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  • Teaching English As A Foreign Language Analysis

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    Title : Culture and teaching English as a Foreign Language. Nowadays, English has become the most prevalent language all over the world . That is to say, it is used in publishing findings and discoveries in many fields from psychology to computer sciences . Therefore, teaching English has turned into an obligation in many countries either if their official language is English or not. However, the cultural aspect of teaching English is the topic of huge debates between scholars

  • Teaching English As A Foreign Language

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    Teaching English as a foreign language is a challenging task in developing countries in general and in our country in particular. English has been included in the curriculum of Iranian schools and universities and considerable attention has been paid to this language in our society for the following reasons. First of all, access to and use of the latest technological and scientific resources mainly written in English calls for an efficient amount of English language proficiency. Secondly, coping

  • Analysis Of Teaching English As A Foreign Language

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    English is taught as a compulsory subject of study in public institutions for 12 years in Panama. According to the curriculum, the English language is taught now a day from kindergarten to six years of high for six hours per week. In public schools in Panama (NORMAL SCHOOL) English is taught as a foreign language (EFL). The distinction between EFL and ESL is based on the communicative context that the student has once outside the classroom of English (Brown, 2001). Leaving the classroom what language

  • English Language Teaching As A Second Or Foreign Language

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    Literature review English language teaching as a second or foreign language becomes widespread and it is challenging to find a country that has not been affected by its sweep and does not teach or use English including the Arabian and Islamic countries. The widespread of English strengthens the idea that English has an imperialistic and hegemonic role, which in turn has a number of consequences. However, it is logical to assume that English and its teaching are not isolated from its culture. According

  • Essay On Teaching English As A Foreign Language

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    Chapter Two Literature Review Introduction English as a foreign language (EFL) textbooks have increased broadly as additional materials for learning and teaching English. Among all language teaching and learning materials, textbooks have played an important role in acquiring a second language .Textbooks represent the core of any (EFL) program , in addition they also provide advantages for both students and teachers when they are used in classrooms . Similar to many other countries, Jordan looks

  • Advantages Of Teaching English As A Foreign Language

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    2.1 Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Senior High Schools English is an important role nowadays. It becomes an international language. Therefore, in this modern era it is necessary for us to learn it. Teaching a language, especially a foreign language is not an easy task. Since English as a foreign language for Indonesian student, it will surely cause some problems for them. Learning a foreign language is different from learning a native language because the students’ environment in achieving

  • Essay About Teaching English As A Foreign Language

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    Nowadays English is one of the most spoken languages in the world, it is no wonder that people from various countries do their best to learn it though it is a complicated process. Yet it is even more challenging to teach English as a foreign language as it requires the combination of both professional skills and personal qualities to make the educational process successful. So the object of this paper is analyzing the main aspects that make teaching English as a foreign language effective. First

  • The Communicative Approach To Teaching English As A Foreign Language

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    Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a field that continues to improve its teaching methodologies through research. There are four pillars to learning a new language; these pillars: are: listening, writing, speaking, and reading. The teacher should be aware of the students’ ability in each of the four skills in order to fully employ all four of the skills for a productive lesson. A highly skilled class will be analyzed for this essay and its activities; the level of this class is Master Mind

  • Chomsky's Theory Relevant To Teaching English As A Foreign Language

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    Chomsky’s theory (generative grammar) relevant to the teaching of English as a foreign language? Provide two examples of its application in the classroom context. This question is worth 10 points. (Overview of theory, 3 points; relevance for the context of English language teaching, 5 points; examples, 2 points.) To begin with, I will include an overview of this theory, then I will talk about the relevance of this theory to teach English as a Foreign language,

  • Mother Tongue In English

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    an Effective Tool in Teaching English Abstract: The use of mother tongue in teaching foreign language has always been a matter of controversy and debate. The paper explores the possibility of use of mother tongue [Hindi] as a resource for learning English language and to understand learners’ general attitude towards use of methodology in English classroom. The paper also presents some of the approaches and methods that have been practiced to teach English as foreign language. A mini research was

  • Language Teaching Method

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    different countries around the world and an English native speaker as a teacher comes from US. It is an EFL class since the members of the class come from many countries that use English as a foreign language; such as Indonesia, Japan, China, and many more. The topic of the video is about Language Teaching Method, namely Comprehension Approach or well-known as TPR (Total Physical Response). The objective of the class is to make the students able to learn English easily by using fun learning method. In

  • How To Teach English Language Essay

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    Abstract This essay discusses the English Language Teaching at schools in Turkey. It gives the thoughts of author about teaching the English Language, discusses the reasons behind the fail of English Language Learning in Turkey, mentions the used and unused skills, methods, techniques and approaches by language teaching at schools in Turkey, and advises solutions for teaching language at schools. This essay aims to discuss and give advises for a better English language teaching in Turkey. Introduction Despite

  • Task Based Approach In English Language Teaching

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    PROPOSAL ENGLISH TEACHING METHOD APPLIED BY ENGLISH COURSE TEACHERS ENGLISH DEPARTMENT FACULTY OF ARTS AND CULTURE UDAYANA UNIVERSITY 2014 By: I Kadek Ari Wiguna (1201305011) CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background English has been an international language which is used and spoken around the world. English becomes the most commonly taught language. It is now taught from young age. Now, children also have the same opportunity in mastering English. Commonly, English is taught in the formal

  • Acquisition Of Second Language Essay

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    The position of English in the educational system in India is influenced by two major factors. The first and foremost factor is based on the psycho-social point of view that declares that learning is facilitated through the medium of the learner’s mother tongue, as he/she feels at home with it. The second factor is the requirement to learn English to have access to modern scientific and technological information.The application of English language is a political issue for some time after independence

  • Importance Of Teaching English Around The World

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    GROUP/2 Teaching English around the world: replacer or helper for the native culture? Nowadays, English is one of the international languages used as a means of communicating among the different nations of the world. It is used almost in all fields of knowledge including, but not limited to, international communication, tourism, banking, internet and scientific research. Thus, English rendered the world so interconnected and linked. One field in which English is widely used is

  • Creative Writing Research Proposal

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    Title (English) Effects of Task-based Creative Writing Instruction using Drama Techniques on English Creative Writing Ability of Upper Secondary School Students Title (Thai) ผลของการสอนการเขียนแบบเน้นงานปฏิบัติโดยใช้เทคนิคการแสดงละครที่มีต่อความสามารถในการเขียนภาษาอังกฤษเชิงสร้างสรรค์ของนักเรียนระดับชั้นมัธยมศึกษาตอนปลาย Researcher Wipada Sutthiroj Student ID number 558 3492627 Advisor Prannapha Modehiran, Ph.D. Program of Study Master of Education in Teaching English as a Foreign Language Program

  • Essay On Self-Learning English Language

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    English as a foreign language in Germany has a long history and tradition. Since the 18th century English has been taught through various changes within teaching methods. People were searching for “access to certain fields of knowledge and educational institutions” (Doff 8). In that case, “self-learning” (Doff 9) was a method to gain access to an educated and professional world of sophisticated adults and readers who were able to “read formative works like politics, science, philosophy, theology

  • English Language Teaching

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    Language teaching is determined by factors such as society, education, instruction and individuals. These factors outline the policies, and goals that have been determined for foreign languages at the national level; the delivery system in terms of objectives to reach these goals; syllabuses and teaching procedures; and the learning outcomes. These factors include the role of English in the society, therefore the need of individuals to learn English to function well academically speaking, to function

  • Second Language Learning

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    The issue of teaching and learning culture in second language education has generated so much interest among scholars over the years. The aim of this paper is to re-establish the significance of integrating culture into second language education and how such integration can help to improve English learning process in Regional medium schools in India. This paper commences by establishing the significant role that cultural learning plays in English language classroom. This is followed by identifying

  • Rote Learning Importance

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    Importance of Rote Learning in Achieving Success in Formal L2 Acquisition Emirhan Dulan Research Methodology Ass .Prof. Dr Irina Rets Sakarya University English Language Teaching Department Abstract In the 21st century, every school curricula attach importance to verbal skills of the language. Because of this reason, it is not surprising to see the usage of techniques that aim to improve oral communication, such as Direct Translation or Total Physical Response. Unfortunately