviser   I. Introduction Brazil disposes of approximately 240,000 tons of waste per day). Of that total, a large amount goes to open wastes deposits. Only small quantities is disposed in appropriate places. (Vilpoux and Averous, 2002). In the Philippines, it is necessary

  • Essay On Starch

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    Discussion: Part 1 Starch plays a vital role in providing the metabolic energy that enables the body to perform its different functions. Starch is also one of the most important raw and natural materials for the food industry. At the point when starch is warmed with water, granules ingest the water, and swell. In the long run they burst and the internal piece of the granule spills out to structure a thick gel. This is the thing that happens when a gravy or sauce is made. This procedure is called

  • Analysis Of Starch

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    1.0 Abstract Technique for accurate and rapid determination of starch in different type of commercial paper are identified. The commercial paper that has been used in the experiment is Mahjong paper. The main objective for the experiment is to determine the concentration of starch, the percentage of starch and absorbance. The relationship between concentration of starch and absorbance are being determined. Besides that, the Cobb test is carried out to identify the rate of water absorption of the

  • Cyclodextrin Glycosyltransferase

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    Bonilha (2006) et. al... Cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase (EC is an enzyme that produces cyclodextrins from starch via an intramolecular transglycosylation reaction. An alkalophilic Bacillus strain, isolated from cassava peels, was identified as Bacillus licheniformis. CGTase production by this strain was better when potato starch was used as carbon source, followed by cassava starch and amylopectin. Glucose and amylose, on the other hand, acted as synthesis repressors. When the cultivation was

  • Chickpea Milk Essay

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    characteristics of the soil where the plants are grown. The presence of non digestible constituents of chickpea flour is one of the factor making digestible starch slowly digest and low in starch hydrolysis. It includes resistant starch, oligosaccharide, polyphenols and lectins. The total starch level in chickpea indicates a dilution effect by the lesser starch content (Esmat, 2010). The final product of chickpea

  • Reducing Sugar Experiment

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    Although it was hypothesized that the corn syrup would also contain starch, conducted research helped to clarify why this substance was void of starch. First of all, it was hypothesized that whipping cream would not contain starch, and this was confirmed when drops of an iodine solution was added to the test tube. No evidence of starch was observed, but there was a colour change from a white liquid to a yellow hue that stayed at the bottom of the test

  • Alpha Amylase Research Paper

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    Abstract Amylases are enzymes capable of hydrolysing starch and related saccharides. The best known are alpha-amylase, beta-amylase and glucoamylase. Starch degrading enzymes like amylase has received attention of their biotechnological significance and economic benefits. Alpha amylases are one of the important and widely used enzymes whose spectrum of applications has widened in many sectors such as clinical, medicinal and analytical chemistry.The fungal isolates include Aspergillus species, Mucor

  • Amylase Experiment

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    variable: pH levels Dependent variable: The effect of pH enzyme action Control: Positive: Saliva and HCL+ saliva Negative: Water Constant: Iodine solution (indicator) Hypothesis: At least two out of the three procedures will be indicated as starch, due to the fact that amylase is the first enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates Materials: • Paper • Pen/pencil • Saliva • Water • Hydrochloric acid • Pipette • Iodine solution • Construction paper • Timer Procedure: 1. A sheet of paper

  • Effect Of Amylase On Starch

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    react to their surroundings. In a dormant barley seed, starch is stored in the endosperm as a source of energy storage (King, Reiss & Roberts, 2001). Starch is subsequently broken down into its constituents, being glucose. Hence, the role of amylase within this reaction is to hydrolyze starch to maltose (Reaction 1). Lastly in order to further breakdown maltose into glucose requires another enzyme, glucosidase (Reaction 2). Reaction 1: Starch

  • Organic Molecules Lab Report

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    is food that the victim ate that is being examined, so the macromolecules present in the stomach contents are those that are present in the food he ate. With this mind, as the results came up as there being a presence of the macromolecules glucose, starch, and lipids the only restaurant that offers the food that contains these macromolecules is the restaurant, Bella

  • Preparation Of Rice Flour Essay

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    in a 5‐cm diameter glass petri dish with an opaque cover. After the first color measurement was taken, the sample petri dish was rotated 90° and next measurement was performed. Viscosity of starch Viscosity at different shear rate Viscosity of starch was measured according to method of ISI. (2002). Starch samples of 8% was heated to 95 ºC at a constant rate of 1.45 ºC /min on the hot plate with continuous stirring. During heating process, sample containing beaker was kept in a water bath to prevent

  • Starch Research Paper

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    Natural biopolymers of raw materials such as cereals or tuber flours are rich in starch. Most commonly used materials are wheat and corn flours, but many other materials are also used such as rice flour, potato, rye, barley, oats, sorghum, cassava, tapioca, buckwheat and pea flour. Starch undergoes several significant structural changes, which include gelatinization, melting, and fragmentation ( Kokini, et al). Starch is one of the most important raw materials in the food industry because of its properties

  • Moringa Oleifera

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    Starch α-glucosidase Glucose Principle: Glucose oxidase catalyses the oxidation of glucose to hydrogen peroxide and gluconic acid. The hydrogen peroxide in the presence of enzyme peroxidase is broken down and oxygen

  • Corn Syrup Lab Report

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    many manufacturer process, that used corn syrup as an raw material, and HFCS used in many food stuffs for developing better taste, odor and flavor. In the middle section of this report I will show the process flow diagram of the process that uses starch as an raw material for the production of HFCS. At the end of this report I will cover up, how environment affected due to the production of HFCS, and what are