The First Stone Essays

  • Character Analysis: The First Stone

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    better understanding of how you should act. Forgiveness is a large part of The First Stone, and within the story is a valuable lesson: By forgiving someone, you are allow both yourself and the other person to move on and grow, as well as allowing you to look back in an unbiased way. By giving someone a second chance, you have bestowed upon them an opportunity to make up for their past mistakes,

  • Amrith's Struggle In The First Stone By Don Aker

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    Just like Amrith, there are cases in which I feel helpless, almost useless. That feeling when all hope is loss and your thoughts take over making you just want to sleep and forget everything. In this case, when “[Amrith] felt [a] familiar inner blackness come in and sweep him out, like a current… he [felt] helpless against its power” (Selvadurai 32), I related it to when times I feel so counterproductive. For example, when I fail to accomplish a task while seeing others capable of doing the same

  • Crossing Of The First Threshold In Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone

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    “The Crossing of the First Threshold” Campbell explains “The Crossing of the First Threshold” is the hero physically crossing into a new world or the unknow. The threshold is usually a literal doorway or gateway into a whole new world of “magnified power”. This is the hero’s first steps in his adventure. The threshold is a physical gateway or doorway that the hero must cross and once the hero crosses the threshold a new zone of “magnified power” awaits the hero. There is usually a guardian that

  • First Stone Lessons

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    People can change and learn from their mistake.Learning from mistakes can influence people for the better. Reef learns his lessons in the “The First Stone” by Don Aker. Reef is in the North Hills group home for a year because of the Judge’s sentence. While at the group home, Reef begins to learn the importance of respect, the need for self-reflection and how important are true friendships. He was influenced by Frank Colville , Leeza and Alex. In the novel, Reef learns the need to responsible

  • Symbolism In First Stone

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    all along. In the novel First Stone by Don Aker, Reef shows how true identity affects the actions of a human being, proving it with character

  • The First Stone Essay

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    The book “The First Stone by Don Aker shows the changing of one's identity, the story of Reef and how he began to change his identity to become a better person in society. To begin, during the beginning of the book Reef starts out on the streets with his friends throwing rocks over a highway and scaring people, showing the reader that Reef at this point was someone who had a bad identity, didn’t really care about anything and was involved with bad people and activities. “He launched it over the

  • First Stone Characters

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    they reflect the protagonist's personality and how they change them in a way as well as perceive. Minor character's do that. Minor characters symbolize a lot in the story. As they develop the main characters and provide us signs of the theme. The First Stone written by Don Aker, contains characters that contributed to the development of Reef by using Scar, Alex ,and Jink.

  • First Stone Monologue

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    or Goals to be? I will still be praising God, happily married, settled in my career, starting my own business, home owner, and going on cruises having fun. -Last book you read? I read ?Casting the First Stone? by Kimberla Lawson Roby. It is about a pastor and his wife brake up. His faith gone astray and the love of money becomes the root of is evilness. -What are your Pep peeves? I have gain a habit of occasionally laughing to myself and get

  • The First Stone By Don Aker

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    The First Decision Reef, the main character in the novel, The First Stone, by Don Aker, makes a bad decision and ultimately has to deal with the consequences. To begin, Reef latches his anger onto a stone and deliberately throws it over an overpass into oncoming traffic. The stone causes a major accident between not one, but several cars and severely injures a teenage girl. Fortunately for Reef, the Judge sentences him to live at North Hills Group Home, and to volunteer at a rehabilitation centre

  • The First Stone, By Don Aker

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    The First Stone You can’t make everyone happy. Sometimes the decision of the judges only satisfy some people. In the novel The First Stone, by Don Aker, a young teen by the name Chad “Reef” Kennedy finds himself in a tough situation and his sentencing is being in rehab and doing community service. Reef is responsible for putting Leeza a young girl, in the hospital because of his actions. Since he is in rehab, many people wished he went to jail. Reef’s sentence was just due to his age, his troubled

  • Criminals In Reef Kennedy's The First Stone

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    Criminal is a powerful word. It is to showcase that one has done something wrong. One, who has not succeeded to stay within the laws. When comparing to the book The First Stone, Reef Kennedy had made a terrible mistake which had affected many others as well. As he spends more time at the North Hills Group Home and the rehabilitation centers it is helping Reef not to fall back into his original habits. The quote “Once a criminal, always a criminal” should not be used as they characterize all law

  • What Is The Theme Of The First Stone By Don Aker

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    that discouraging experience prove to be of great worth.”-Richelle E. Goodrich. The First Stone by Don Aker is a book about a young offender named Reef Kennedy who has gotten into trouble countless times. Ever since his grandmother died, Reef has been venting out his anger, hurting others around him in the process. When he discovers that his favorite spot is going to be destroyed, he runs away angrily and hurls a stone over an overpass, which lands on the windshield of Leeza Hemming’s car, causing

  • Synopsis Of The Story 'First Stone' By Don Aker

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    Introduction: First Stone is about Reef who commits crimes such as throwing a stone and making orange explosions on the streets.First Stone is about Leeza who judges others by their appearances and personality. First Stone is written by Don Aker. “Let anyone of you who is without sin to be the first to throw the stone”. My subtopics are Reef’s sentence and Judge Thomas expectations, Reef’s idea about manliness and Father figures in Leeza and Reef lives. Topic Sentence: Reef is sentenced to Community

  • Character Analysis Of Chad Kennedy In The First Stone

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    Conflicts are challenges faced by people, which in turn helps them to succeed in their lives. In the novel The First Stone by Don Aker, Chad Kennedy faces different types of conflict that lead to positive personal growth. Chad was unable to cope with the death of his grandmother. His depression and anxiety led him to be unkind towards others. Reef faces many types of challenges and learns to overcome these in life. The traffic moved smoothly under the Park St overpass. Leeza saw a teenager from

  • Personal Narrative-Caspar Boy

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    to hear the branches rustling as the wind whistles past his ears. He trips over and his face hits the mix of dead leaves, dirt, dead bugs and sharp twigs. As he lays on the ground he looks to his right and sees an almost illuminating, crisp white stone, which roughly resembles the silhouette of a skull, but with an oddly shaped depression on the left side. He starts to stand up as he covers his hand with his black jacket sleeve as he wipes his face, to free it from the filth. And he used his filth

  • Internal Conflict In The Lottery

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    The story “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson is a short story of horror and realism. Residents of a small New England town come together in the town square every year and hold their annual lottery. The head of each household goes up and pulls out a slip of paper from the sacred black box. The person who pulls out a slip of paper with a black dot, wins the lottery. This time around the Hutchinsons were the family who pulled out the black dot and one of the family members gets the chance to win the

  • Positive Change In Don Aker's The First Stone

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    In “The First Stone” by Don Aker, he introduces positive change towards both Reef and Leeza. They both retain a rough instance in their time, but with the help of others they prevail. And if Reef were to never gain the opportunity to meet Leeza, they both may not have changed. Unfortunate coincidences can bring two seemingly, unconditionally different people – Leeza and Reef, Reef and Colville, Val and Leeza – together, and help them heal. Val helps Leeza with her positive change by getting Leeza

  • Amethyst: The Sacred Stone

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    emotion and the mind. In today’s classification, it is a semi-precious stone, but the ancient considered it on the same level as gold and diamonds, even referring to it as a “Gem of Fire”. Ever since the Gregorian calendar existed, it has been associated with the month of February, which happens to be the month I was born. February, traditionally, was dedicated by the Romans to Neptune, a god of the water and ocean, whose sacred stone was Amethyst. It is because of this that we later labeled Amethyst

  • Summary Of The Archetype Hero In The Movie Moana

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    Imagine that everyone abandoned and no one liked you, think about that no one cared for you or talked to you. Wouldn 't you want people people to talk to you, or love you. That’s what Moui felted like in the movie “Moana.” Moui was a mortal like us, but his parents abandoned him and left him. Then the gods took care of him then abandoned him too. Moui had nobody to love him or talk to. He wanted to do something to amazed man and make them love him and worship him. In the film, “Moana,” the story

  • The Godmother In Ernest Hemingway's Cinderella

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    is taken advantage of by her father’s new wife and her stepsisters. But in the end, she gets all of her wishes with the help of a fairy godmother and lives happily ever after. That is the French Version. In the Iraqi tale, the stepmother is nice at first, but becomes jealous of the child’s beauty. The godmother is a little red fish too. Despite the chores and bad treatment being a similarity, the godmother figures and magical transformations are different. To begin with, Cinderella had chores and