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  • Substance Abuse In The LGBT Community

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    percentages of drug and alcohol abuse, are ate greater risk for depression and suicidal ideation, and identity crises. “Conversations taking place in today’s therapy offices reflect the change. Although many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) people still bring issues of discrimination and fear of rejection to their psychologists’ offices, they are just a likely to discuss such mainstream issues as parents and fears about aging” (DeAngelis, 2002). Substance Abuse “Studies suggest that up to

  • Carl Hart's Perspective On Substance Abuse

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    a very original view point when it comes to addictions, because he grew up in a community plagued by substance use problems, had used and sold drugs in the past, as well as now being a scientist which allows him to understand a whole other side of substance use. In Hart’s talk he is trying to disband the belief that most people who are involved in substance use will abuse those substances; he shares the statistic that 80-90% of drug users are not addicts, but rather they are individuals that

  • Essay On Substance Abuse

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    Substance abuse, also known as Drug abuse, is very prevalent in many countries. A drug is any substance that modifies the body’s normal functioning. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines a drug as any substance or product that modifies the behavior of a person for the benefit of the recipient. Substance abuse, on the other hand, is the drug use other than for the intended purpose in a manner that damages the physical functioning of the body. Substance abuse is a rampant problem in the United

  • Psychopathology Assignment On Substance Abuse

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    assignment “Substance dependence” Name : Thabsile Shange Student number : 213502880 Due date : 10/03/2015   Substance use was not given much attention in the past but now in the modern times it is recognise a mental disorder. The DSM which is the Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders categories substance use disorder into 4 namely substance abuse, substance dependence substance intoxication and substance withdrawal. In this essay I will discuss substance dependence in

  • Substance Abuse In Emerging Adulthood

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    several temptations thrown at an adolescent’s way during the time the adolescent transitions to adulthood. As young adults are more exposed to recreational drugs during their “Emerging Adulthood” years, it is evident that they are at higher risk of substance abuse. Emerging Adulthood is the phase when adolescents transition to adulthood. This is roughly between the ages of 18-25 years old. During this period of time, people tend to explore themselves more and frequently change as a person. As many students

  • Drug Addiction: The Causes Of Substance Abuse

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    Drug abuse is the habitual use of substances in dangerous amounts or even methods that may bring harm to the user of the substances (World Health Organization, 2009). The substances commonly used are psychoactive substances which can easily lead to a dependency problem by the substance user. Drug abuse is a sociological threat that poses a danger to all people especially the youth. Addiction is possible not only with illegal drugs such as heroin and cocaine, but also with prescription drugs such

  • Causes And Consequences Of Substance Abuse

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    1. What is substance abuse? It is the long-term, pathological use of alcohol or drugs, characterized by daily intoxication, inability to reduce consumption, and impairment in social or occupational functioning; broadly, alcohol or drug addiction. 2. Broadly, it can be defined as the pattern of use or misuse of substances for mood altering purposes or for a sense of satisfaction. While illicit substances such as heroine are used as a drug, substances like iodex, painkillers and correction fluids

  • Substance Abuse Social Work Study

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    Substance Abuse among Adolescents: A Social Work Study in Vijayapur city Introduction: Substance abuse is becoming alarming problem in across the world. With reference to India, substance abuse has been historically seen (Beauvais F, 1992). It is a growing problem in India (Saxena V, et al; 2010). Though we are developing rapidly the society is facing myriad of problems such as; HIV/AIDS, sanitation problems, environment pollution, increasing slums, street children, substance abuse, etc. World health

  • Substance Abuse Case Studies Essay

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    A Study in Substance Abuse: Violence Violence has an array of definitions and meanings, but a universal definition according to the Violence Prevention Alliance organization is as follows: "the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community, that either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, maldevelopment, or deprivation.” Violence is an issue that is faced every day

  • Substance Abuse In Nursing

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    Substance abuse among stress nurses 2 Why do nurses and doctors abuse drug? Nursing is a professionalism, and it is a rewarded career. There is a shortage of nurses worldwide, so nursing is always highly demanded. Nurses have been trained to be the first to treat and the last to provide a comfort and safety high quality care for the patients. There are more female nurses in the profession, and they tend to abuse prescription drugs as females may have more stress than males naturally. Nursing

  • Role Of Substance Abuse In The Media

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    majority of media such as magazine, movies, Movies and advertisements depicts the use of the substances as an acceptable and common occurrence. As a result, the exposure to media that incorporate substance use might act as an initiation of substance use. According to Mulder ET all, music preferences and the behaviour of substance abuse amongst the peers are significant elements that can help explain substance use amongst young adults and adolescents

  • Essay On Teenage Substance Abuse

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    the top position of abused substances among teenagers. Marijuana is the top illegal drug that teens abuse. -What is teen substance abuse? While many of the teens experiment with drugs, alcohol and tobacco use, not all of them that try these substances end up using them more than a few times. But some of them cannot control their cravings and desires and end up using the substance oftenly. This is basically considered substance abuse. The statistics of teen substance abuse are shocking: Teenage Drug

  • Substance Abuse In Kenya Essay

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    Substance abuse is a major public health problem worldwide. In Kenya, alcohol consumption has become an important public health concern arising from overconsumption, intoxication and dangerous behaviour upon consumption. It has contributed immensely to the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS and many premature deaths in Kenya (National Campaign Against Drug Abuse Authority, 2009). Alcohol and substance abuse is an increasing problem in the country and in particular the use of illicit killer brew which has

  • Substance Abuse Perspective Summary

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    Perspective and Summary Perspective The above research conclusions support the following perspective regarding counselling clients with substance abuse problems. Counsellors, to be effective, first must have the ability to develop an open, collaborative relationship with clients wherein clients perceive trust and commitment. Carl Rogers identifies, and research supports, this ability as related to the counsellor’s skill in conveying, in interaction with clients, unconditional positive regard and

  • Life Orientation Task: Substance Abuse

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    Term 2 Substance abuse Monique Kloppers My task will be on Amy Winehouse, Lindsay Lohan and Drew Barrymore. Amy Winehouse Who was she? Amy Winehouse was a Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter from England. She was famous for her deep singing voice and many genres of singing consisting of rhythm, blues and soul. She was known for her songs ‘Rehab’ and ‘You know I 'm good’. She died on the 23rd of July in 2011 due to a heroin overdose and alcohol poisoning. Impact Substance abuse (drugs and

  • Substance Abuse Review Literature Review

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    strategy for the prevention of substance abuse is risk-focused approach. This approach requires identification of risk factors for substance abuse, identification of methods by which risk factors have been effectively addressed and application of these methods for appropriate high-risk and general population samples in controlled studies. This research involves review of risk and protective factors for substance abuse, assessing of a number of approaches for substance abuse prevention potential with high-risk

  • Substance Abuse Case Study Sample

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    SHOS for cutting self and have had the extraction the team. III. RELEVANT MEDICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH HISTORY: Per records, . Medical Hx: see inpatient chart. Substance Abuse Hx: Per record review COCAINE possession. No history of substance abuse treatment. Per OBIS IM has not been identified as a mandatory participate in substance abuse treatment. Past psychiatric Hx: Records indicate that the patient has had a history of first outpatient at the age of 8, and has been Baked Act many times for

  • Drug Addiction Punishment

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    send messages. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the structure of Marijuana and Heroin mimic a natural neurotransmitter which tricks the receptors into allowing the drug to activate neurons inside the brain which interferes with messages and leads to abnormalities of behavior. With other drugs such as cocaine there is an abnormally large amount of neurotransmitters released which disrupts communication channels. Drug abuse can rewire brain connections, decrease synapse activity and

  • Cocaine Abuse Case Study

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    1. Is W. H. exhibiting signs consistent with a cocaine substance use disorder as described in the DSM-V? a. If so, describe the symptoms she is exhibiting. Yes, W.H is exhibiting signs consistent with cocaine abuse. She has been using greater amounts of cocaine over a longer time period than intended. She also has a persistent desire to decrease use since she sold her watch out of desperation to buy more crack. Once W.H started experiencing signs of withdrawal such as a crash she begins to starts

  • Safeguarding Reflective Report

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    currently working for the drug and alcohol service Blenheim CDP, as part of the Insight team, volunteering in a multicultural and busy area of London. I work independently and as a team to support individuals and their families with issues caused by substance misuse. I provide screening, assessments, risk assessments; implementing, monitoring and reviewing SMART care plans. I build therapeutic relationships while maintaining professional boundaries with clients to deliver tailor-made packages of care