Substance dependence Essays

  • Substance Dependence Assignment

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    assignment “Substance dependence” Name : Thabsile Shange Student number : 213502880 Due date : 10/03/2015   Substance use was not given much attention in the past but now in the modern times it is recognise a mental disorder. The DSM which is the Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders categories substance use disorder into 4 namely substance abuse, substance dependence substance intoxication and substance withdrawal. In this essay I will discuss substance dependence in more

  • Going To Meet The Man James Baldwin Analysis

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    Students Name Course Number Professor Title Date Comparing Sonny’s Blues and Going to Meet the Man: James Baldwin Introduction “Sonny Blues” is one of the stories that make James Baldwin highly regarded as one of the great writers of his time. The story involves the narrator (a jazz musician) with his brother authored in 1950’s Harlem. The main character, Sonny is whom Baldwin centers his story. Sonny is a depressed young man who uses music to escape from his problems. One of the exciting things

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Counterfeiting

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    Dear Pharmacist, I often heard the fake drugs. Even now there are also banners appeal not to use counterfeit drugs. How do we know that we buy fake drugs or not? How usefulness of the counterfeit drugs? What are the dangers? I was worried, because ever buy drugs freely. Thank you for the answer. Rohim 41 years, Bogor. 081804362XXX Answer : Counterfeit drugs are drugs efficacious ingredients replaced partially or completely with another material chemically similar but not the same and not efficacious

  • Essay About The Filipino Youth

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    “The Young People of Yesterday” “They are the hopes of our future”, as Dr. Jose Rizal said about the Filipino youth. He described the Filipino youth as innovative, bright, and patriotic in his times. But as time passed by, many things have changed and the Filipino youth had also become a subject of it. Our generation is surrounded by many influences, especially by the social media. Moreover, anything can be instant nowadays due to the advanced technology. It also results in faster occurrence of crime

  • Importance Of Probation Officer

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    I think that it is important that probation and parole officers have the knowledge and understanding of psychological and sociological constructs and theories because they can assist individuals in identifying their needs and formulating treatment plans to manage problematic behaviors. Probation and parole officers oversee offenders sentenced to probation and those who are serving parole. Probation officers work with convicts who are released from confinement while they are still under court supervision

  • Norman Zinberg's Theory Of Drug Use

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    The first concept is drug, which can be defined as the “pharmacologic action of the substance itself” (Zinberg 2). In other words, we have to examine the pharmacological effects of the drug on the individual. However, is also important that one considers the form of the drug, route of administration and the dosage when examining a substance. For example, a substance may come in powder or liquid form and could be administrated in a variety of ways, including oral administration

  • Multicultural Competency

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    Ahmed, S., Wilson, K., Henricksen, R., & Jones, J. (2011). What Does It Mean to Be a Culturally-Competent Counselor? Journal for Social Action in Counseling and Psychology, 3(1), 17-28. Retrieved from The article is based on the changing demographics and the needs for the need for the human services field to become more proficient as it relates to being multiculturally competent. The author presents several strategies to include awareness, knowledge

  • Compare And Contrast Catcher In The Rye And Perks Of Being A Wallflower

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    Our Experiences Make Us Who We Are The novels The Perks Of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky and Catcher In The Rye by J. D. Salinger both narrate stories about a teenager’s struggles. The protagonists respectively, Charlie is about to start high school and Holden has been expelled from his last school just like he did from the previous four schools he has gone to. They both are going through typical teen problems but they both also have their odd, complicated problems as well. Their many struggles

  • Addiction In Social Work

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    addicted to particular substance or activity (Oxford Dictionaries, 2015). According to Albery (2006), addiction is as a term used to describe a person’s physical and psychological dependency on a behaviour, which may or may not involve the ingestion of a mood-altering psychoactive drug such as alcohol, nicotine, cannabis, opiates or amphetamines. World Health Organization defines addiction, with emphasis on drug or alcohol, as repeated use of a psychoactive substance or substances, to the extent that

  • Drug Addiction: Relationships

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    Addiction Zaid Tabaza 8’5 Figure 1: Drug Addiction Key Concept: Relationships Related Concept: Consequences, Environment Balance. Global Context: Identities and Relationships Addiction is the state of overdependence on a certain substance. Drug addiction, caused by social, environmental, and genetic factors, has become a global problem with serious implications on those affected, their societies, and the economy. Main causes of addiction shown in Figure 1 include the overuse of cigarettes

  • Appearances In To Kill A Mockingbird

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    The false aquisations of people’s livelihood has been looked down upon since the beginning of the Renaissance, and from there on, had multiple sayings and books about such topics. But no piece of literature shows mastery in this theme better than Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, which takes place in Maycomb, a sleepy little town in Alabama, during the 1930s, a time period where the common man did not second guess people’s appearances. However that does not mean that there is not another, more

  • A & P By John Updike Analysis

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    Title: A&P_________________________ Author: John Updike_______________ (Identify sentences/words/phrases in the story to support your information.) Title (Significance?): The author was in search for ideas for stories, when he happened to drive past an A&P store. He wondered why nobody has created a story about the A&P store. He combined this question with a personal experience he once had at a grocery store. Setting (Time, Place, Social Context-(Significance?)): The A&P grocery store was one

  • Similarities Between Junk And Fast Food

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    Of course fast food is a wide and commonly used industry after the 19th century. Also, there are similarities and contrasts between junk and healthy food and as we all know today`s life is not the same as it was before. Long time ago people used to eat food that was very good to their health. That food did not contain any sort of chemicals, preservatives artificial colors or flavors. People dedicated their time to cooking their own food. All these factors made them not to have any health problems

  • Nurse Job Satisfaction Case Study

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    To Determine the Relationship Between Organizational Environment and Nurse Job Satisfaction in Bangladesh: a Case Study on Private Hospital MOHITUL AMEEN AHMED MUSTAFI1*, MD. AZMOL HOSSAIN2, 1. Senior Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, School of Business,Uttara University (UU), Bangladesh. 2. Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, School of Business,Uttara University (UU), Bangladesh, E-mail*: Abstract This descriptive correlation study was designed

  • The Great Gatsby Feminist Analysis

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    In The Great Gatsby, Tom Buchanan is cheating on his wife, Daisy with his mistress Myrtle. In the relationship, Myrtle is using her sexuality to attract Tom and he abuses her by breaking her nose. A reader with a Marxist perspective and a feminist perspective may interpret this relationship differently. A Marxist perspective focuses on the struggle between the lower and upper class and the issues of power and money in literature. Readers with a Marxist perspective would look for the oppression of

  • Essay On Mass Media Influence

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    Mass Media Influence We live in a world where the media dictates what we see and the decisions we make. Technology is growing at a faster rate than ever before and it’s becoming unavoidable. Just in our class alone, how many people have access to mainstream media and internet? Nearly everyone. Now putting this on a global scale, the mass majority of developed nations have access to this. The mass media feeds into this demand for new, thriving aspects in culture. Much of the population makes choices

  • Importance Of Communication In The 21st Century

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    In the 21 century communication is the key to daily life. Without communication many of us would feel paralyzed. The source of the communication and key to the information age is the internet. It supplies nearly 100% of the communication for the 21st century. Understanding the building blocks of the internet, and software vulnerabilities will allow you to better understand communication in the 21st century. How we communicate on the internet Communication on the internet has allowed to what

  • Essay Advantages And Disadvantages Of Facebook

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    Facebook is the utmost popular social interacting site of all time. Within six years, Facebook has experienced affected growth—it has about touched more than a billion users and is still growing quickly. For many users, Facebook has become an basic part of day-to-day life. However, while the social media site can be very suitable, it's imperative to avoid becoming habituated to it. This article features a comprehensive list of the experts and frauds of using Facebook in your daily phase Advantages:-

  • Delinquency Sociological Factors

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    Do Sociological Factors Play a Role in Juvenile Delinquency? The topic of Juvenile Delinquency is far too complex and it needs to be accessed in the sociological terms to understand the impact of it on today’s youth. This concept has been defined as the criminal behavior being carried out by the Youth or the non-adults. Though it is difficult to define the complete construct in one go, the societal impacts which ensue these behaviors are necessary to be understood. The deviant behavior under juvenile

  • The Pros And Cons Of Extreme Sports

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    “You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.” Wise words once said by Rabindranath Tagore. He is saying that you cannot accomplish your goals by simply watching them and thinking about doing it. You must push yourself out of your comfort zone to do so. That is why people do extreme sports. They take the time to learn every technique they need to lower any risks and to safely participate. They make sure they know what they are doing rather than just going out there not having