Surgeon Essays

  • Michael Gillian Essay

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    elaborates on medical practitioners’ uses of various surgical tools in which the Egyptians invented many years ago. Thus, to prove this idea, Mr. Gillian introduces Dr. David Rahimi, a noted surgeon from Los Angeles coming to assist in testing the theory. The information given about him being a “noted” surgeon means that he has a history for himself around the city of LA, thus concluding that he contains experience. Dr. Rahimi places his professional surgical tools next to exact replicas of old Egyptian

  • Meredith Grey Character Analysis

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    Meredith’s mother, Ellis Grey, was a prominent surgeon in her lifetime. In the television series, she treats and identifies the first G.R.I.D [(Gay-related immune deficiency) now known as AIDS] patient. Progressing from the groundbreaking research, she transgresses and creates a laparoscopic technique that treats gallbladders, thus resulting in The Grey Method known internationally within the series. Due to the fact that her mother is a celebrated general surgeon, Meredith is overcome with immense pressure

  • Da Vinci Surgical System

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    instrument arms and one camera holding arm, these arms offer for surgeon not only comfortable viewing conditions of operative field, but provides surgeon’s hands with precision and dexterity (Hubens et al. 2003, 1595). According to Bodner et al. (2004, 850), high-quality 3-dimensional vision makes it easier to operate in hardly accessible for surgeon’s hands areas and to identify tiny lesions compared with conventional open surgery, where surgeon looks into a monitor. Furthermore, the robot transmits movements

  • Essay On Mommy Makeover Surgery

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    pregnant again, Mommy Makeover plastic surgery will not threaten you and your child’s health or that of your child. The results of your cosmetic procedures may reverse if you get pregnant after mommy makeover surgery. For this reason, many cosmetic surgeons advise younger women to wait a few years before undergoing a Mommy

  • Cochlear Implants Essay

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    other noises (NICDC). The process of being implanted is as minimally invasive as possible. The procedure takes approximately three hours and the patient is usually able to return home on the same day (Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center). To begin, the surgeon cuts a small incision in the skin just behind the ear to expose the skull. Then, it is necessary to remove the “aerated bone,” also known as a mastoidectomy. This process does not harm the ear canal and ear drum. Once this is complete, the implant

  • Art Analysis: The Gross Clinic

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    Portrait of Dr. Samuel D. Gross (The Gross Clinic) The Gross Clinic is a painting by American artist Thomas Eakins. Based in a Jefferson Medical College surgical amphitheater, world famous surgeon Dr. Samuel Gross can be seen performing a surgery on the thigh of an unknown patient. Gross, along with some colleagues, was demonstrating to a class his newly developed procedure that helped to treat bone infections. Surgery in that century was mainly amputations, but The Gross Clinic is the first painting

  • Level Of Stress In Nursing

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    Nurse and doctors both are important part of a hospital and there occupation is full of stress despite of different level of employment (Scott, 2013). Stress is classified as a precursor or stimulus in response to certain situations, interactions and harsh behaviors. It can also be defined as psychological behavior of a person in response to the environmental condition risking his or her life in danger. In hospital setup, there are certain issues relating to patients, long work hours, misinterpretations

  • Paediatric Nursing Case Study

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    The aim of this assignment is to pick one occupation and investigate the associated risks and appropriate control measures of vocational specific work issues. The occupation I have chosen for this assignment is paediatric nursing. ‘Paediatric Nurses care for children in all aspects of health care. Paediatric nurses practice in a variety of settings which include hospitals, clinics, schools, and in the home.’ (Mona, 2005). For this assignment, the topics discussed will be on noise and sound, stress

  • Workplace Issues In Nursing

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    To identify different types of workplace issues that nurses encounter and the impact of these issues on nurses’ performance or health INTRODUCTION A workplace is a location where people with different personalities, communication styles and skills work for their employer (a place of employment). This place can vary from a home office to large office building such as hospital, nursing center or clinic. Furthermore, people spend one third

  • Persuasive Speech About Cheerleading

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    ''Go, Fight, Win'' you might here that during cheerleading. Do you think cheerleading is a sport? Cheerleaders are actually very important and we do a lot more then you think. I am a cheerleader and I do believe it is a sport. When we are just standing on the sidelines and yelling you might not consider that a sport, but when we are tumbling or stunting it definitly is. Cheerleaders put a lot of hardwork and dedicaton into it. I think if all the boys quit football to cheer they would call it a sport

  • The Importance Of Doctor-Patient Communication

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    A STUDY OF PATIENT PHYSICIAN COMMUNICATION IN A TERTIARY CARE HOSPITAL Summary The international patient safety goals highlight the importance of effective patient physician communication in a hospital. Effective Doctor-Patient communication is the basic requirement in forming a good doctor-patient relationship. Safe practices and effective, patient-centered communication is key to quality care. Good communication is not only an ethical mandate but also necessary for informed consent and effective

  • Compare And Contrast Surgeon And Pediatric Surgeons

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    surgery. Surgeons will also provide comfort and reassurance in the hospital before the operation. This essay will compare and contrast a pediatric and a cardiothoracic surgeon, on how long it takes to develop a career, different ways they help, and how much they earn per year. Surgeons are required to go through a lot of education and practices before they begin their career. A medical career can take up to twelve years to develop depending what path they want to follow. “Pediatric surgeons treat

  • The Surgeon Dentist

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    of medical and dental research had to be done. Dental and the concept of orthodontic braces started to appear in medical journals and books around 1770. The Surgeon Dentist is a dental book by Pierre Fauchard that was published in 1728. Fauchard was a French dental surgeon known for his different approach to dentistry. What made The Surgeon Dentist stand out was the chapter devoted to orthodontics. The chapter traveled around the ideas of how to straighten teeth, but focused on the new concept of

  • Orthopedic Surgeon

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    Career Research Paper Being an Orthopedic Surgeon requires rigorous education and expertise. Orthopedic Surgeons work with patients who have had sport injuries, accidents, trauma, etc., that have led to musculoskeletal problems. They work with all the necessary components that allow movement, which includes muscles, bones, tendons, joints, ligaments and nerves. The required preparations/materials to be an Orthopedic Surgeon are four years of undergraduate studying to attain a bachelor’s degree, four

  • Essay On Artificial Pacemaker

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    An artificial pacemaker is an implantable electronic device that delivers a controlled, rhythmic electric stimulus to the heart muscle in order regulate the heartbeat. Functionally, a pacemaker comprises at least three parts: a electrical pulse generator, a power source and an electrode system. It is used to treat abnormal heart rhythms called Cardiac dysrhythmia or arrhythmias The development of artificial pacemaker begins with the introduction of the galvanism theory. In 1762, Luigi Galvani became

  • Orthopedic Surgeons Essay

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    they can go to an orthopedic surgeon for a speedy recovery and a successful outcome. Orthopedic surgeons are helpful in many ways. They repair bones and joints in the musculoskeletal system, when there’s fractures, sprains, diseases, cancerous tumors, etc. They can also focus on a specific part of the body, like: spine, hand, leg, etc. They also treat people of all ages except for very young children. They serve anyone, with any kinds of needs. Although orthopedic surgeons need to have fair relations

  • Character Analysis: The Poisonwood Bible

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    Shawnaleh Cada Miss. Given World Literature 11 5 February 2017 Response #3 Barbara Kingsolver’s novel The Poisonwood Bible is one that captivates the reader with its version of storytelling. Perhaps the novel is captivating due to the fact that the story is by five different narrators and it is set in past and present. Kingsolver’s novel reveals that storytelling is always changing based on the person telling the story. This is prominent due to the fact that the novel is by multiple personalities

  • Trauma Surgeon Essay

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    human body needs a surgeon who specializes in that area for the best possible care. There are many types of surgeons: cardiothoracic, orthopedic, neuro, or trauma surgeon. Patients who are in bad condition need a surgeon who is ready and prepared to take care of them right away, and that is what a trauma surgeon will do. A trauma surgeon is an incredibly important job in the medical field that help heal and improve the health of near-fatal patients immediately. A trauma surgeon is a difficult job

  • Heartbeat: A Heart Surgeon

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    show “Heartbeat” is based on the life of a real person. A heart surgeons quirky life is revealed in a not so elegant way. This show engages the viewers and leaves them feeling of all those real life emotions. With an out of this world heart surgeon, that has an awkward personality and a love triangle, who wouldn 't want to see this show? At the beginning of 2016 NBC release a

  • Kentucky Surgeon Essay

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    One of the major surgeries of note that took place in the United States in 1809 was the ovariotomy of a Kentucky surgeon. Expected twins came to naught and a 20 pound ovarian tumor in Jane Crawford’s protruding belly needed to excised. Performed on Dr. McDowell’s kitchen table, before anesthesia, before sterilization, Mrs. Crawford sang hymns, lost 20 pounds and went on to live another 31 years. Medicine in the United States during the Civil War era was almost at a standstill. There were some