Stretching Essays

  • Dynamic Stretching Research

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    followed by periods of sport specific movements, and finishing with stretching, usually consisting of static stretching. This paper will review the research regarding static stretching and the negative affects in athletic performance and the lack of evidence demonstrating the ability of static stretching as a tool for injury prevention. The paper will discuss the research and benefits of dynamic stretching as an alternative to static stretching for warm-up activities and discuss the proper setting to incorporate

  • Over-Stretching In Medical Treatment

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    Over-Stretching: Something most people do not consider is the concept of over-stretching. When you stretch lightly, tendons and muscles are pulled and may relax to 'give' a little, improving the range of motion slightly. However, if you try to stretch too much, too far, or too hard you will actually cause small rips and tears in the muscles and tendons that you are stretching. These tears are rarely permanent, however they will leave the muscle or tendon to be a little weaker than it would have

  • Personal Narrative: Team Dance

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    Julie directed us to the hallway. The starlets (my dance team) all sat down and started following the stretching leaders. The stretching leaders happened to be Autie and I. So, we started stretching. Once, to the right, once to the left. “Ok, everybody get in the dead frog position!” I demanded. All of the starlets got in the dead frog position and was shrieking in pain. Once, we were done stretching Julie came over and told us that we need to start running through our dances. Indefinitely, we all

  • Track And Field Essay

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    Track & Field Track and Field looks like a very simple, easy, boring sport to most people but it’s really not. Some people don’t want to join track because “they don’t like running”, what some people don’t think about is the field part of Track and Field. There are many different options when it comes to track and field. Track and field is a very enjoyable sport to most of the members. It just like every other sport out there. One plus side to running is it could help you stay in shape today

  • Mallet Finger Case Study

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    A mallet finger presents itself when there is a sudden struck of force onto a resisting distal interphalangeal (DIP) joint flexion of the finger by an approaching object or even just smashing the fingertip against a stationary object causing pain and tenderness to be exhibit at the dorsum part of the distal phalanx base (Buttaravoli & Leffler, 2012, p.415). The distal phalanges are attached by the extensor tendon which is a projection from the extensor digitorum muscle that allows the finger to be

  • Ankle Dorsiflexion Research Paper

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    can play a role in vertical movements are arm swings, countermovements, stretching and ankle taping (7, 9, 10). However, in our research, we are going to observe what factor ankle dorsiflexion plays in jump performance. This is important because jump performances are used in examining professional athletes across the world. The purpose is to investigate the question if there is a correlation of ankle dorsiflexion with

  • Essay On Anaerobic Energy

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    Since it would be extremely difficult to run 400m all out from start to finish, the best runner should have the ability to use his speed and energies the best way possible, over the total distance. Most aerobic workouts/trainings are usually called “steady state”. The reason is because, during them, the body’s energy requirements are balanced by energy supply, which allows the athletes to exercise at a certain pace. Once the steady state is over, by increasing the level of training and using more

  • Neck Pain Essay

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    10. Maintain supportive posture. Poor posture can cause neck pain by straining muscles and ligaments that support the neck, resulting in injury over time. The head and shoulders forward posture is the most common example of poor posture that contributes to neck pain. This is when the neck slants forward, placing the head in front of the shoulders. For every inch the head shifts forwards, an extra 10 pounds is added to the muscles in the upper back and neck. A 5-inch forward shift results in 50 extra

  • Foot Cramps Research Paper

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    Natural Ways to Get Rid of Foot Cramps The long period of walking and standing takes toll on our feet because our feet carry our weight. This is why foot cramps are among the most common feet disorders. Foot cramps are painful and involuntary spasms that affect the muscles. Foot cramps can last for a couple of minutes or even days. Usually, the toes, particularly the big one, and the inner arch, are the parts very affected. A lot of people describe it as an abrupt, sharp pain that restrains them

  • Benefits Of Stretching

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    Question no 3 : how stretching exercise can prevent injuries? Stretching exercise is a form of physical exercise to prepare body for exercises or any intense heavy workout in which a specific tendon or muscle is deliberately flexed or stretched in order to improve the muscle’s elasticity and achieve full and comfortable range of motion. Stretching is also used therapeutically to alleviate cramps. Stretching is done mainly for the purposes of prevention/reducing risk of injuries and enhancing movement

  • Stretching Exercise

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    Introduction: According to the American College of Sports Medicine 1,flexibility is an important component of good physical fitness and health. Therefore, for physical activity programs, muscles stretching exercise is an important component. Sedentary or less flexible subjects may perform the VM during stretching exercises due to difficulty in reaching and sustaining extreme ranges of motion. Methodology: 40 participants of age group 18-25 years having either hamstrings or pectorals tightness were included

  • Personal Narrative: My Field Experience

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    Though it is often tempting to cut this time short in order to practice additional drills, coaches should never skimp on cool down and stretching. To do so encourages athletes to develop bad habits and puts them at risk for injury and increased soreness. Furthermore, there will be times when a coach needs to change or cancel a practice. To be prepared, they should designate alternate locations

  • Freiberg Kohl's Disease Case Studies

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    very tender. The tendo-Achillesmay be tight. X-rays are not helpful because the calcaneal apophysis is frequently fragmented and densein normal children.Treatment depends on the severity of the child’s symptoms and includes relative rest, calf stretching and strengthening exercises and occasionally the use of a heel raise. It is a self limiting condition with no adverse long term sequelae. Osteo-chondral Lesions of the

  • Essay On Muscle Soreness

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    If you have recently added a new workout routine to your busy schedule, muscle soreness can result. After all, you may be working muscles that have previously been used minimally, and you may be pushing them to move and flex in ways to which they are unaccustomed. As the old adage touts, there is no gain without pain. A little mild soreness that fades away in a day or so is one thing. However, if that pain sets in several hours after your workout session ends, you need to pay attention to what your

  • Cross Country Skiing Case Study

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    Physiology of Exercise of Competitive Cross-Country Skiing Name Institution Physiology of exercise of Competitive cross-country skiing Recovery mechanism Competitive cross-country skiing is a strenuous endurance sport in which efficiency and energy delivery are deemed very important to achieve a high performance. Recently, shorter sprint competitions have been adopted; skiers are subjected to time-trial qualification race with three knockout heats. The heats take approximately 3-4 minutes

  • Tough Mudder Case Study

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    TOUGH MUDDER: “Tough Mudder is a team-oriented 10-12 mile (18-20 km) obstacle course designed to test physical strength and mental grit. Tough Mudder puts camaraderie over finisher rankings and is not a timed race but a team challenge that allows participants to experience exhilarating, yet safe, world-class obstacles they won't find anywhere else.” (Tough Muddder, 2015) The Strategy & Integration: Tough Mudder runs weekly events across the Globe, with its primary foucs in the United States

  • Plantar Fasciitis Running Shoes Essay

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    4 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT PLANTAR FASCIITIS RUNNING SHOES If you enjoy running and regular exercise, perhaps you have heard about plantar fasciitis. This type of injury commonly happen when your feet overpronate, your plantar fascia is excessively stretched, leading to micro-tears and then swelling and pain. It makes even walking difficult, especially when people start their days. Having the best shoes for plantar fasciitis is highly recommended as they help to reduce or even eliminate the

  • Gluteal Muscle Research Paper

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    strain is rated in degrees. First-degree strains have the least amount of muscle tearing and pain. Second-degree and third-degrees strains have increasingly more tearing and pain. CAUSES There are many possible causes of gluteal strain, such as: • Stretching the muscles too far. • Putting too much stress on the muscles before they are warmed up. • Overusing the muscles. • Repetitive muscle movements

  • Essay On Plantar Fascitis

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    and tightens as the foot moves. This tendon does get overworked and in time, with constant pressure small tears begin to appear. These get progressively worse and the pain increases as the tears become inflamed as you put the foot on a repetitive stretching and tearing process when

  • Groin Pull Research Paper

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    should be considered if your symptoms do not resolve. Treatment of a Groin Strain Once a strain is diagnosed, you can begin treatment for your groin pull. Most often, treatment can be accomplished with some simple steps. These include rest, stretching, and some oral medications. Rarely is more invasive treatment necessary. Doing the appropriate treatment can help to ensure healing progresses as quickly as possible. However, it is important to allow your body the time it needs to complete