The Inmates Essays

  • Wabash County Jail Analysis

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    all cells in sight, with every block in sight. This keeps it less hands-on with the inmates, creating a safer environment for the correction officers.

  • Jonathan Wayne Nobles Analysis

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    change in him, and a sincere apology. A prime example of Nobles’ rehabilitation is in his behavioral transformation, from when he first went to prison to his final moments. At the beginning, Nobles was a constant problem. He would: try to avoid other inmates, escape prison, and even put himself in harm’s hands just so that he would be given a shot to harm the guards. Although, just like how Earle described it, “somewhere along the line,

  • Officer Kohler Case Study

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    Duties: Officer Kohler performs duties as YKCC: (1) Floor Officer; overseeing both general population housing units and segregation units; (2) Control Room Operator; operating electronic doors, gates, controls entry into the secure facility, and monitors facility video displays, alarms for various mechanical functioning equipment, controls radio communications for the facility, and inputs data in the institutional log; and (3) Booking Officer, processing intake and release functions as well as completes

  • Can You Hear The Joy Poem Analysis

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    Can You Hear the Joy? “I am amazed that people can think they know the song- and not know it is a prayer for peace, but we are so bombarded by sound and our attention spans are so short that we now listen only to catchy beginnings,” said Noel Regney, author of the Christmas classic, Do You Hear What I Hear? in a 1985 interview. Regney wrote this song along with his wife, Gloria Shayne, desperately during the brutal peak of the Cold War in October 1962. With the threat of the Cuban Missile Crisis

  • Inmate Letter

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    The article I read was the last words of a prison inmate. He has written the letter to his mother., condoning her for his upbringing. How her actions help lead him to the life he had, and the actions he did. It was a great example of the right and wrong parents should teach their parents. As well as an outcry for education to strengthen, both the parent and the child alike. We are the products of our surroundings. If certain people or things are placed and our surroundings the adult life or a human

  • Inmate Visiation

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    Mapp Fulton Department of Corrections policy and procedures for visitors and inmates changes from day to day in all correctional facilities. In our recent policy for visitors guidelines for inmate visitation was as follows. Inmate Visitation is Tuesday – Friday, from 8 A. M. to 10:00 P. M. Inmates are allowed one group of up to 6 visitors once every two weeks. Inmates in the Honor Dorms may have two visits per week. Guidelines visitors must adhere to is as follows: visitors will be denied visitation

  • Supermax Inmates

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    confinement. Therefore, when an inmate acts out and tries to attack other inmates, and officers then they are put into an individual cell and are isolated from other individuals. One senator had said that the expansion of the use of solitary confinement is an issue. Supermax prisons hold inmates that are considered “the worst of the worst”. Prisoners that are in supermax prisons are isolated 23 hours out of the day. ADX-Florence Colorado has a law suit against them by fellow inmates. According to the speaker

  • Inmate Violence In Prisons

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    Inmate-on-Inmate Violence About half of all male inmates incarcerated in state correctional facilities have been convicted of violent offenses, and a large percentage of them have long criminal histories (Seiter, 2008). This sets the stage for a hostile environment. Because of boredom, sexual tensions, and feelings of powerlessness, many inmates engage in violence as a way to mentally escape the reality of prison. Thus, by engaging in proactive aggression, they can focus their attention on fighting

  • Visit To An Inmate Essay

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    A Quick Guide About Visiting an Inmate in Federal Prison What You Should Know to Make the Visit Easier Than You Think Visiting an inmate for the first time can be nerve-wracking and complex, especially if you’re clueless of what you need to do or prepare for the visit. Should you just walk in to the jail house and look for your loved one? Should you write a letter? Telephone them, perhaps? All these can do the work, but may come off a bit complicated if not done correctly. Below is the list of

  • In-Processing Inmates Into Prison

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    In-processing inmates into prison From October 2013 to December 2014 I worked in Perry Georgia as a correctional officer. There we would receive inmates every Monday and release on Wednesday. When the inmate arrives at Mcever Probation Detention center, they came from the county jail. At this facility they don’t serve much time. The sentence can range from sixty days to 180 days. Those inmates have been to prison, got released and violated their probation. An officer from the sheriffs department

  • Inmate Experience In Prisons

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    The purpose of this discussion post is to describe patient/inmate experience within the medical unit of the prison system of my employer. Furthermore, explain the nurse’s role, along with the inmate experience. In addition, explain this nurse’s understanding of customer service satisfaction in correlation to reimbursement rates from insurance companies. SCI Retreat prison has established an internal method to communicate with inmates regarding their psychological and medical needs to the correctional

  • Inmate Gagneur Case

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    On the above date & time Myself, along with CO’s Burke & Somers entered detox holding cell to place inmate Gagneur, Brandon Everette (a-15556) in the restraint chair. Previous to coming on shift, we were informed that Gagneur had taken a razor & made cuts on his arm, neck, chest & abdomen. Also, Gagneur attempted to drink the cleaning solution that was handed out in the mop buckets. When Gagneur was issued his bag lunch for dinner, he became upset & demanded that he receive a regular meal tray

  • Inmate Subculture Summary

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    Inmate subculture as defined as the culture that pervades prison and has its own norms, languages, and rules. I don’t think it makes it impossible however I do believe it makes them challenging. The book discusses prisonization as being the assimilation into separate loosely defined culture that pervades prisons. Resulting in an adaptation to prison causing subculture. Which involves learning the statuses and roles of the other prisoners along with the staff and correctional officers. Most prison

  • Ghostly Inmates In A Jail

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    Chapter 1: Ghostly Inmates Trapped in a Jail Built in 1885, this Victorian three storey brick building is one of the only three revolving jails left in USA. Also called ‘squirrel cages’, there are 30 in total and resemble pieces of pie in a circular jail. The jail was built on a land that had once been a morgue of an Episcopalian church. Between 1184 and 1969, for a period of 85 years, this jail has been occupied by the superintendents and their families as well as prisoners. Back then, hardened

  • Inmate Population In Maine

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    The inmate population is out of control. The redesign of prisons in Maine are taking place to expand the capacity of holding more inmates why smaller county and regional jails are shutting down. Many of Maine Inmate population that were housed in the county and regional jails that have since been shut down turned in to a tempera holding cells or reentry programs facilities have been sent to other jails to be housed. Which is fine for the inmate but now cause a whole slew of problems. Like over populations

  • Crimes Of Prohibition In The 1920's

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    It was 1920 in America and new amendment had been added to the constitution. It was called Prohibition. Prohibition was a law that made it illegal to sell, produce,import and consume alcohol. Many crimes occurred in 1920 that were alcohol related, so it was thought that if alcohol was banned, then crime rates would drop. How very wrong they were. By the age of 26 Al Capone was the king of the gangster world in Chicago. Al Capone killed anyone that got in his way. Al Capone was responsible for more

  • Essay On Mentally Ill Inmates

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    Mentally Ill Inmates What percentage of the US jails contain inmates suffering from mental problems?The answer is fifty six percent of inmates in jail have some sort of mental problem or disability. Which is more than half of the population of inmates in prison. The mentally ill have been an important part in the us jails system since way back when the jail systems was founded.. The mentally ill have been an important issue since the beginning of the prison systems and with them there were always

  • Inmate Ellery Case Study

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    pass on that inmate Ellery, Danielle Jean (A-13367) was upset due to multiple inmates being showered out and placed in her cell (Cell 1). Her along with inmate Roskey, Skylar Lynne (A-14203) antagonized and bullied both inmate Knight and Robertson until they were at their breaking point. It got to the point where inmate Belanger tried to intervene and got in a heated argument with Roskey, which almost boiled over turning into a physical altercation between the two. Ever since inmate Roskey was placed

  • The Pros And Cons Of Transgender Inmates

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    is reported or not, is a problem that many prisoners face, however, transgender prisoners are key victims of this violence. Transgender inmates are 13 times more likely to be a victim of sexual assault/rape than non-transgender inmates (Brown 2014). Allen J. Beck (2014) reports an alarming result of 39.3 percent of sexual victimisation among transgender inmates in state & federal prisons, along with, 26.8 percent in local jails throughout America. For transgender women, most of them are incarcerated

  • Inmate Searcy: Scene Analysis

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    Representations and Portrayals Representations within popular culture shape identities and messages audiences receive. Eugene and fellow inmate Searcy are portrayed as rehabilitated black men that made foolish decisions as youngsters. They have paid their debt to society and now know better. Eugene will try to pass on his acquired knowledge to the youth in his chess club. Only difference between Searcy and Eugene is that Eugene got released and Searcy will be in prison for life as stated in the