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  • Essay On Micro Teaching

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    Micro teaching is a faculty development technique and teacher training through which a teacher reviews a recording of a teaching session to get the constructive feedback from students or peers about what improvement has and what has worked can be made to their teaching technique. It is a teacher training technique for learning teaching skills. It employs real teaching situation for developing skills to get deeper knowledge regarding the art of teaching. Merits

  • The Importance Of Teaching As A Teacher

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    English Common Assessment Essay Teaching is a noble profession. As some would say, it is the most fulfilling work amongst others. A teacher is considered as a parent, a friend, a confidant, a love guru, a counselor – name them all. However, the most important role of professors and instructors is how they impart their knowledge on their students efficiently and effectively. Some believe that the proficiency of how a professor teaches is seen in the caliber of his students. Others believe that it

  • The Importance Of Teaching Practice In Education

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    Teaching practice is a key component of the undergraduate teacher training programme. It is during this period that the student teacher gets to translate the skills and theory learnt into reality through actual classroom teaching. Teaching practice is the vital component of teacher education and training because it provides student teachers with an opportunity to learn from experience in the work place. Atputhasamy,2005 asserts that student teachers believe that the practical experience of observing

  • An Reflection Of Teaching As An English Language Teacher

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    The following is an analysis of my class that I was as an English language teacher. I will try to cover reflections on teaching behaviors, learning process, and an observation of teaching and learning. The aim of today 's class was to review the concepts from the previous session by working on the exercises that allowed students to practice and it can show how much students have learned the lessons of the previous session. In the last class, the students have learned about clothing items in the

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Teaching Designs In The Classroom

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    In every classroom it is a common sight to see that teachers are teaching students lessons based on the theme that has been selected for the term. Due to this, they will be conducting the lessons in such manner that will help the students understand it better. There are both advantages and disadvantages while designing an integrated thematic unit. However, the advantages is that it helps the students connect the dots and understand the world better around them, moreover it keeps them engaged and

  • The Importance Of A Good Teacher Enjoys Teaching

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    • A Good Teacher Enjoys Teaching. The single most important quality that every teacher should possess is a love and passion for teaching young people. Teachers who do not enjoy their job will find it nearly impossible to be effective day in and day out. Teaching can have a number of discouraging factors that make it a challenge. Yet, for someone who has the drive, passion, and enthusiasm for the job, you can get past these small hurdles. Besides, kids are smarter than we often give them credit for

  • Language Teaching Methodology

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    There are many methodologies of language teaching. Several different types of methodology have been applied in language teaching. They can be placed in two basic categories which are formal approach and an active approach. A formal approach is about form; grammar pronunciation, vocabulary. An active approach is functional or communicative; teaching form follows communicative functions. Many teachers refer to use an eclectic approach; depending on the needs of students. It is the best using a formal

  • Interpersonal Relationship In Teaching

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    Task A (P 1.1) Teaching is known as one of the noble professions as it involves reading, understanding, attracting and cultivating minds of especially young that would make the good citizens of a country. Thus teachers play a vital role in the society in moulding students to survive in the society as good people. This is why soft skills have to be practiced by every teacher teaching students as these skills are personality driven skills needed by a teacher to enhance the ability to interact

  • Importance Of Contextualization In Teaching

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    2) Teaching: The educator has a leading role in the process of teaching a foreign language. He carries out a lot of tasks within the target language. Here are some of these tasks: a) Contextualization b) Drilling c) Effective assessment a) Contextualization of Material: Contextualization is defined as employing the items of the language in a meaningful and relevant context. This helps the learners to acquire new skills and knowledge. It also develops their abilities and attitudes. Learners should

  • Teaching Pronunciation

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    English language teaching. In the audiolingual methodology, founded in the U.S, pronunciation gave high prominence like correct grammar. Bowen (1972) proved it and declared that pronunciation has a central role in the pedagogy and it should be severely taken. It emphasized traditional and conventional notions of pronunciation, pair drills in minimum level, phonemes, morphemes, and dialogue (Morley, 1991). The next one is flourished in British called situational language teaching. These two approaches

  • Teaching Grammar In English

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    Abstract In this thesis, we will investigated how teaching grammar in the foreign classroom that divided into four main characteristic elements which are, writing, reading, speaking and listening. In order to get the best result of learning grammar in the class environment we should consider all of the elements and assimilate the information according to the priority that we give to each process. Then, we will analyze in linguistic point of view and try to find the best way to explain

  • Difficulties In Teaching English

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    ABSTRACT Teaching English - Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading al fl Writing etc. A child learns the four language skills listening, speaking, reading and writing quickly in his/ her mother tongue. In fact reading and writing are the predominant skills. In English, similarly the child should be exposed to a good deal of correct spoken English. Teaching English language in non-native countries like India, China, Japan, Pakistan etc., is very difficult. English language teachers find difficult in teaching though

  • Importance Of Language Teaching

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    Language teaching is determined by factors such as society, education, instruction and individuals. These factors outline the policies, and goals that have been determined for foreign languages at the national level; the delivery system in terms of objectives to reach these goals; syllabuses and teaching procedures; and the learning outcomes. These factors include the role of English in the society, therefore the need of individuals to learn English to function well academically speaking, to function

  • Disadvantages Of Multimedia In Teaching

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    Teachers are responsible for ensuring that all students achieve high levels of academic success. It must be realized that individuals learn in a variety of ways, therefore, it is necessary to provide variety of teaching strategies that cultivate learning. According to the study conducted by Hesson & Shad in 2007, most teachers today apply the student-centered approach to promote interest, analytical research, critical thinking, and enjoyment among students. In this approach, teachers act as facilitators

  • Teaching Foreign Language

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    Mention the principles of teaching a foreign language. What are the justifications for them? Upon my reading, this essay discusses the principles of teaching a foreign language. In my point of view, a foreign language is a language which is used in another country by a huge group of people who have the same cultural aspects, for example, English is a foreign language for Egyptian people. To learn a foreign language there are some essential elements have to be taken into account including materials

  • Language Assessment In Teaching

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    Teaching is a systematic process which involves an aim or a purpose for doing the act of teaching, a method or means by which it can be achieved, the material that can support the learning methodology, a monitoring system and an effective assessment process to conclude that the desired outcome has been reached. It is more so with communicative language teaching too which aims at the target language proficiency of the learners. Language proficiency is defined as the ability to function adequately

  • English Teaching Method

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    student’s English department teaching English and technique of student’s English department to teach student of elementary school in course. The method of teaching English is very important because the method showed how effectively to teach student especially in English. Data was collected by questionnaires to several of student’s English department. The data was analyzed by using analysis the information. The result showed that the effectively their method to teaching English for elementary school

  • Matching Teaching Styles

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    The Review of the Article In the article "Matching Teaching Styles with Learning Styles in East Asian Contexts" an author described the learning styles of the East Asian learners and compared them to the learning styles of the non-Asian learners. The article is based on the learning styles employed when learning English as a foreign language. Since English, in the East Asia, is mostly taught by the foreign teachers, the author intention was to show the problems which occur when the two cultures

  • Importance Of Grammar Teaching

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    Why grammar teaching should not be treated as a third wheel in South Africa: A critical analysis. It is generally accepted that there are four language skills: “speaking”, “listening”, “reading” and “writing”, and together with these language skills there are two language components that need to be taken into account, namely “grammar” and “vocabulary”. However, in order for one to master any language skill, one must promote grammar teaching in the South African classroom in order to not neglect

  • Disadvantages Of Teaching English

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    The students in India can be categorized into two; the one is having the regional language as medium of study from the primary level and the other is having English as the medium of study. Hence, the problem of teaching English as a second language, to the Indian students starts from the primary level. So it’s quite necessary to pay attention toward primary level learning. As children start their studies at this stage so they are not aware of any subject in their school specially a second language