The Giver Essays

  • The Giver Theme Analysis

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    Imagine there is a world with no emotion. Lois Lowry shows us in The Giver, a world without feeling. Jonas has recently been chosen as a new receiver of memories. When he receives the memories he realizes that his utopia is far from perfect. As he gets memories from the Giver, he starts to see what the community is lacking; for example, in his society they don’t see color or feel love or hate. As Jonas realizes this, he wants to fix the problem. He leaves the community and discovers his power to take risks, and learns that sharing memories with others can help overcome the bad and knows deeply in his heart that love and family is the most important thing.

  • Response To The Giver

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    Imagine living in a society where everything is perfect and there is complete peace. In The Giver, written by Lois Lowry, the characters that live in the Community believe that they live in a pleasant utopian society. The Giver takes place in a society referred to as the Community. The inhabitants of the Community do not feel true pain. Also, the members of the Community don’t truly know what feelings such as love are. In the Community, the main character, Jonas, is selected as the Community’s Receiver of Memory. With this assignment, Jonas will receive memories that will be transmitted to him by the current Receiver of Memory, or The Giver. Jonas will hold memories of the world, and he will learn of true feelings. Jonas changes throughout The Giver and as a result, tries to change the Community.

  • The Giver Literary Analysis

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    “It’s just that… without the memories it’s all meaningless.” (Lowry). Jonas’s community has control of everything, he lives in a seemingly perfect world, but that’s because one person bears all of the hurt and sorrow their ancestors ever endured, but that one person also experiences the real joy that comes with those memories. The Community tries to hide all memories from their citizens, but it has it consequences. The people aren’t really human anymore; they are numb to sentiment. In the novel the Giver by Lois Lowry, Jonas learns how people can’t have real emotions without memories by experiencing true sorrow, true joy, and true love.

  • The Giver Society

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    Imagine a superb society where there is no world hunger, no natural disasters and no illnesses, a “perfect” world. Ask yourself, is the type of society that you would imagine termed perfect? Our society is far from being impeccable. The Giver, is a book about a perfect society in which a character Jonas (protagonist) finds grotesque things within the society. This society had birthmothers, ceremonies, and certain ages that receive certain items pertaining to their age. However, our society has a lot of similarities as well as differences in relation to their society.

  • The Importance Of Memories In 'The Giver'

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    Memories makes us all unique in our own ways. What if these memories were taken away from us and we were forced to live the life others want us to instead of going our own ways? Memories are very important but in the novel “The Giver”, these memories were taken away from everyone in their community but one, who they call The Receiver of Memory. The Receiver of Memory has memories about past human life, such as poverty, slavery, war, happiness, love, etc. The job, or assignment in their community, is not given to a random human. They will have to be selected for this great honored Assignment. What would happen if memories were taken away?

  • The Giver Vs Pleasantville

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    The two parallel worlds between the novel, ‘The Giver,’ written by Lois Lowry, and within the award-winning movie, ‘Pleasantville’ directed by Gary Ross, explore similar attempts, by society to create an idealistic world that contradicts the nature of living a satisfying life. Unlike the life that we are familiar with, the lives of the characters in these universes, live under strict conformity as they strive for perfection. This however, has a deeper meaning than what meets the eye- that denies the key qualities for living a satiating life that includes the presence of: memory, rebellion and freedom. Lowry and Ross further discuss the importance of diversity within these societies that lead characters into discovering a more rewarding life.

  • The Giver Reflection

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    Jonas’ community is built upon trust and the reliance on each other. Their interdependence, the trust and reliance they put in one another, is how their society is run. Lying is a major crime in their community and everyone must explain and apologize for any sort of wrong doing. At an early age each of the children are given coats that fasten in the back, so that they may learn to have interdependence. They also are taught interdependence with their jobs. Due to everyone being assigned a job they must trust those people to do their job without disagreement, for if anyone didn’t do their job they wouldn’t have anyone to replace them.

  • The Giver Influence On Society

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    The Giver is a fantasy novel which takes place on an isolated island at some point in the future. The book is centered around several characters, but the main characters were Jonas, Jonas’ father and the Giver. Other less important characters included Jonas’ mother, Lily, Gabriel, Asher, Fiona, Larissa and the Chief Edler. One of the main characters, Jonas, and his family lived in a society where everything seemed perfect. There was no hatred, fear, war, and pain. The society also eliminated choices such as what job an individual will possess and to who one could marry. The society pushed for perfection by rejecting individuals who were born sick or broke their societal rules. Because the society lived in a world of “contentment,” Jonas had no idea of the horrible doings within the world he lived. However, Jonas was given the job as the receiver of memory, which granted him the memory of the previous receiver, known as “the giver.” Those memories were filled with color, sex, music, hatred, and all the other forbidden items of his society. Jonas begins to despise the ways of his society and wanted to live among a society that had a life of choices. The realization of what a horrible society he really lives in led Jonas’ to decide plan an escape to another society which possesses those things his society does not. This

  • The Giver Dystopian Society Analysis

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    The Giver is a singular via Lois Lowry, written and posted in 1993. The Giver isn 't her first novel, she has written many different kids’s fiction and is well known for her memories approximately Anastasia Krupnik – humorous testimonies which have been extremely popular with younger readers for the reason that first one become posted in 1979. She has been writing youngsters’s fiction for a long term now, but she become herself ignorant of the truth that The Giver will not be taken into consideration because the children’s book rather, a younger adult or person fiction. The Giver turned into one of the earliest novels of Lois Lowry which has been set up in a totalitarian network, and has controlled even the recollections of humans.

  • The Importance Of Memories In The Giver By Lois Lowry

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    Memories are one of the most important parts of life, there is no true happiness without the reminiscence of pain or love. This concept is portrayed in "The Giver" by Lois Lowry. The story tells of a 12-year old Jonas, who lives in a “utopian” society, where all bad memories are destroyed to avoid the feeling of pain. Jonas becomes the receiver, someone who receives good and bad memories, and he is transmitted memories of pain and pleasure from The Giver and is taught to keep the secret to himself. The author shows one should cherish memories, whether it be good or bad, as they are all of what is left of the past, and we should learn from it as to better ourselves in the future. The characters and conflicts reinforce the idea that if you do not learn from the mistakes you have made in the past, you can repeat them.

  • Memory In The Giver

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    The memories people posses have of the past are what keep them from making the same mistakes as their ancestors. In school children learn about world history and US history. When kids are taught the actions and consequences made by historic figures, they learn from their mistakes. As generations past in The Giver memories of past years go away. Citizens above the age of twenty have no recollection of their childhood. There are many memories of the past that humans have yet to uncover, but in the Giver even the eldest citizen cannot remember a time before them. There is value in the collective knowledge of past generations, and in the way that it is passed on to others.

  • The Giver Contextual Analysis

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    I teach 6th grade. The community surrounding the school is identified as suburban, totaling a population just under 27,000. The school is identified as a parochial school, with an overall goal to ensure that all facets of a student’s academic and faith have a chance to grow. The school population is composed of 133 students between grade levels 5th-8th. My classroom contains a total of 13 students: 6 female and 7 male students. I am accompanied by one female aid in my classroom during my Language Arts and Mathematics courses. Currently, I have one student, male, who is identified as having a learning disability. Additionally, I have one student, female, identified as an English-Language Learner.

  • Similarities And Differences Between The Giver Movie And Movie

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    The book The Giver, a dystopian novel by Lois Lowry, and its movie adaptation have many similarities and differences. There are many aspects of Lowry’s story that remain the same in both versions of it. Generally, the characters, setting, plot, and events stay true to the book. However, in the movie interpretation there are some things that are changed and made different from the original book. Many things are changed in the film, and these separate the movie from the book quite a bit.

  • Similarities Between The Giver And Our Society

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    “We gained control of many things. But we had to let go of others” (Lowry). In other words, this means that to get what you want, you have to get rid of other things you have. Although there are many similarities between The Giver and our society, there are a lot more differences like families, rules, and personal freedoms.

  • Essay On The Giver Movie And Movie

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    “The Giver” by Lois Lowry is a famous book that is recognized by many people around the world. It describes a boy reflecting on unknown memories of his utopian society. The book is so well known, that in 2014 a movie was created based on it. The movie is not exactly the same as the book but it is somewhat similar. The plot of the movie is very different from the book, especially in the ending, his escape, and his motivations for escaping. Because his motivations changed, the theme and tone of the escape changed.

  • Essay On Changes In The Giver

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    Sometimes rules must be broken in order to be free, even if following the rules was all he has ever known. In the book The Giver by Lois Lowry, Jonas the main character changed through the novel.Jonas followed all the rules in the beginning but then in the book he changes and realizes he must break rules to be happy.Jonas knew the risk of breaking rules but would the cost be worth the punishment he will face of being released.

  • How Does The Community Promote Sameness In The Giver

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    “The Giver” by Lois Lowry is about a boy, Jonas who has been chosen to be the receiver of memory in his community. The elders see Jonas as their next receiver of memory because he has the intelligence, courage, honesty, kindness, and curiosity, These traits help him gain the position of receiver of memory. The Giver is one of the smartest elders in the community is the only one with Jonas who has the memories. The memories were kept by the two people because the community couldn’t handle them so only the two people have to feel the pain and happiness in the memories. The community also eliminates the freedom of choice from the people because the elders decide everything for the people who live there. They also promote sameness because everything is

  • Euphemism In The Giver

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    A euphemism is defined by as “the substitution of a mild, indirect, or vague expression for one thought to be offensive, harsh, or blunt.” In the book The Giver, many euphemisms are used to assuage the harm done by actual, non used terms or ideas. In this book written by Lois Lowry, Jonas is obviously different from the other people in his community; the Elders select him to be the next Receiver of Memory. As the Receiver of Memory, he is responsible for experiencing and passing on the remembrances forbidden to society. The Giver mentors him for the job. In this community, color, choice, feelings, and other manifestations of creativity are taken away. Jonas realizes, after The Giver displays him a year’s worth of memories, that the community’s current situation without love is unethical, and he plots to give the community back its memories. Despite the community in The Giver’s strict belief in precise language, they use the words Release, Elsewhere, and Sameness as euphemisms for negative ideas that are avoided in the community.

  • Themes In The Giver

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    He steps forward to see a luminous light yearning for his attention causing curiosity to overflow through the bones of his body. The feel of the radiating spark is exhilarating, rapidly rushing adrenaline through his veins. His soul fills with extraordinary hope and a newfound love for life, yet he is left with the pain and sorrow of what could have been. Jonas’s light in the novel, The Giver, is the opening of the real world outside of his rigid, cruel society and what it has to offer. Throughout The Giver, the sled was an extremely powerful motif that was crucial to the general theme of the book; time is the essence of change. The motif was profoundly communicated through theme at the beginning of the novel when Jonas was blatantly innocent,

  • Differences Between Jonas's Society And Reality In The Giver By Lois Lowry

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    If there is no choice would the world be a better place? In the book The Giver Lois Lowry there is something called sameness giving citizens no choice for anything to keep everyone safe in the community. Jonas (protagonist) thought his world was perfect until he became a receiver and realized how corrupted his world truly was and how beautiful life long ago was with color and difference. The three main differences between Jonas’s society and reality are family, release, and memories.