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  • Epididymitis Case Study

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    gradual onset of pain. The pain has gotten significantly worse throughout the day he presented to clinic. He rates the pain as an 8/10. The pain occurs when the patient is walking, lying down, and especially when he is lying on his side. The testicle looks red and inflamed. There was no known injury to the site, and no recent illnesses. No recent contact sports. The patient tried placing cool cloths to the site, which helped to relieve some of the pain, but that did not decrease the swelling

  • Testicles On Fire Research Paper

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    These Testicles are, in fact, on fire. I like dogs. Fuck you. I wan 't an A++. These Testicles are, in fact, on fire. I like dogs. Fuck you. I wan 't an A++. These Testicles are, in fact, on fire. I like dogs. Fuck you. I wan 't an A++. These Testicles are, in fact, on fire. I like dogs. Fuck you. I wan 't an A++. These Testicles are, in fact, on fire. I like dogs. Fuck you. I wan 't an A++. These Testicles are, in fact, on fire. I like dogs. Fuck you. I wan 't an A++. These Testicles are, in fact

  • Chronic Epididymitis: A Case Study

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    Three differential diagnoses for scrotal pain Scrotal pain is also referred to as testicle pain or testicular pain and it occurs when pain is felt in or around one or both testicles. Epididymitis: Inflammation of the Epididymis Epididymitis is an inflammation of the epididymis, a curved structure at the back of the testicle in which sperm matures and is stored (Uphold & Graham, 2013). When the pain occurs as an acute condition, the symptoms can last up to six weeks (Uphold & Graham, 2013). This

  • Causes Of Male Infertility

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    etc. Sperm count tends be low and abnormal for two main reasons. It could be due to the very short life of the sperm. The other could be due to sperm’s mobility issue. Sperm abnormalities arise due to: Swelling of testicles Swelling in the scrotum area. Abnormally grown testicles Reasons for a low sperm count could be any of the following reason: Genetical history. Excessive consumption of alcohol or smoking Hernia repairs Hormonal imbalance Exposure to radiation and harmful chemicals Using tight

  • Dirty Jobs Rhetorical Analysis

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    Ted Talk on Dirty Jobs Since the dawn of the human era, humans have taken a particular pleasure in other people’s adversities. Dirty Jobs is a generally funny show; when you watch a 20-minute Ted Talk on Mike Rowe’s take of the show, it can be very humorous as well. Initially while watching, I recognized how serious his tone was. Mike was literally summarizing one of his jobs in the western city of Craig. However, he is simultaneously teaching the viewer about anagnorisis and peripeteia through

  • Disadvantages Of Bodybuilding

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    illness, liver diseases, erectile dysfunction, and shrinkage of the testicles. The correct term for contracted testicles is testicular atrophy, it's an obsessive condition where the testicles begin off healthy, yet step by step lessen in size. Large amounts of substances from anabolic steroids lead to the Leydig cells diminishing regular testosterone discharge, and this prompts to lost size, solidness, and state of the testicles. Luckily, for the clear majority, the reactions are short-term, with

  • Klinefelter's Syndrome Research Paper

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    and coordination.10 Fertility treatment, more specifically intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) may also be chosen as an option.10 Since most men are unable to father children because there is little to no sperm in their testicles, sperm can be removed from the testicle with a biopsy needle and injected directly into the egg. If that fails, they can also choose adoption or artificial insemination with donor sperm.10 Even though there are many other treatment options available to help individuals

  • Essay On Klinefelter Syndrome

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    Klinefelter syndrome, also known as ‘47,XXY’ and ‘XXY’ is found in males, this is due to the fact that the host male gets another X chromosome. The image on the right you can see the extra chromosome with the pair of sex chromosomes. Usually there are only two chromosomes that determine the sex, one from opposite sexes but when it comes to Klinefelters Syndrome there is an extra X chromosome. Because this due to the additional chromosome it can described as a chromosome disorder. The frequency of

  • Mikhail Bulgakov's The Heart Of A Dog

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    consistent use of pseudoscientific theories throughout the stories. In The Heart of a Dog, Bulgakov uses a pseudoscientifiic theory of transplanting human pituitary glands and testicles onto the dog named Sharikov. The use of this supposition reflected on the 1920s belief of sexual resuscitation through grafting monkey testicles, which Bulgakov may not have been as informed on had he not studied medicine prior to writing. I found this scientific

  • Peter Singer Animal Liberation Analysis

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    Peter Singer, in the first chapter of his book Animal Liberation clearly articulates that non-human animals have the capacity to suffer, feel pain and pleasure like humans. Through demonstrating that all species behave according to their desire to reduce pain and increase pleasure this paper will argue that the human social contract protecting human interests should be extended to protect the interest of all conscious beings. Allowing all species, human and non-human to share the same moral status

  • Varicocele Pain Case Study

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    supply blood to the reproductive glands inside the scrotum that is the sack of skin that holds the testicles. This type is disorder leads to blockage of blood which is the main cause of male infertility since it leads to reduced sperm quality and also less sperm production. Normally if you have veins inside the scrotum that are healthy then one way valves allow the flow of blood from the scrotum and testicles back to the heart but in a situation that you have varicocele, the valves do not operate well

  • Life Cycle Of Penis Essay

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    Understanding the Life Cycle of a Penis Time affects everything, including a man’s penis. The change encompasses every aspect of it, including its form, size, and function. It is not unknown that a man’s sexual capacity deteriorates as he grows older. With the testosterone level plummeting, instant sex drive becomes a thing in the past. It becomes difficult to become sexually aroused, and once turned on it also takes him time to obtain an erection and to reach his climax. Basically, performing in

  • Male Infertility Case Study

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    Male infertility What is Male infertility? Male infertility can be defined as a male 's inability to cause pregnancy in a fertile female. A man’s fertility normally depends on the quantity and quality of his sperm. In case if the number of sperm a man ejaculates is quite low or if the quality of sperm is poor, it would be difficult, and even in some cases is impossible, for him to cause a pregnancy in a female. There are number of factors associated with male infertility such as low production of

  • Write An Essay On Infertility

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    M5 Introduction Infertility is when a woman is unable to conceive this could be for a number of reasons for example: One of your tubes could be blocked You are too old to ideally be having a child Ovulation problems However, in some cases it's the man is infertile and they're for the women doesn’t get pregnant men can become infertile because: An infection A tumour Ejaculations issues There are many tests for infertility for both males and females, some fertility tests

  • Men Vs Women Essay

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    INTRODUCTION Thesis: Men and women are fundamentally different from each other as they generally have some distinctive physical and mental differences. PHYSICAL DIFFERENCES There are big physical differences between both genders. As we can notice from basic observations on our daily lives, men tend to be taller and heavier than those of the opposite sex. For instance, the average height for male adults of more than 20 years old in the United States is of about 175.9 cm, whereas the average height

  • Male Vs Female Reproductive System Essay

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    Of all the systems of the body, the reproductive system is somewhat sui generis. In contrast to others, the reproductive system appears to be "sleeping" until puberty without significant involvement in vital body processes. When "wake up" after after more than a decade old, produces substantial changes in body anatomy and sentimental individual behavior. The primary sexual organs or gonads are the ovaries in females and testes in males, and these organs produce sex cells gametes. They also secrete

  • External Factors Of Infertility

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    partners usually contribute 20% to the event of infertility while female partners contribute 40%-50% (Nordqvist, Christian). Some external factors of infertility include consumption of anabolic steroids, illegal drugs and smoking, which can also cause testicles to shrink in size and reduce quantity and quality of sperm in men (Nordqvist, Christian). For men, the age where infertility rates increase are 40 while women’s infertility rates go up during the age 32 as it can affect quality and production of

  • Female Circumcision Essay

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    Gynaecology Female Circumcision Female circumcision is a form of female genital mutilation (FGM) that is practiced in certain cultures and religions of Africa, Middle-east and Asia. These patients can present as girls or as adults. Female genital mutilation is a procedure that intentionally cause injury or alter the female genital organs for non-medical reasons and it has no medical benefits for girls or women. Female circumcision or female genital mutilation is not without short and long term complications

  • Essay On Chlamydia

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    Chlamydia is a Sexually Transmitted disease (STD) that can infect both men and women and in which is found more commonly in women then in men. Chlamydia is a bacterial disease that is spread by having unprotected vaginal, anal, or oral sex and this disease can cause serious, permanent damage to a women’s reproductive system. Men rarely have health problems when they are infected. The disease can also spread to the eyes as well and into the mouth, this happens from oral sex. New Mexico department

  • David Reimer Essay

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    and resulted in the penis being severely burned so much that the child was unable to even urinate. After much debate and following a consultation with Psychologist John Money, the parent decided to have the testicles removed and to raise “Bruce” and a girl, and rename him Brenda. The testicles were removed to reduce the secondary effects associated with testosterone. Later in life, it would be decided whether or not to complete total gender reassignment. As Brenda grew, the parents could see