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  • Blueblack Cold Analysis

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    Robert Hayden’s poem there are a few lines that are crucial to the understanding of the speaker’s tone, thoughts and feelings and to the understanding of the poem as a whole. I have found the following words and phrases to be the most important: “Sundays”, “my father”, “blueblack cold”, “cracked hands”, “labor”, “No one ever thanked him”, “cold splintering, breaking”, “chronic angers”, “indifferently”, “love’s austere” and “lonely offices”. From simply reading through these words, one can already

  • Comparing Zimmer In Grade School 'And Those Winter Sundays'

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    distressing. For some reason unpleasant childhood memories are easier to recall than the pleasant ones. In both poems “Zimmer in Grade School”, by Paul Zimmer and “Those Winter Sundays”, by Robert Hayden, speakers express their childhood memories. The speaker in “Zimmer in Grade School”, addresses the unpleasant memories of his grade school. While the speaker in “Those Winter Sundays”, expresses remorse and repentance towards his hard working father who was not appreciated enough during his childhood. Even

  • Critical Analysis Of Walt Whitman's Song To Myself

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    In Walt Whitman's poem Song to Myself, he stresses the importance of people, but more specifically himself. This of one of egocentric poems in human history as he begins with "I celebrate myself" (1:1). In some form or another, Whitman elaborates on Me, Myself, and I in all fifty-two sections of the poem. He mentions that "Welcome is every organ and attribute of me, and of any man hearty and clean, / Not an inch is vile, and none shall be less familiar/ than the rest" (5:20-23). But as he is enjoying

  • Upon Hearing Tagalog Poem Analysis

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    Since the dawn of time, people have been longing for different reasons. Some examples are for love, for peace, or even maybe longing for the chance to go back to their family roots. This cycle of human emotion will never end and that is why numerous poems are written for expression of these repressed feelings. One example of an expression of repression is the beautiful poem “Upon Hearing Tagalog” by Fatima Lim-Wilson. The poem’s tone, word-choice, and even the figurative language used contribute

  • Imagery In Robert Frost's Birches

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    Many authors utilize imagery to allow the reader to engage in and understand their works. In Robert Frost’s “Birches,” there are several instances where the poem contains heavy usage of imagery for this purpose. The meaning of the poem “Birches” is very under-the-surface— the entire poem focuses on bent birches— too vague for the central purpose to be clear and solid. However, the poem’s copious examples of imagery enable the audience to grasp the scenery that Frost is attempting to describe. In

  • Essay About Creation Myths

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    Since the existence of human beings, there have been creation myths to explain how life existed on the planet. These creation myths have a huge impact on how people view utopia. Nearly every culture or society has its own creation myth, which is just a version of how humans came to exist on the planet Earth. Many religions also have their own versions, such as the Christians, Islamic, and Jewish. Some cultures with creation myths include the Greeks, the Romans, the Norse, the Chinese, the Mayans

  • Comparing War In 'Bloody Sunday And Imagine'

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    some of their most well-known works including “Imagine” and “Bloody Sunday” respectively. Although both songs speak out against war and its effects at different periods in time, “Bloody Sunday” utilizes chilling, graphic imagery to communicate its message whereas “Imagine” asks the audience to imagine a series of fanciful, far-fetched scenarios to get the same point across. Ultimately, the personal level in which “Bloody Sunday” connects with

  • Lord Of The Flies Diction Analysis

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    Could fear turn an assembly of stranded boys into savages? Is it just human nature? The Lord of the Flies gives the ideal perspective of this general question. “The Lord of Flies” is about a group of boys descended on an island. They try to create a civilization to survive all alone.They use each other and what they have to continue to succeed every day. That will all change when everyone go at odds and a beast comes into play. In Chapter nine, Simon perceives the beast for what it really is. He

  • Chapter Summary: The Most Dangerous Game By Richard Connell

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    Did you know some people hunt humans for pure enjoyment? This is true in the story “The Most Dangerous Game”. Richard Connell writes a story in the time of 1924 that consists directly from the idea of hunters hunting humans. This starts when a big game hunter named Rainsford finds himself stranded on a unknown island by accident and runs into a chateau where he meets a suspicious man named Zaroff, from there Rainsford finds out Zaroff hunts humans who come to the island by trapping them with a lure

  • Why Do People Offer In Lord Of The Flies

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    You’re hungry, your stomach is touching your back, you’re on a deserted island and you’re foodless. You’re so weary and desperate, you need just a nibble of food, and you feel like you are going to die if you don’t eat anything within the next hour. However, the enemy has the good stuff, the coconuts, grapes, guavas, peaches, and the nourishment that you desire. You walk over to the enemy to beg for food; he approves, but you would have to do something for something. All you have to do is murder

  • Theme Of Violence In Lord Of The Flies

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    Imagine yourself lost in the woods at night all alone as a child. There's no adults or anyone else around that you know of. That monster in the closet that everyone talks about is in the back of your mind and you feel like he's watching you from the darkness, and suddenly a friend, a child like you, comes out of the woods and scares you unintentionally. Your immediate reaction is to run or fight due to fear and you realize that your actions can be unpredictable when you're scared. This was a problem

  • Into The Woods Hero's Journey

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    The Hero’s Journey in Into the Woods The world is an objective place. Yet, each person’s individual world is extremely subjective. Mythology gives life meaning; the way in which it affects each person depends on their views of the world. In the musical Into the Woods, the Baker and the Baker’s Wife go into the woods to complete their quest. The Baker is the hero, and his journey integrates those of several other fairy tales. Each fairy tale character in this show has their own reason to go into

  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Al Pacino In Any Given Sunday

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    When it comes to motivational speeches, the pre-game speech given by Al Pacino in the movie Any Given Sunday ranks with the best of them. This speech was given before a big championship game football game to a professional football team that was crumbling apart. Even though the aging coach’s job was on the line, he gave this speech not to save his job, but instead to motivate his team to put differences apart and come together and to inspire them to perform the way they were capable. Al Pacino is

  • Graduation Speech: Hi Sunshine

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    Hi Sunshine, Good evening hope you had a good day and I must say it was lovely to hear the sound of your angelic voice first thing in the morning so soothing. You did tell me about your last relationship and how it went bad after 8years, once I am in I am in and there is no going back with me and I don't only want to see you 1-2-3-4 times a month I want to see you everyday but as for now we are getting to know each other and I am enjoying getting to know you Joyce. I have so much love to give and

  • Power In Lord Of The Flies Symbolism Essay

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    Evil is profoundly immoral actions, evil is being malevolent. Everyone does evil things like hit someone, or call them names, it’s something people do before they understand it's wrong. Even after people learn that it’s wrong they still use it throughout their lives, but why? Evil and fear is created by people who strive for power and the need to feel wanted. In William Golding’s “The Lord of the Flies” the creation of evil and fear is demonstrated through different symbols. William Golding’s “The

  • Essay About Using Technology In The Classroom

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    sought. A recent push by the school to show the parents how classes incorporated ICT in the lessons encouraged me to train the class how to use the Virtual Learning Environment. I have had plenty of experience using this but at a previous school and mainly with secondary students. However, I felt that this may be the very way to inspire the children to practise their spellings more frequently and in a more accessible way. 6. All parents with children attending the school have signed BYOD letter, saying

  • I Want To Enter The Field Of Education Essay

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    success. As an educator it is my responsibility to lift them up when they are down. I believe the purpose of education is to help students prepare for the real world by helping them become independent. The only role that my students have is to come to school prepared and ready to

  • Denis Diderot: How My Passions Impact The World

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    you can change the world with it. It creates a better generation by making us more knowledgeable and allowing us to work out problems in life. It gives us a sense of responsibility and allows us to open up our perspectives on the world. Going to school and

  • Amish Andrea Fishman Analysis

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    similar to his brothers’ and sisters’, making him a reader like them” (Fishman 240). Fishman goes into detail about Eli Jr. and the way his world has portrayed reading to him. But yet again, her focus shifts after this. She puts the reader in an Amish school setting and describes the events going on. “(The Teacher) then showed them pictures of rabbits, with the word bunnies and the number depicted indicating that they should be at their desk” (Fishman 243). At this point in the essay, the reader could

  • Horace Mann's Education Reform

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    According to Lawrence Cremin, in “Horace Mann,” the public school system had been instituted in the mid 1600’s. However, during Mann’s own lifetime, the quality of the education system had severely degenerated. Additionally, one of Mann’s former colleagues in the Massachusetts legislature conducted a study and determined that about one third of the children in Massachusetts were attending school,, in “Horace Mann Facts,” asserted. Also, the teachers were inadequately