Supernanny Essays

  • Universality Of Attachment Theory

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    Cultural Differences in Child Attachment and The Universality of Attachment Theory Although attachment theory has been widely accepted, its universality is controversial. Some research support its validity across cultures, some do not. The main critique about the universality of attachment theory is that it is based especially on research that is conducted in Euro-Western populations. This causes suspicions about whether attachment theory is valid across diverse cultures. In this paper, I will present

  • Why Is It Important To Raise Teenagers?

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    Everywhere you look, like on face book, twitter and Dr. Phil, teenagers are getting a bad rap. They are deemed, the rude teenager, the deserving ungrateful teenager, or the lazy teenager. Although in many cases I agree this is true, my questions are...Who raised these teenagers? Is there anything parents can do to change it? And if there was, do the parents really want to know the answer? Parenting skills are developed through how an individual is raised by their parents. Other ways parents may develop

  • Parenting Styles

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    Parenting Styles Based on the work of Diana Baumrind (1991), a developmental psychologist, Parenting Styles are commonly used in psychology today. Baumrind identified three initial parts of parenting styles: authoritative parenting, authoritarian parenting and permissive parenting style. Parenting Styles have a two-dimensional framework expanded by Maccoby and Martin (1983). The two dimensional parenting behavior are demandingness and responsiveness. Parenting styles are important, as it

  • Examples Of Pity In The Miracle Worker

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    English Novelist Graham Greene, once said: “Pity is cruel. Pity Destroys”. Pity may seem like a positive thing to have, to feel “sorry” for someone, but in reality, it is not. Pity can make it difficult for people to learn and improve, just like Helen Keller in the play The Miracle Worker, by William Gibson. Helen Keller was a blind and deaf girl, whose family commiserated her for her disabilities. They hired a lady named Anne Sullivan to teach her. Sullivan came to Keller, and luckily, she lacked

  • Differences In Parenting

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    Sex-Based Differences in Parenting Style In today’s society, scientific studies are influenced by stereotypes and beliefs related to gender when it comes to parenting. Most people believe that mothers and fathers have different roles when it comes to child rearing. In child rearing, mothers are considered to be more nurturing and comforting while fathers are considered strict and the “harsher” parent. However, this is because of the numerous stereotypes that we have, even as a young child. Some of

  • Child Welfare System

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    One method that would avoid the influx of children coming into care would be to work with the families instead of completely removing the child from their homes, and, from their families. This is one of the arguments for why many believe the child welfare system is failing. There is a common generalization that social workers are people who take kids away from their homes arbitrarily. Arguably, in some cases, this could be so. Removing children from their homes, at any age, have psychological, emotional

  • Evaluate Bandura's Theory

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    Bandura conducted a study which was named Bobo the Doll study. He analysed violence on the TV and if it impacted the children who were watching it. There were 72 individuals who were involved in which there was 36 girls and 36 boys. He had divided the children into groups to fill up three environments which he had set up which were they following; 24 aggressive role model, 24 non-aggressive role model and 24 control group with no model. In each group they had 12 individuals, 6 boys and 6 girls. In

  • Characteristics Of Good Parents Essay

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    Being a Superhero What do you think ‘parent’ means? Dictionary says that parent is somebody’s mother or father but this is not enough to define a ‘parent’. Being a parent is not only about genes or biology. It brings responsibilities to people and they should know importance of these responsibilities if they want to be good parents. Therefore, parents should have specific characteristics. There are three main characteristics of being a good parent. To begin with, parents should give love and

  • Argumentative Essay: Is Reality TV Real?

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    Television was always an important piece of American.It has existed for about seven decades.But as the television industry has grown, the idea of TV has disintegrated. These days the idea of TV has degenerated into pointless reality TV. Reality TV portrays a certain scenario and depicts the idea of what a certain character should do following that. The impact, however, is usually negative to younger audiences. Reality TV is indulgent and candid, it is overflowing with artificial life. Many

  • Child Observation Report

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    behavior is a definite example of the external behavior, and it would not surprise me if the child grew up to be very aggressive and possibly violent. As I watched the family, it reminded me greatly of that clip you linked in our module about the Supernanny. Child A reminded me of the youngest boy in the clip except he was not physically violent with his mother, rather just loud and