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  • Carl Hart Substance Abuse Summary

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    a very original view point when it comes to addictions, because he grew up in a community plagued by substance use problems, had used and sold drugs in the past, as well as now being a scientist which allows him to understand a whole other side of substance use. In Hart’s talk he is trying to disband the belief that most people who are involved in substance use will abuse those substances; he shares the statistic that 80-90% of drug users are not addicts, but rather they are individuals that

  • Cocaine Substance Abuse Case Summary

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    1. Is W. H. exhibiting signs consistent with a cocaine substance use disorder as described in the DSM-V? a. If so, describe the symptoms she is exhibiting. Yes, W.H is exhibiting signs consistent with cocaine abuse. She has been using greater amounts of cocaine over a longer time period than intended. She also has a persistent desire to decrease use since she sold her watch out of desperation to buy more crack. Once W.H started experiencing signs of withdrawal such as a crash she begins to starts

  • Substance Abuse Elderly

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    Substance Abuse and the Elderly Shayla Henderson-Young, B.S.N., RN, CCMC, MAJ ANC Uniformed Services University, Bethesda, MD Epidemiology The increasing prevalence of substance abuse amongst the older adult (geriatric) population is cause for concern (Wu & Blazer, 2011). There are over 700 million adults ages 60 and above worldwide (Wang et al., 2013). According to (Ortman, Velkoff, & Hogan (2014), in 2012 there were approximately 43.1 million adults over the age of 65 and estimated to double

  • In-Prison Substance Abuse Case Study Answers

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    # 2 solving a basic problem: I presently work as a Supervisor of an In- Prison Substance Abuse program where many of the inmates are meet with having to solve basis ongoing problems. Equipping the inmate with problem solving skills help them to think through situations and plan the steps to take rather than responding exclusively founded on their emotions, feeling or instincts. Incorporating problem solving techniques and practicing problem solving techniques helps the inmate learn to make

  • Successful Substance Abuse

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    What are some factors that contribute to the success of substance abuse treatment programs? I think the most crucial factor that contributes to the success of substance abuse treatment programs is support from surrounding friends and family. If your family and friends support your life changing treatment, you will most likely to be more motivated to complete the program. Also, you will know that your family is counting on you to change your life for the better, which adds more motivation to complete

  • Essay On Substance Abuse

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    Substance abuse, also known as Drug abuse, is very prevalent in many countries. A drug is any substance that modifies the body’s normal functioning. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines a drug as any substance or product that modifies the behavior of a person for the benefit of the recipient. Substance abuse, on the other hand, is the drug use other than for the intended purpose in a manner that damages the physical functioning of the body. Substance abuse is a rampant problem in the United

  • Teenager Substance Abuse Essay

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    Self-Destructive Behaviour Substance Abuse Substance Abuse is the excessive use of a drug such as alcohol or narcotics. When abusing a substance there is an inability to decrease your intake of the drug. This can become a daily intake of the substance. Teens in South Africa sometimes use harmful methods to intake their required drug. There many causes of substance abuse amongst teens in SA but the main ones are Depression and peer pressure. Teens experience and temporary high or wooziness during

  • Chosen Substance Abuse Counselor

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    Having the honor to help people who don 't know how to help themselves get out of drug abuse would truly be amazing.This is why Chosen Substance Abuse Counselor. As a Substance Abuse Counselor. Substance abuse counselors work with people who are addicted to substances such as heroin, prescription pills, alcohol, and act. I will be attempting to figure out why, how, and when the substance abuse started. Then my job will shift, to where I will need to work with my patient to get away from the

  • Substance Abuse Teaching Plan

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    Substance Abuse in Young Adults The transition years to adulthood are a very crucial time in a person’s life. During this developmental period the use of alcohol and drugs are at their highest levels (cite). This causes the highest prevalence of substance use disorders to occur in young adults (cite). Substance abuse has the potential to effect anyone and a wide variety of people suffer from it. This makes it very difficult to identify who might be most at risk for struggling with substance abuse

  • Substance Abuse In Emerging Adulthood

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    several temptations thrown at an adolescent’s way during the time the adolescent transitions to adulthood. As young adults are more exposed to recreational drugs during their “Emerging Adulthood” years, it is evident that they are at higher risk of substance abuse. Emerging Adulthood is the phase when adolescents transition to adulthood. This is roughly between the ages of 18-25 years old. During this period of time, people tend to explore themselves more and frequently change as a person. As many students

  • The Effects Of Substance Abuse On The Brain

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    Failure of character, strength and will in the brain is considered due to the addiction of drug or substance abuse. The person who is addicted is not viewed as a simple, helpless victim just because of the addiction of drug and its recognition. Only because of the intentional behavior usage of drugs phenomenon of addiction takes place, and it is the responsibility of addicts to take part in the recovery of their behavior. If the people do not do something for their recovery then the argument about

  • Treat Substance Abuse Offenders

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    The next type of offender to treat is the substance abuse offenders. Drug addiction is a brain disease that affects behavior. Drug addiction is a serious problem that can be treated and managed throughout its course. Effective drug abuse treatment engages a therapeutic process, retains them in treatment for a lengthy time and helps them learn that they can live without this drug. There are many treatment programs for substance abuse offenders but the offender must want to stay clean. In treatment

  • Drug Addiction: The Causes Of Substance Abuse

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    Drug abuse is the habitual use of substances in dangerous amounts or even methods that may bring harm to the user of the substances (World Health Organization, 2009). The substances commonly used are psychoactive substances which can easily lead to a dependency problem by the substance user. Drug abuse is a sociological threat that poses a danger to all people especially the youth. Addiction is possible not only with illegal drugs such as heroin and cocaine, but also with prescription drugs such

  • Family Substance Abuse

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    Substance abuse not only have emotional impact the abuser, but it also affects the family unit. There are 7.3 million children living with a family member who is dependent on some illicit substance (Rockville, National survey on drug use and health:Summary of national of national findings, 2013). Substance abuse and the effects on the family is a problem that impacts society on multiple levels. In helping families with the issue of substance abuse, there became a need for policies, theoretical frameworks

  • Biopsychosocial Model Of Substance Abuse Essay

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    reasons lie behind the fact that a person would start abusing substances. Those reasons had different origins going from personal issues to social issues. George L. Engle was the one who established a relationship between biological, psychological, and social factors and substance abuse. (Levinthal). Chances in the treatment of drug-abuse are increased when the combination of biological, psychological, and social factors leading to drug abuse are taken into consideration. Some of these factors are genetics

  • Ethical Dilemmas In Substance Abuse Counseling

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    agency or clinic that offers substance abuse counseling and discuss my findings. Pro-Active Resources is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located in Carmel, IN. The therapist, at Pro-Active Resources, have provided services to over 15,000 individuals and families since its inception in 1985. The focal point, of the agency, is outpatient treatment programs for alcohol and drug abuse. And, the primary population served is persons with mental and substance abuse disorders and active duty military

  • Drug Addiction And Substance Abuse Essay

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    Abstract Drug abuse is a worldwide problem that affects millions of people (UNODC, 2012), and Maldives is no exception. Drug misuse or abuse refers to the use of a drug for purposes for which it was not intended or using a drug in excessive quantities. This report content knowledge of drugs abuse and addiction, their difference. Data collected from Maldives drug user. Introduction A drug is a chemical substance especially one prescribed by a medical provider that is used in the diagnosis, treatment

  • Substance Abuse And Cognitive Therapy Paper

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    about seeing a professional. Instead of seeking for help, they turn to drugs and alcohol for relief. Drug abuse has a long history with some being accepted legally during the early days. These drugs are used in different ways from simple medication to treat illness and diseases as well as suppress other conditions that are life-style introduced. A drug is described as any other substance apart from food that by its very chemical nature affects the functioning structure of living organisms

  • Pineville Substance Abuse Case Study

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    As long as people have access to illegal and dangerous substances, American will continue to have issues with substance abuse. If you have fallen victim to the insidious disease of addiction, it is incumbent on you and perhaps your family members to become aware of all that could potentially go wrong with extended substance abuse. It 's also important for you and perhaps your family members to know help is out there and available. In Louisiana, there is a number of drug and alcohol treatment centers

  • Persuasive Essay On Prescription Substance Abuse

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    Why are prescription pills popular with children and teens? Many parents never even consider that their child may be sneaking into their medicine cabinet in order to abuse prescription medication or other common pill lying around a home. While the dangers of illegal narcotics are known to many, prescription pill abuse continues to grow and many are unsure of the long-term effects. This is why all parents should have a good understanding of exactly why children seek out these drugs and what corrective