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  • Essay On Identity And Individuality

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    „Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself” (“goodreads”). This quote by Harvey Fierstein emphasises the importance of having the freedom to define one’s own identity. A fundamental right in our society nowadays and since we are moving towards a more and more individualistic culture exceedingly crucial. It seems to be more important than ever before to be who we are. Yet, who defines who we are? What exactly

  • The Pros And Cons Of Cultural Fusion

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    Introduction Technological advancement has greatly facilitated cultural fusion worldwide. Cultural fusion is the fusion of two cultures in their attributes to result in a hybrid that contains the features of the both. It is not uncommon to find cultures incorporating the features of other cultures to result in a new hybrid culture. One such noticeable influence in case of cultures is the influence of the eastern or oriental music on the western or occidental music. Since times immemorial, music has

  • Of Mice And Men Curley's Wife Essay

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    The Death of The Unborn Female American Dream Of Mice and Men, written by John Steinbeck, takes place during the time of The Great Depression; an era extremely difficult for women. The novella contains many iconic characters that serve as a metaphor to our societal standards. Curley’s wife is introduced just like any other; however, the emphasis on her feminine features are metaphoric to where women stand in society. In order to prove that society makes it impossible for certain people to attain

  • Essay On Lunar New Year

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    Tet: Vietnamese Lunar New Year The time comes and goes by fast as people grow old. Every year, many people around the world celebrate New Year's to say goodbye to the past year and welcome a new one passing by. Like any other culture around the world which celebrate their New Year, in Asia, Lunar New Year is the traditional holiday that people celebrate according to the moon’s calendar. Viet Nam is also one of the countries that celebrate Lunar New Year. However, before Vietnamese people left their

  • Identity And Individuality In The Handmaid's Tale

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    „Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself” (“goodreads”). This quote by Harvey Fierstein emphasises the importance of having the freedom to define one’s own identity. A fundamental right in our society nowadays and since we are moving towards a more and more individualistic culture very crucial. It seems to be more important than ever before to be who we are. Yet, who defines who we are? What exactly are

  • The Three Main Types Of Political Culture In Nigeria

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    Political culture according to (University of Minnesota, 2017), may be defined as “well-established political traits that are characteristic of a society and consider the attitudes, values, and beliefs that people in a society have about the political system”. Political culture helps strengthen people as a community because people who share a similar understanding of the political events, actions, and experiences that occur in the country, tend to be united. Political culture is usually passed on

  • The First Day Short Story

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    Both Toni Morrison’s “Sweetness” and Edward P. Jones’ “The First Day” are short stories written by African American individuals. Other than this very basic similarity, these stories and their authors bear resemblance to each other. Both of the authors lived in a time before the internet, cell phones and probably more importantly the rise of an equal rights for all races movement. Given these facts and their shared African heritage, it is understandable both of the stories have at least an undertone

  • I Am Malala Hero's Journey Essay

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    When watching movies or reading books, you may notice a pattern or similarity in the stories. This is called an archetype. The hero’s journey is one example. Authors have different ways of expressing their thoughts in their hero’s journey. The Hobbit is about the journey of Bilbo Baggins and 13 dwarves who journey to get their treasure back. I Am Malala is a nonfiction novel about a girl who fought for her beliefs and as a result, suffered through a big crisis. There are similarities and differences

  • The Hero's Journey In I Am Malala And The Hobbit

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    There are similarities and multiple differences between the way the authors of I Am Malala and The Hobbit portray the hero’s journey, and most are differences. First of all, the biggest difference in the hero’s journey for the novels was the assistance. In I Am Malala, Malala’s father stays by her side during her journey in sharing her beliefs, but Gandalf leaves Bilbo early in the journey.Furthermore, the assistance in the hero’s journey is very important, because it contributes to many things

  • Persuasive Speech: Human Trafficking

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    English Coursework: Human Trafficking (Educate & Persuasive Speech)
 Freedom is a short, powerful word we take for granted every day. It’s hard to fully appreciate freedom when we’ve never had it snatched away from us. We get to choose our jobs, where we live, what we eat. If we are unhappy at work, we have the freedom to quit and find work elsewhere. 
 Unfortunately, some people aren’t so lucky. They live the majority of their lives without ever experiencing freedom due to modern day slavery. Millions

  • Colonialism In Chinua Achebe's The Empire Fights Back

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    Colonialism is the exploitation of both a country’s resources and citizens by a stronger power that has taken control of it. Since the start of the 16th century, colonialism has been incredibly prominent with global powers, but, in turn, this has led to a dramatic subjugation of developing nations. This colonization has caused a lack of knowledge of one’s actual culture, terrible living conditions, and a sense of hopelessness and hatred toward their rulers, all of which represent the power that colonizers

  • Cause And Effect Of Terrorism Essay

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    Terrorism causes fear all across the world. People are terrified because of what happens in these attacks. There are many different kinds of fear caused by terrorist attacks. Some react to these attacks differently than others. Many react to these attacks in a constructive and rational matter, this helps to not give the terrorists what they want. If we can do this we can minimize these attacks across the world. So, are you with me? Will you help to minimize this problem? Terrorism is a big

  • Relationship Between Popular Culture And Pop Culture

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    To write and talk about the relation between the two may seem like comparing chalk and cheese, but religion and pop culture aren’t as different as we think they could be. For one, the kind of unity among people that they command is huge. The two are also equally divisive and when they cross conflicting paths, the story is wholly different. Religion is understood as a set of beliefs and practices accepted by a number of persons or sects containing a code governing the conduct of human affairs. Popular

  • Organ Donation Benefits

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    People worldwide are becoming increasingly prone towards various diseases with a mounting percentage of people with organ failures. Many are waiting to see if an organ becomes available and for a second chance at life. Such waiting causes suffering and deaths that could be preventable – if someone turns up to pledge their organs - and also add to a huge amount of money to health care costs. Recently, a family volunteered to donate their brain-dead son’s organs in Delhi. The doctors at All India Institute

  • Coastal Aquaculture

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    The majority of production takes place in specific ponds throughout the year. This is done in a traditional way (extensive) with ponds of 1.5 ha and bigger, such as in Kerala and West Bengal or a semi-intensive way with ponds below 0.5 ha, as in Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Odisha.The latter production technique entails technical modifications and investment in fertilizers, pumps and construction. In traditional ponds different species (brackish and freshwater) are produced simultaneously and

  • Hindu Culture

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    Culture insinuates the total store of learning, information, feelings, values, perspectives, suggestions, dynamic frameworks, religion, thoughts of time, parts, spatial relations, thoughts of the universe, and material things and having a place obtained by a social occasion of People over the traverse of periods through individual and get together trying. Culture is the system of data shared by a respectably generous social event of people. Culture is correspondence, correspondence is culture. Culture

  • Bartholomäus Ziegenbalg's Contributions

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    many to be the first Protestant missionary to India, arriving in 1706 with the blessing of the king of Denmark. His work made such an impact in India that, even though he is not well-known here in the United States, he remains a beloved figure in Tamil Nadu. We can tell from the quote above that his preaching was not the ear-tickling kind, and that no doubt made him unpopular in certain “religious” circles. That hostility led to incredible amount of persecution, even from professing Christians. Despite

  • Suicide Rates: Depression: Leading Cause For Suicide

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    National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) statistics reveal that a total of 1,35,445 people in India committed suicide in 2012 which amounts to an average of 15 suicides an hour or 371 suicides daily. Tamil Nadu state ranked the first on the suicide index, and Maharashtra ranked second. - Suicide rate for Tamil Nadu was 25 per 100,000, in2012, which is among the highest in the

  • Reflection On The Cultural Autobiography Of Nikita Viswanath

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    Brahmins or rather in a homogeneous community. We are quite god-fearing people and believe in God. We also visit temples almost every week to worship and of course during festivals and special occasions like marriages, ceremonies, etc. We speak in Tamil, which is one of the languages in South India, spoken by

  • Isodon Research Paper

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    1. Introduction Isodon is widely distributed and important genus of the family Lamiaceae. Various diterpenoids with diverse structures had shown antibacterial, antiinflammatory and antitumor activities.1 Isodon wightii (Bentham) H. Hara is a perennial herb commonly distributed in Western Ghats, South India up to 8000 feet. Ent-kaurene diterpenoid, melissoidesin isolated from the leaves showed antioxidant, antiacetylcholinesterase, cytotoxic and anticarcinogenic activities.2-3 In vitro mass multiplication