The Dark Knight Essays

  • Justice In The Dark Knight

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    Part Two The Dark Knight:A Man Fights With Evil 2.1 Violence as a Means to Achieve Justice and Freedom In America 's "super hero" movies, the hero always represents the value orientation of the Americans. This pursuit of freedom is just the pursuit of individualism. In the film, the negative character, a clown act by Heath Ledger, appears when the freedom of citizens is threatened. He is different from other negative characters. He is not a villain for the money but an antisocial. His purpose is

  • Batman's Ambiguity In The Dark Knight

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    In the 2008 film The Dark Knight directed by Christopher Nolan, it can be argued that the main character Batman is considered morally ambiguous, because even though he is a vigilante the way in which he does things does not always correspond with the law. Batman’s alter-ego Bruce Wayne is a billionaire who dedicates himself to protecting Gotham City from its criminal underworld and from his archenemy, The Joker. One of the reasons Batman can be considered ambiguous is because he does immoral things

  • Batman Symbolism In The Dark Knight

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    In The Dark Knight, Batman faces his evil counterpart, the Joker. “The plot involves nothing more or less than the Joker’s attempts to humiliate the forces for good and expose Batman’s secret identity, showing him to be a poser and a fraud” (Ebert, 2008). The Joker

  • The Dark Knight Rises Analysis

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    FILM REVIEW: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES SUBMITTED BY: RITWIK DASH ROLL NO: 2012-52 1ST YEAR, 1ST SEMESTER SUBMITTED TO: PROF. AMITA DHANDA Professor of Law NALSAR UNIVERSITY OF LAW, HYDERABAD Review The Dark Knight Rises is the third and final installment in a trilogy of Batman movies directed by Christopher Nolan. As a student of Legal methods, it is my personal opinion that an appreciation of the movie becomes engaging on deconstructing the motivation and reasons behind the antagonist’s

  • Antisocial Personality Disorder In 'The Dark Knight'

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    1. Introduction The Dark Knight is part of the Batman trilogy. In this movie, it focuses more onto Batman and The Joker. The Joker is known to be one of the most fearful criminals in Gotham city because of his attacks that is unpredictable and causes chaos towards the city. At the beginning of the movie, there is a new district attorney, Harvey Dent who is the uncommon courteous in Gotham. He is a law graduate and has successfully won many cases. Harvey Dent was a noble individual who has the goal

  • The Dark Knight Character Analysis Essay

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    Tamil Selvam Adriel Wong ENL 102 22 October 2015 The Iconic Character in “The Dark Knight” Of all the villains in the history of pop culture, the Joker is without doubt one of the most enduring and iconic, sharing ranks with the likes of such immortal fiends as Darth Vader and Hannibal Lecter. And though he has always been popular, it is Christopher Nolan and Heath Ledger’s mesmerizing interpretation in 2008’s The Dark Knight that has indelibly branded the character onto our consciousness forever.

  • The Dark Knight Character Analysis Of Batman

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    The 2008 film directed by Christopher Nolan, “The Dark Knight” is a film of the well known comic book character Batman. The dark knight is the second movie of the trilogy starting with “Batman Begins” in which a young man by the name of Bruce Wayne witnesses his mother and father robbed and murdered by a thug in an alley way upon leaving a play in his home city of Gotham. Bruce would continue to grow into a man that decides to use fear to combat those criminals who utilize fear to prey on their victims

  • The Dark Knight Trilogy

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    variations of Batman 's out there: Tv shows, movies, and comics all involving different actors, villains, and plots. While there have been many successful and entertaining Batman movies along the way, the Dark Knight trilogy are by far the best movies to truly showcase Batman. The Dark Knight trilogy was directed by Christopher Nolan. Nolan has had a very distinguished career working on many extraordinary movies.

  • Masculinity In The Dark Knight

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    Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy constitutes a rather contemporary manifestation of an extensive body of artifacts in media culture. Media culture, Henry Giroux holds, “has become a substantial, if not the primary educational force in regulating the meanings, values, and tastes that set the norms, that offer up and legitimate particular subject positions – what it means to claim an identity as male, female, white, black, citizen, noncitizen” (2-3). Being the most popular remediation of the

  • Batman Is The Greatest Villain

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    greatest villain because he’s the most suited to his opposite, the hero, who also happens to be the greatest superhero: Batman.Batman would arguably not be the world’s most popular hero without Joker, whose presence and actions have forced the Dark Knight to go above and beyond his skill set to superhuman levels in order to stop the Joker. Without Joker, Batman’s morals mean nothing because they wouldn’t be tested so intensely and so often. Batman doesn’t kill but because he doesn’t kill the worst

  • What Are The Villains In The Joker

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    same cloth. For example, similarities and differences can be found between two well-known villains in today’s movie lore, The Joker from the Batman™ series and Darth Vader from the Star Wars™ franchise. Specifically the Joker from the movie, The Dark Knight, and Darth Vader from “Star Wars: New Hope”. Both villains have forceful and necessary roles. The characters, The Joker and Darth Vader, have contrasting motives but are similar in playing the villain role and are indispensable in the movie 's success

  • The Dark Knight Analysis

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    The Dark Knight (Crime Alley, Gotham City) “It’s okay, Bruce…” Thomas Wayne raised his right hand trying to reach the face of his son, but it dropped weakly, as the sign of life quickly fading away in his eyes from the blood lost. “Don’t be afraid…” (The Wayne Manor, after Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne’s funeral) “It was my fault, Alfred…I made them leave the theatre. If I hadn’t gone scared...” “No, it was nothing that you did. It was him, and him alone. You understand?” “I miss them, Alfred, I

  • Deviance In The Dark Knight

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    This all started when the movie The Dark Knight was released in the movie theaters in 2008. James Holmes had an obsession over the Joker who is an iconic villain that takes over Gotham City. Four years later the movie The Dark Knight Rises was released. He showed up on the first showing which was late at midnight he then opens fire at the audience after the first 18 minutes of the movie. James Holmes was charged for killing 12 people and injuring 70 people in the Colorado movie theater. Which in

  • Batman Returns In The Movie Batman

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    Slide 2: • Batman -1989 • Batman Returns – 1992 • Batman Begins – 2005 • Dark Knight – 2008 Slide 3: • 1 dimensional • Simply batman>We know very little about why he is batman and also very little about why he is doing what he is doing. It is hardly mentioned that his parents died and we have to come to our own conclusions which are that he is getting revenge on the joker for killing his parents to restore justice to the city of darkness. • He is very arrogant because he believes he can get rid

  • Harvey Dent Character Analysis

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    In the movie “Batman: the dark knight” (2008), we are introduced to the character Harvey Dent. He is the District Attorney of Gotham City. Everyone loves him, he is charming and good looking and most important is that he fights for justice. Even though he is a good man, he uses his father’s lucky coin to gain benefits for himself; he suggests playing coin toss over many different things, mainly involving Rachel (the woman Harvey wants to marry). He always picks head because there is a picture of

  • Batman As A Hero

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    online book "Keywords for Children's Literature", (pgs. 109-112), by Karen Coats, it is "related to the property of sameness or consistency of an element regardless of the influence of other variables". Batman is known by different names such as The Dark Knight, World's Greatest Detective, Caped Crusader and Matches Malone, all referring to the same person, but has one true identity: Bruce Wayne. He must maintain his true face hidden from the public to avoid becoming vulnerable and a target to his many

  • Ambiguity In Batman

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    There is something inherently fascinating about the dark, about the more morally ambiguous parts of life of others and ourselves. It is an allurement that is as organic as the desire for happiness for we are humans and we are made of three parts which are the light, the dark and everything in between. The sad truth about life is that most of us spend most of our lives trying to reconcile all the different seemingly contrasting fragments that go into shaping us and our identities. These little fragments

  • Realism In The Dark Knight

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    himself reflected on the big screen. It is this quality of humans, to seek themselves in others, that makes Nolan’s approach thrilling for the audience. His covenant to realism only enhances this excitement and makes both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight successful. For the city of Gotham, Nolan constructs not an imaginary destination with chocolate for rivers and edible grass, but a world that is recognisable. For a hero, Nolan creates not a sovereign demigod, but a human, with flaws and limitations

  • Batman The Joker Hero

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    But my favorite rendition of The Joker has to be the joker from "The Dark Knight" by Christopher Nolan. In this rendition of the Joker he has a scared smile from a back story that is vague. With three different stories on how he got the scars it each story gets different scarier and brutal. From all the jokers that have been

  • Batman And Psychology A Dark And Stormy Night Psychological Analysis

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    fictional vigilante, Batman, is Gotham City’s greatest hero, capable of overcoming difficult challenges and defeating intimidating opponents. However, does the resilient hero have what it takes to face the struggle of love? In “Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Night”, Travis Langley, the author, delves into the mind of Batman to offer readers his professional opinion regarding Batman’s mental health after experiencing the most unfortunate event of his life, the death of his parents. Dr. Langley