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  • Conditional Pay Clause In Construction

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    contract provisions (Brennan, 2008). They are applicable in contractor-subcontractor contracts where the contractor agrees in writing to only pay the subcontractor, once he has been paid by the owner of the construction project (Brennan, 2008). The agreement places on the subcontractor the duty of completely abiding by the provision. The clause seeks to create an obligation on the general contractor to only reimburse the subcontractor once the proprietor of the construction project has paid him. Therefore

  • Mac Hart Corporation Case Summary

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    Read the case study below and answer All the questions. QUESTION ONE Mac Hart Corporation is a large engineering company with ten manufacturing units throughout the country. The manufacturing process is capital intensive and the company holds a wide variety of plant and equipment. The finance director is responsible for the preparation of a detailed non-current assets budget annually, which is based on a five-year budget approved by the board of directors after consultation with the audit committee

  • Conditional Payment Clauses

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    contractors include a payment clause that conditions the payment to a subcontractor upon payment to the general contractor by the owner. This trend tends to trickle down from general contractor to subcontractor and from subcontractor to sub-subcontractor (Enforcing Conditional Payment Clauses). Some courts have found that these clauses violate state lien statutes and public policy. In any case, it is important that subcontractors determine before signing a contract whether or not there is a pay-when-paid

  • Third Party Rights In Contracts

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    When you have a valid and legally enforceable contract, there are rights and duties of the parties to the contract. In general, only the parties that entered the contract have rights and liabilities according to it. This is called the privity of the contract, excluding third parties. However, there are two exceptions to the privity of contracts: assignment of rights and delegations of duties. Another form of third party rights in a contract is a third party beneficiary contract. What are these types

  • Sms Construction Case Summary

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    duties and obligations as general contractor. SMS has not offered any evidence regarding damages. The Court must exclude all testimony and opinion from Defendant regarding damages. Likewise, Defendant has not offered any evidence that third-party subcontractors and/or Plaintiff James Bannie (“Plaintiff” or “Bannie”) caused or contributed to the damage at the Property; this evidence and testimony must be excluded. The Court must also exclude damage from Mr. Geoffrey Jillson of Guy Engineering because

  • SWPPP Violations

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    work plans, and running the daily huddles with all the subcontracotrs. It’s my responsibily to make sure to do SWPPP inspections twice a week, and fix any problems that can lead to violations. As for weekly work plans, I have to collect every subcontractors’ tasks for the following meek, and put it into an excel sheet so we can go over it at the foreman’s meeting with the senior superintendent. Using the weekly work plans, I go through every single task and ask each subcontractor’s foreman if they

  • Dave Pepper Construction Case Summary

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    Dave Pepper, the owner of Pepper Construction, was evaluating his safety performance of his organization with his insurance representative. During this evaluation, the insurance representative advised Mr. Pepper that his organization was in the bottom third in what is called the experience modification rate (EMR). The experience modification rate is used to compare compensation claims from one company to other companies of similar operating size and determines if the company is exceptional or not

  • Kbr Case

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    FCC ( Federal Claims Court ). It was also determined by the FCC that the burden shall fall upon the contractor to show reimbursement cost is reasonable. The DCAA concluded that the proposed rates were three times the amount that eight similar subcontractors would have negotiated. The FCC upheld the decision to deny the reimbursement and permitted the U.S. Government to withhold nearly $30 million. The gross neglect of KBR Inc. to prove and provide that the reimbursement costs are reasonable must

  • Case Study: Sizemore Vs. Erickson

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    . In this case, there is no valid contract between Sizemore and Erickson for which they hadn’t no agreement. As I know, the essential of a valid contract are: Agreement- offer and acceptance, consideration, contractual capacity, legal object. Therefore, according to the principle of unjust enrichment that no person should be allowed to profit at another 's expense without making restitution for the reasonable value of any property, services, or other benefits that have been unfairly received and

  • HIPAA Regulations

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    also include significantly increased requirements for business associates and the subcontractors of those business associates. A subcontractor is any entity that does not have a direct contractual relationship with a covered entity, but still receives, maintains, transmits or creates protected health information as part of their work for a business associate of a covered entity. Under the new regulations, subcontractors are included in the definition of "business associate" and also subject to the same

  • Chlorofloral: A Case Study

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    a few locations that make corsages and arrangements for big occasions such as weddings and businesses. These locations will be operating as ChloroFloral to differentiate it from the warehouse.  Smaller order will be processed to subcontractors. Having subcontractors helps customers brings the business closer to the customer.  Online services for sending flowers to loved ones all over the country. Make contracts with floral shops. After a customer makes an online order the contracted floral store

  • Nike Globalization Analysis

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    Asia and Indonesia. In addition, to address the child labor complaints, Nike implemented new human rights standards especially focusing on child labor laws, including age requirements, and minimum wage levels. These standards were applied to the subcontractors’ agreements and Nike refused to work with those unwilling to meet the conditions. The child labor laws eliminated child employment, requiring only children of age 16 years and above to be eligible for employment. Further, Nike, in conjunction

  • Ab 109 Program Analysis

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    3/15 – Present AB 109, Los Angeles County Probation Department, Downey, CA. PROGRAM ANALYST Analyze and make recommendations to Bureau Chief, Senior Directors, Directors, Supervising Deputy Probation Officers, and Supervising Program Analyst on technical, procedural and conceptual problems to establish benefits for target population which include case management maintenance, housing, employment, education services, substance use, and mental health treatment. Evaluate AB 109 program designs, including

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fixed Term Employment

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    the organisations to their employees. With the help of subcontracting, the businesses gain the opportunity to handle larger projects easily. Reliable profits are earned by the businesses on the projects that are handled by subcontractors. Furthermore, by making use of subcontractors, the organisations can save their cost and efficiency as the overhead cost would reduce. This means that sub-contracting is the flexible working type that would be advantageous for both employer and employees as most of

  • Donald Trimp Case Study

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    Since Donald Trimp made a sales of good business with Paul Bighand’s supply center and the sales of goods are worth more than $500, this contract must follow all the rules under UCC. As what UCC has said, a contract for the sale of goods worth $500 or more is not enforceable unless there is some writing, signed by the defendant, indicating that the parties reached an agreement. The contract must consist a statement of the quantity of goods being sold as well. However, there is an exception when it

  • Globalization And Neo-Liberalization In The Workplace

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    unionized workers than for un-unionized ones. The article then further demonstrates how subcontractors require their employees to undergo training before they can be considered as qualified for the job. For instance, a new course has been introduced at the British Institute of Cleaning Science in the UK that teaches professional cleaners how to maintain high work standards and operate modern equipment. Subcontractors are also seeking ISO certification to prove their professionalism. The article expounds

  • Discuss The Role Of Information Technology In Supply Chain Management Case Study Boeing

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    2. Be able to select suppliers of goods and services 2.1. Device a system for supplier selection in Boeing Potential suppliers should be evaluated on a range of criterias:  Operational capability  Production capacity,  Business integrity,  Financial health,  Geographic locations,  Performance,  Reliability,  Quality of product,  Delivery and overall customer-supplier relations. . Boeing must use the globalization effect to its advantage by spreading risks associated with production

  • Negative Effects Of Sweatshops

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    As critics of the sweatshop economy contend, and just as its negative connotation implies, sweatshops lie in conjunction with human trafficking and sex slavery under the forced labor umbrella. Sweatshops, as defined by the US Department of Labor, are factories that violate any two fundamental US labor laws, including “paying a minimum wage and keeping a time card, paying overtime, and paying on time” (US Department of Labor, 1997). In a sweatshop, working conditions are extremely exploitative -

  • Ethical Issues In Consulting

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    project cannot be finished with the assigned project team in the means of number and expertise as well. So they needed to involve a third party, but there was one small roadblock: the company they were working for had prohibited the use of any subcontractors in the contract, leaving the work exclusively to the consultancy. At the first place, they could have said, that they are not capable of the required work, but as he said, if a consultant “see the slightest chance to successfully do it by any

  • Northrop Grumman Case Analysis Essay

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    SW analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses (IFAS) Strengths Weight Rating Weighted Score Comments S1 Innovation .15 4.8 .72 Northrop Grumman is currently the leading global security company that provides innovative systems, products and solutions in unmanned systems to government and commercial customers worldwide. S2 Large Financial Assets .15 4.7 .705 Northrop Grumman?s current assets increased from Dec. 2012 ($874 Mil) to Dec. 2013 ($955 Mil) but then declined from Dec. 2013