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  • Texas

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    Texas is an incredibly geographically and culturally diverse state. It contains multiple mountains above 8000 feet and hundreds of miles of shoreline. Texas has people of many nationalities, such as Spaniards, Germans, and Mexicans. Texas, being the second-largest state of the United States in land area, has numerous important geographical features and cultural sites found in its colossal vastness. Texas contains four naturally divided regions: the Mountains and Basins, the Great Plains, the North

  • Comparing The Battle Of The Alamo, Texas And Texas

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    pay off. At the Battle of the Alamo,Mexico and Texas fearfully fought a 7 tough day battle.While Texas fought for there freedom,Mexico wanted to conquer Texas for its own so they could become better and tougher than ever.Even though Texas lost this battle,they never gave up and came back more robust as ever at the Battle of San Jacinto.Sam Houston became determined to make a treacherous month long retreat to regain strength and replenish the Texas army’s power.Remembering how badly they lost at

  • Secession Of Texas

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    The secession of Texas from the Union was a decision that impacted every single life of the average Texan. There were many benefits, as well as challenges that came from this. A few days after Texas joined the Confederate States of America, Lincoln was inaugurated as president in March 4, 1861. After he was inaugurated, he and his cabinet took the position that the states, including Texas had no power to sever their connection with the Union in this way and that the authority of the United States

  • Texas Climate

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    Texas was once a republic; hence, it has more history than other states. The Lone Star State has enough history to have a mandatory full-length class in high schools, colleges, and universities—not many other states could say the same. Cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and jeans remain the image that most people have when they imagine Texas, but Texas and Texans are beyond that. Furthermore, “Texas is the second largest state […and] the second most populous state” (Neilsen-Gammon 1). All throughout the

  • The Texas Revolution

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    Texas joining the union and became a 28th state in the United States has 6 diffident flags which have flown over it. Spanish, French, Mexican, Republic of Texas, United States, and Confederate States of American and from all these counties form a melting pot of all different types of people who have come to Texas. Texas expands North and South nearly 1,000 miles and also East to west. Some of the largest densest areas in the cities such as Houston, Dallas, Waco, Austin, and San Antonio, where Houston

  • Dictatorship In Texas

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    fact that there is a agreement that the governor of Texas has less potential compared to the others governors from other states. And the debate is wether the governor of Texas needs more power or not. There is some people who think that the governor needs more power in order to be equal with the other states. Theres has been some people who believe that the governor should stay the way it is because they say that the Governor’s office in Texas is is considered to be extremely weak specially if they

  • The Texas Annexation

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    The Americans said “we want to expand our way of living.” Which meant that the only way to get the land was to share it or capture it. Of course, the Americans had chose to start to take over The Texas Annexation which at the time was know as Mexico. Both Mexicans and America’s protected the border of Texas. A war was started which was known was the “Mexican War.” As the war was over the territory which the Americans captured

  • Sam Houston: The Texas Leader In Texas History

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    Sam Houston: The Texas Leader Sam Houston is one of the most important leaders in Texas history. He is mostly well known for commanding the army during The Texas Revolution. He also had many other accomplishments. Sam Houston was born on March 2, 1793 onto his parents’ farm in Lexington Virginia. His family was severely poor. They ended up selling the farm in 1807. His father had passed away shortly before the selling. They moved to a new farm in Baker Creek, Tennessee. He abandoned his home in

  • Essay On Texas Government

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    Texas is the second most populated and second largest state in United State. Due to its size, Texas contains diverse landscapes that resemble both American South and Southwest. Most of the population centers are located in areas of formers prairies, grass lands, forests, and the coastline. The current Texas Constitution was adopted in 1876. Like most of the states, it also provides for a separation off power. The state Bill of Rights is much larger than its federal counterpart, and has provisions

  • Descriptive Essay On Texas

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    Texas is a great state to be in. At times I rather live in Texas then any other state. My allergies are bad with this Texas weather. It changes so often we never know what each day will be. I was in Colorado and New York and my breathing and allergies were fine. Plus, the fact that there was snow. Texas as a lot more to offer than just those fun pleasures. I would pick Texas anytime. What people see on T.V is overdramatized to what Texas is really like. The television shows portraying Texas can not

  • Texas Longhorns Essay

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    The Texas Longhorns The University of Texas is one of the greatest schools in the country. The University of Texas has had a great history dating back to when it first became a school. The school itself has many traditions celebrated each and every year, mostly during special events. Their sports program is one of the best in the country starting with the Texas Longhorns football team which is ranked as the most valuable school in college football. They have won 5 national titles since they first

  • Features Of The Texas Constitution

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    Texas has had six constitutions since its independence back in 1836. “The current Texas constitution is the seventh constitution in Texas history” (Library) it was written in 1875 and ratified in 1876 and has since been the standing constitution in Texas. How does Texas’s state constitution identify with society today, and what did the final document produce for the Texas people. To describe some of the features of the current constitution let’s take a quick look at the influences that lead to the

  • Texas Climate Classification

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    This climate classification shows which zones in Texas are best for playing baseball. The criteria used to divide Texas up into these zones is temperature and precipitation. There are three categories within each criteria. Temperature is divided up into “chilly”—which is average annual temperatures less than 15° Celsius, “perfect”—which is average annual temperatures between 15° C and 25° C, and “hot”—which is average annual temperatures greater than 25° Celsius. Precipitation is divided into “dry”—which

  • Reasons For The Annexation Of Texas

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    O’Sullivan Annexation of Texas in 1845 was about adding Texas to be a part of the United States. It would be the 28th state and it was on December 29, 1845. But before it happened there was a whole debate on adopting Texas. William Ellery Channing and John O’ Sullivan have different views on the annexation of Texas, they were either for it or against it. Their arguments for the annexation, Channing was for it and O’ Sullivan wasn’t. The U.S. delays the annexation of Texas because they didn’t want

  • Texas Flag History

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    The History of Texas Flags Texas is the second largest state. It measures 268,580 square miles and is located on the West South Central states of the United States. Texas borders Mexico on the southwest and the Gulf of Mexico on the southeast. As Austin is the state capital, Houston is the largest city in Texas. The state motto for Texas is simply “Friendship”. The name Texas originates from a Native American word meaning “friends” or “allies”(Spain, Charles). Texas is such a strong state that

  • Essay On Texas Revolution

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    The Texas Revolution has played a massive role in Texas history. In fact, without it, Texas wouldn’t be Texas! But, why was there a Texas Revolution to start with? In this essay, we will be discussing why there was a Texas Revolution and who was there to start it. The main cause for any revolution is the want for change. That’s the whole reason why we have revolution. In Revolutions, there is dissent among people, and that sparks change. That is true for every revolution in the world up to date

  • European Colonization In Texas

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    European colonization in Texas started in 1689. It was ordered by St. Francis in order for Spain to spread Christianity, Spanish culture and also to establish control. This era began with missions and presidios. They were protected using presidios. A presidio was originally built for protecting travel on railways but later used for protecting Spanish missions and settlements. There are many Spanish priests who helped Spain attempt to reach their goal. Four significant Spanish priests are Fray Damian

  • Texas Social Peculiarities

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    The Social Peculiarities of Texas Political Culture. Texas is one of the fastest-growing states. Nowadays it became more culturally diverse than ever. As a result, the increasing diversity has a significant impact on the political culture. Currently the Native-American population is less than one-half of percent in Texas, while during the nineteen century there were at least twenty-three groups of Native-Americans. During the ten years period the Anglo majority varied from 60.7% to 53.1. The term

  • Texas Interconnection Essay

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    The Texas interconnection is one of three power systems in the contiguous US, though Texas interconnection itself is quite isolated and very little electricity flows between it and the other two interconnections. It was regulated as recently as 1995, when the state legislature voted in favor of deregulation and allowing for wholesale competition. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas [ERCOT] was then made responsible for creating and implementing a suitable market structure that would facilitate

  • Persuasive Essay On Texas

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    Nestled in the foothills of the Texas Hill Country, Austin is the southernmost state capital in the continental United States. Austin is currently the nation's fastest-growing city and has an estimated population of more than 932,000 people. The city was named for Stephen F. Austin, who is known as the "Father of Texas." However, it did not always bear Austin's name, nor was it always the capital of Texas. The History of Austin, Texas The area around Austin has a long and interesting history. The